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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 03-Mar-17 06:39:16

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry, daylight not so much wind either here in Brackley this morning.

MawBroon Fri 03-Mar-17 06:46:00

Good morning Mick and everyone. The wind has calmed down here in our corner of N Bucks but I understand we are in for a wet day. Shame, DH off for more blood at MKH and if it had been as nice as yesterday I would might have ventured out into the garden.
Ironing it is then.

NfkDumpling Fri 03-Mar-17 06:52:00

Morning Mick, morning All

In Norfolk it's still and dry with a lightly apricot sunrise lighting the layer of high cloud. The sun is now coming up just to the left of the neighbours house at the end of the garden which means the days are definitely getting longer. I love it when that happens. I woke at 5.30 this morning so I'm ready for BST. Bring it on!

kittylester Fri 03-Mar-17 07:19:37

Good morning all!

It's quite bright in North Leicestershire although the forecast is for lots of rain.

It's good to be home if only for a decent Internet connection. It seemed to disappear with every gust of wind on the Suffolk coast. Irritating for a casual user but dreadful if you are trying to run a business I should imagine.

Enjoy your days everyone. sunshine

ninathenana Fri 03-Mar-17 07:24:07

Morning everyone who's been and those to come smile
Dull, damp start in N Kent. BBC's Carol told us it would be peeing down this morning. With a bit of luck it will wait till we're home from food shopping.

thatbags Fri 03-Mar-17 07:38:25

Morning, folks! I thought there was a thin new covering of snow on the hills this morning but it was a layer of lenticular cloud hugging the hills' contours. Have to do some grocery shopping today and check out some supermarket car park wild plants that I'm trying to ID. Got a hint about one via botanical Twitter smile

Happy days, dudes!

ffinnochio Fri 03-Mar-17 07:55:41

Good morning to all, from France. Hope your day goes well.

Just a quiet, calm start here. A beginning of the month large stock-up shop is required, and have lost my list. Will wing it, and use it as an opportunity to be free of the constraint a list often promotes!

Pittcity Fri 03-Mar-17 08:03:14

Good morning from a wet Colchester.Dismal here.
Into London this afternoon for a meal before a retirement do this evening.

Shopping without a list ffin, you live life dangerously!

Greyduster Fri 03-Mar-17 08:11:13

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Still dry here but we are expecting rain. Food shopping this morning and then a huge sort out of all paperwork, which is overflowing our piddly little two drawer filing cabinet. We now have a bigger one to transfer it into. Which means we will be tempted to keep even more paperwork!! Have a happy day, folks.

cornergran Fri 03-Mar-17 08:19:31

Morning All. Pouring sums up our corner of Somerset. Need to do some cleaning and as ever there is a paperwork mountain. Nothing exciting today. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

Rinouchka Fri 03-Mar-17 08:22:50

Good morning, Mick and ladies. Damp, still and chilly here.
Will spend late morning at the exhibition of American art of the '30s at the RA, then hoping to do a good half day of work.
Enjoy Friday, wherever you are.

grannylyn65 Fri 03-Mar-17 08:29:23

Very bright but freezing in Perth, off to U3 A ladies music makers this am.

Anniebach Fri 03-Mar-17 08:36:38

Good morning all from cold, wet Mid Wales

PRINTMISS Fri 03-Mar-17 08:38:26

Good morning to you all, it is very WET and the forecast is that it will stay that way all day. Heyho! Not a lot planned thank goodness so will continue with my turn out, if I don't get rid of all I have sorted for whatever charity wants it, I can see myself putting it back in the cupboards. Enjoy your days.

whitewave Fri 03-Mar-17 08:39:55

Good morning everyone

Cats and dogs here on South Downs, so different from yesterday when we sat basking in the sun in Sheffield Park, after a delicious venison stew in their restaurant.

Mallards were busy making love (they have no shame!!!)so soon be lots of dear little ducklings!!! That's is if their Mums don't get drowned!

Mums today get her shopping and do any jobs she needs doing. Just made a slow cooker Mary Berry beef and mushroom casserole with horseradish cream and mustard for our return home this evening.

Enjoy your day everyone

Nana3 Fri 03-Mar-17 08:44:40

Good morning. Not bad in Lancashire, dry and no wind.
I'm going to the Grundy Gallery, Blackpool, they have an Augustus John I want to see.
A different world from London Rinouchka and the RA.
Best wishes to your DH MawBroon hope he feels better after today.
Have a good day everyone.

rosesarered Fri 03-Mar-17 08:57:09

Good morning from Oxfordshire, wet here, after a lovely sunny day yesterday, but that's British weather, we get so much choice!
Grandson here this afternoon so must get things done well before that.Plenty of casserole left from yeaterday so at least no cooking to

harrigran Fri 03-Mar-17 09:06:27

Good morning, calm and dry here. Woken at 5.30 by a text message to say that my parcel will be delivered sometime before the end of the working day, thank you UPS. Binmen at 7.45, school run parking outside of our house from 8.30 onwards. Friday is a noisy day.

Greyduster Fri 03-Mar-17 09:20:10

The last time I went to the RA was for the Frederick Leighton exhibition and that was years ago. We do occasionally get some gems up here in the provinces though!