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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 31-Mar-17 06:51:26

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey but bright start here in Brackley this morning, hope it improves later.

kittylester Fri 31-Mar-17 07:02:32

Morning Mick, morning a all!

It is quite grey in North Leicestershire too.

I'm off to the south of the county again to help on the last of this Alzheimer's Society carers course. I am so in awe of the people who come along - they share their knowledge and experiences with humour and compassion.

Enjoy your days everyone.

Marydoll Fri 31-Mar-17 07:40:03

Good morning Mick and Kitty. Miserable here today. Up early as I'm off to Glasgow to see the rheumatologist. It will be rush hour, so the journey a bit stressful. all those bus lanes!
Kitty have a good day on your course.Both my parent's had Alzheimers, it's an awful disease.

harrigran Fri 31-Mar-17 07:54:55

Good morning, it is overcast but 12 degrees.
Funeral of my friend's father at lunchtime, he was 92 and quite a character and had an interesting life.

whitewave Fri 31-Mar-17 07:58:24

Morning all

Very high cloud and not so warm as yesterday.

Mums today - usual shopping etc.

Dog looks better for his strip.

Garden looking delightful and full of spring!!!

MawBroon Fri 31-Mar-17 08:01:58

Good morning everybody. Grey and overcast here too, I suppose yesterday's sunshine was too good to last!
DH blood transfusion again today and I am taking a friend whose husband has Alzheimer's out for coffee. Looking forward to hearing about her new baby DGD born last Sunday smile

Rinouchka Fri 31-Mar-17 08:02:14

Good morning, Mick and ladies. Wonderful to be back home in London again today and don't mind the greyness one bit: garden full of blossoms in hues of mainly white/blue but with hints of pale pink/mauve and yellow. Spring is here and I love it! So much to look forward to...

Catching up on three weeks of post and present-buying for goddaughter's newborn baby girl. Enjoy your day, everyone.

Pittcity Fri 31-Mar-17 08:03:05

Good morning from a sunny Colchester. Another lovely day in the offing. 20 degrees here yesterday.
No plans today, so a bit of housework and a browse in the shops.
I've got 3 spears of home grown asparagus with dinner tonight.

Tippy22 Fri 31-Mar-17 08:12:10

Very grey here in East Sussex. Hope it brightens as I'm meeting DD2 and grand-daughter for lunch. Enjoy your day everyone.

cornergran Fri 31-Mar-17 08:14:09

Morning All. Bright start in our corner of Somerset. Seem to be huge differences across the country at the moment. Think we made 12 degrees yesterday with cloud and rain. May do better today with some sun later. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

Greyduster Fri 31-Mar-17 08:18:38

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Universally grey in South Yorkshire this morning, and I think we have had rain overnight. DH is moving very slowly this morning - I think he overdid it in the garden yesterday. We are supposed to be having a walk out and lunch today, but it may be a drive out and lunch instead! Have a happy day, folks.

PRINTMISS Fri 31-Mar-17 08:32:34

Good morning to you all, it is grey here, but bright at the same time, I think perhaps the misty cloud is lifting. Today we are going to a farewell party for one of the people who has cared for our son (on and off) for almost thirty years. A great favourite with our son, as they both have a lovely sense of humour, he has worked hard at his job and will be greatly missed. Enjoy your days.

Mapleleaf Fri 31-Mar-17 09:18:43

Morning, everyone. Weather is as PRINTMISS describes, grey but bright at the same time here now too, not quite as grey as earlier. Feels cooler than yesterday, but not been out yet.Hoping to get a bit of tidying in the garden done later, and then a walk to blow the cobwebs away. Enjoy your Friday. smile

Nana3 Fri 31-Mar-17 09:23:15

Good morning Mick and everyone. Looking brighter in Lancashire this morning.
Best wishes to your DH MawBroon
I have a long, long to do list today. Looking forward to 2dgc staying over tonight.
Have a good day.

NfkDumpling Fri 31-Mar-17 09:36:00

Morning All

A brilliantly red sunrise in Norfolk this morning so things are on the change. Quite pleasant now with thin high cloud and the birds are singing their little hearts out.

DiL was rushed to A&E last night as the tooth the dentist had spent over an hour extracting wouldn't stop bleeding. There's an abscess involve there too and having health problems anyway she's not a well bunny this morning. DH is making cream of chicken and vegetable soup followed by puréed peaches to minister at lunch time as DS has to work. I feel a little bit useless as I'm under strict instructions to "Keep that bl***y" leg up!" as it keeps swelling a bit more than apparently it should! We're all going to pot!

Mildred Fri 31-Mar-17 09:38:30

Good morning Mick and all Grans, I too have a to do list but my GC came down after school yesterday and the first thing I have to do is find it!

ninathenana Fri 31-Mar-17 09:40:19

Morning all
Woke up late today, not complaining though.
There is a watery sun trying to poke through and a few spots of rain on the window. Let's hope the sun wins smile

rosesarered Fri 31-Mar-17 10:46:22

Morning to all.Very grey here but still very mild.Rain on the way for Saturday, which is good as garden plants look a bit wilting.A pottering about day.

Morgana Fri 31-Mar-17 10:59:09

Lunch with friend who has memory problems. D H will come along and help. Overcast here. Hoping to catch up with some paperwork today and have a quieter day. Been a very emotional week but we went to see streaming if madame butterfly last night. Thought I would cry buckets. Didn't and actually found it quite cathartic!