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Heavy duty headphones for heavy handed people!

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Gr8dame Fri 15-May-20 09:08:41

Can anyone recommend a heavy duty brand of headphones please? DD is at her wits end during lockdown with heavy handed teenage sons who are careless and keep breaking equipment. She simply cannot afford to keep buying new ones and living in a small apartment they need them for school work etc. They are not wilfully destructive just at that awkward stage 😂 and I am hoping to gift them some indestructible ones.

Newatthis Fri 15-May-20 15:32:48

I have just bought some Apple. buds (available in other makes) these just fit into your ear so virtually impossible to break and easy to use. They are a little bit more expensive although I don't know how much headphones cost but perhaps worth looking into. Also they are completely 'on-trent'

Gr8dame Fri 15-May-20 22:09:21

Thanks I’ll check them out.

Lolo81 Mon 18-May-20 04:23:25

I’ve bought my son (also v heavy handed) gamer headphones with a built in microphone from Game (assuming you’re U.K. based here). They were a bit more expensive at about £30, however they have a replacement policy on them so that if they get broken they are replaced. They look like the big padded sort of headphones rather than earbud things. Like you’re daughter I was fed up replacing the cheaper ones and these seem to have done the trick.