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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 07-May-17 06:22:59

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey start this morning, but less windy here in Brackley , up early washing in laundrette.

AlgeswifeVal Sun 07-May-17 07:25:23

Good morning Michael.
Cold grey start to the day in Chelmsford. I am up early as taking part in a charity cycle ride for the Helena Rollason cancer charity, starts at 10.00am. Cycling will warm me up.

ninathenana Sun 07-May-17 07:40:31

Morning Mick and everyone
A very grey start in Kent. It was really cold here yesterday, more like Autumn.
Good luck Algeswife

Pittcity Sun 07-May-17 07:43:53

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Warmed up a little yesterday and not so chilly this morning. Still very dry.
DH is back from a fishing trip so it's a day of cleaning clothes, car and kit. Roast Pork is on the menu.

kittylester Sun 07-May-17 07:44:47

Morning Mick, morning Algieswife hope your bike ride goes well.

It's grey again in North Leicestershire but I doubt we'll get the rain we had all day yesterday. On that basis I will try to get the garden pots done!

There is a real chance that DH'S team will be relegated to the league 1 today! He will need lots of TLC if that happens. sad

kittylester Sun 07-May-17 07:45:52

Morning nina and Pitt. sunshine

NfkDumpling Sun 07-May-17 07:54:47

Morning All

The sun did shine peak through for a while early on today but the greyness has returned.

DH languished in bed and slept most of yesterday. Ached all over he said. I hope it was just a 24 hour bug. He hasn't arisen yet this morning so I don't know if I'll have my husband back or still a bear just coming out of hibernation!

Good luck with your cycle ride Val.

harrigran Sun 07-May-17 08:08:56

Good morning, woke to grey sky and rain. Quiet day at home as we are not seeing family this weekend.
Good luck with the bike ride.

rosesarered Sun 07-May-17 08:25:15

Morning all, quite nice here today,will go out and about later.At the moment DH is cooking breakfast.Yum. Have a good day.🌞

whitewave Sun 07-May-17 08:27:46

Morning all!!

Sun and seems to be warming up at last. Yesterday had to come in and change from a sweater to t-shirt I was so hot.

Bike rides, hibernating bears and roast pork I hope is all successful.

We are having a roast chicken today.

Planting a clematis I bought on holiday "Niobe" - hope it lives up to its name!!

Enjoy your days everyone

Nana3 Sun 07-May-17 08:44:24

Good morning from Lancashire, it's sunny and warm. I have no plan but must not waste this lovely day.
Enjoy your day everyone.

Greyduster Sun 07-May-17 08:52:03

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Grey and cold in South Yorkshire again today. How dare it be sunny and warm in the other side of the Pennines!!😊. I don't mind the grey but I am getting ticked off with the cold! I think a bit of a walk may be in order for us today. Good luck with the bike ride Val, and I hope that Mr Nfk feels better when he surfaces!

PRINTMISS Sun 07-May-17 08:54:12

Good morning to you all, it is certainly a few degrees warmer than it has been, and about time too! Managed to do some more potting up yesterday whilst the other half was not too well, not sure how he will be today, so the day has yet to pan out. Enjoy your days.

Anniebach Sun 07-May-17 08:54:26

Good morning all

Nelliemoser Sun 07-May-17 09:02:16

Good morning all, Sunny in Cheshire and the wind seems to have lessened.
I have a busy day putting my Alpine plants back into the soil. Yesterday with OH helping we added a lot more soil to another of our raised beds. Nearly there!
Four cubic metre bags will have gone into them by the time I have finished. Off to the mud again I have plants urgently needing to get back into the soil.

Tippy22 Sun 07-May-17 09:03:30

Grey and gloomy again here in Sussex. No roast but a slow cooked been stew is on the go already. Enjoy your day everyone.

hildajenniJ Sun 07-May-17 09:19:05

Good morning everyone.
Grey and dull in the Tyne Valley today, no sunshine as of the past few days. I'm doing preparations for visiting DD and DGC in Glasgow tomorrow. Washing is merrily spinning in the machine. We're having burgers, salad etc for lunch, I made some beetroot in jelly yesterday to go with it all. It's Mr hjj's birthday today but he doesn't want any special celebrations.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Grannybug Sun 07-May-17 09:22:38

Good morning from a cloudy but sunny Northamptonshire. Enjoy Sunday.

DanniRae Sun 07-May-17 09:31:44

Good Morning All! Very grey and chilly here in South London. Just about to make a Mary Berry 'Banana Cake' - we have family visiting later (daughter, son and his girlfriend). Husband has gone off early to watch his (non league) football team in a cup final.
Good Luck for bike ride Val.

Have a Happy Sunday Everyone smile

TerriBull Sun 07-May-17 09:33:42

Good morning another dull one. Husband told me it was going to be sunny but that's a lie sad Watching Andrew Marr at the moment but later we are off to Waitrose to do our Sunday, in excess of £10 shop, to get the Sunday Times for free. After that a drive to a pub in Surrey for lunchtime drink, hopefully sun may be out by then. Back home to read the papers and roast beef. Sadly no Line of Duty to look forward to this evening.

Mapleleaf Sun 07-May-17 10:21:43

Yet another grey, windy and chilly morning. Roll on Summer 😊

DanniRae Sun 07-May-17 19:43:10

Just to say that the Mary Berry 'Banana Cake' was very good and so easy to make. Thanks Mary (incase she's on Gransnet)