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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 07-Feb-17 06:40:28

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking wet outside this morning in Brackley , still will venture out.

NanKate Tue 07-Feb-17 06:47:35

Morning Mick and All.

Returned yesterday from a fun weekend with two GSs and thoroughly enjoyed the Paw Patrol birthday party, now revving up for other GS's Ninja birthday party next week. grin

Knocking back the paracetamol and hot drinks as I have caught another cold sad

Dark and dampish in Thames Valley.

kittylester Tue 07-Feb-17 06:57:19

Morning Mick, morning Kate, morning all.

It's cold in North Leicestershire and we had rain overnight. A day of cooking and ironing for me and a couple of phone calls to make.

Hope your cold is gone in time for your next party Kate!

sue1169 Tue 07-Feb-17 07:02:40

Morning All from mild but misty Lancashire.
. Been up ages with 'bubbling' in my ears 😒
. Nice day wished to everyone!

ninathenana Tue 07-Feb-17 07:19:09

Morning all.
This morning is a repeat of yesterday. Dull and damp. We did briefly see the sun yesterday, not sure about today.
Food shopping this morning. Have a good day all.

Greyduster Tue 07-Feb-17 07:19:45

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It's not quite light in South Yorkshire this morning, but it looks cold and wet. Looking out, I have just managed to dislodge one of the slats from our vertical blind, but I can't be bothered to get on a chair and put it back; it will have to wait until DH crawls out of bed! More ironing this morning, then we are calling in to see my niece in the way to do the school run. Have a good day, folks!

Rinouchka Tue 07-Feb-17 07:29:27

Good morning, Mick, good morning all. Rained in the night but looks clear now and the resident birds are in full chirp.
Kate would love to see photos of your cakes for future inspiration.
Full day out for me today: 18th century London with emphasis on Covent Garden area 9.30-2pm, then volunteering 3-6pm.
DH in charge of supper!
Enjoy your day, one and all. I plan to!

Nana3 Tue 07-Feb-17 07:48:03

Good morning all. It was wet and windy yesterday afternoon for our walk on the Fylde coast.
Hope you enjoy your day out all you busy people.
I slept badly so I'm staying in this morning and have a WI meeting this afternoon, hope I don't nod off during it.

NfkDumpling Tue 07-Feb-17 07:49:53

Morning All

Dark and dismal in Norfolk today. Never mind it's watering in all the plants I moved yesterday.

Trawling Rightmove for a house for a friend I've just seen a bungalow for sale up the road which would suit us beautifully and be a very sensible move, ours being a house with steep stairs. Do I tell DH? Or keep quiet.

whitewave Tue 07-Feb-17 07:51:58

Morning all
Dull damp and misty here.

cornergran Tue 07-Feb-17 08:04:18

Morning All. Bright and looks like we will see some sunshine in our corner of Somerset. Monthly coffee session for neighbours to organise today and school run this afternoon with the laundry in between. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

PRINTMISS Tue 07-Feb-17 08:04:22

Good morning to you all, I am up and about earlier than usual, not feeling quite myself, think I might have eaten a 'dodgy' egg yesterday in my omelette, hope not, as promised to go to a Parkinsons meeting this pm with the other half. A first visit, I need to be fit. Not supposed to eat dodgy eggs at my age! Enjoy your days.

Pittcity Tue 07-Feb-17 08:05:27

Good morning from a grey damp Colchester.
I have been contacted by a distant relative in New Zealand about possible titled and landed shared ancestors. I will therefore probably be spending too much time on the Internet today!
Go for it nfk, it won't be there when you need it.

thatbags Tue 07-Feb-17 08:10:52

Morning, folks! Rain and grey for Argyll. At least it means I'm not frozen in and can do the grocery shopping.

Happy days, dudes.

harrigran Tue 07-Feb-17 08:17:00

Good morning, three degrees and damp after heavy rain last night. DH has morning and afternoon appointments so I will catch up on some chores.

Mildred Tue 07-Feb-17 08:22:51

Good morning, another bright sunny cold day in Liverpool. After being with Granddaughter yesterday having a quiet day with household chores possibly garden later on when it warms up a bit.

thatbags Tue 07-Feb-17 08:27:42

Oh! It's snowing! Might not stick. Temp is supposed to stay above freezing all day. Just.

ffinnochio Tue 07-Feb-17 08:27:57

Good morning to all from France. Grey and damp this morning, but not particularly cold - so less layers for walking this morning.

A couple of days ago nothing, but this morning I notice the snowdrops have popped up. smile

hildajenniJ Tue 07-Feb-17 08:39:43

It snowed briefly with us last night bags.

Good morning everyone.
It's fine at the moment in Tynedale, but it looks like rain is not far away. Been to work this morning, so now I'm going back to bed for a couple of hours. I've got soup to make for lunch, so that won't take very long.
Have a good day everyone.

Anniebach Tue 07-Feb-17 08:58:52

Good morning from Wales and it isn't raining - yet

MawBroon Tue 07-Feb-17 09:01:32

Good morning Mick, Nankate, Kittylester and everybody. Grey again in my corner of N Bucks but I am seeing the tops of the daffodils beginning to peep through the grass and the pots so........sunshineit won't be long now!
Wishing you all a pleasant and sneeze- and snuffle- free day!

Nelliemoser Tue 07-Feb-17 09:09:38

Good morning all. Sunny in Cheshire and 5degC (real feel 3C) still a bit chilly out there.
I have seeds to sow in seed trays in my spare bedroom. Then some roses to prune.

rosesarered Tue 07-Feb-17 09:21:48

Good morning to all,
Dry and sunny start here ( which is something) lots of laundry to see to and since the sun is shining I think a bit of inside window cleaning needs to be done.blush
Clothes shopping with DD2 today ( for her) she is a ditherer and needs something for a special 'do' , as she is a size 10 I think the world is her oyster ( but fear this could take all afternoon!grin

annodomini Tue 07-Feb-17 09:32:59

Good morning all. Thanks for the reminder, Nellie. I need to prune my favourite climbing rose, Royal Star and Garter. I gave it a good going over last year and the result was a fine and recurrent display.

Auntieflo Tue 07-Feb-17 10:14:31

Beautiful sunny day here in Berks. These cheered me up and they were a great bargain from Waitrose, less than 90p for three bunches.