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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 22-May-17 06:39:12

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey but dry start here in Brackley this morning, looks as though it could get brighter.

BlueBelle Mon 22-May-17 06:49:57

Brilliant sun here on the east east coast Very warm one yesterday looks the same today whoopppeee😁

kittylester Mon 22-May-17 06:56:15

Good morning Mick, morning BlueBelle.

It's a fabulous start in North Leicestershire too.

Not a lot on this morning and Alzheimer's Course this pm.

Enjoy your Mondays everyone. sunshine

Janetblogs Mon 22-May-17 07:02:32

Gorgeous here in Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire
Apart from the fact that I have to go to a funeral later of an old and dear friend who through Ill health shut herself away from everyone in the last few years - would only talk on the text and if you went round wouldn't open the door
Very sad

Gymstagran Mon 22-May-17 07:10:09

Morning all The sun's shining in West Mids so far. Off to the gym later then lunch with sister. Have a nice day everyone.

Mapleleaf Mon 22-May-17 07:20:09

Good morning, all.
Lovely morning so far. Some high cloud. Forecast says we're in for a warm day.
Enjoy your day.

Nana3 Mon 22-May-17 07:29:59

Good morning Mick and everyone. Lovely day in Lancashire too.
Janetblogs how sad for your friend and you flowers. Best wishes.
Enjoy this sunny day everyone.

Pittcity Mon 22-May-17 07:44:10

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Another lovely day in the offing.
Walking Netball today will require sun cream!

ninathenana Mon 22-May-17 07:48:45

Morning all.
Hazy sunshine in Kent but set to improve. Glad the wind has dropped.
A day for sitting on the patio watching H mow the lawn and potter. The garden is his 'baby' I just reap the rewards.

TerriBull Mon 22-May-17 08:21:22

Good morning from the south east, dull at the moment, but allegedly it's going to be a really nice day with lots of sunshine later, could have done with some sunshine last week when we were in Dorset sad Never mind I still love that part of the world. Food shopping and a swim later and maybe just maybe a bit of ironing, only maybe though, I'll put that off in favour of the garden beckoning if the expected wall to wall sunshine arrives.

Greyduster Mon 22-May-17 08:22:54

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Watery sunshine this morning in SouthYorkshire. I have been awake since four, my nose is running and my back aches like hell. Do I work it off by giving the kitchen a good clean, or lie on the sofa and groan pitifully? Answers on a postcard to.......
Have a good day, folks.

NfkDumpling Mon 22-May-17 08:23:06

Morning All

A beautiful day here in Norfolk. DH is up already and painting the dining room and I'm waiting for a friend to arrive to help transport some of the garden centre in our back garden to plant out the boxes in the market square. It's market day so lots of stopping to chat - and hopefully gain a recruit or two. Everyone says how nice the flowers look and how much they appreciate it, but getting help is a different matter!

Tippy22 Mon 22-May-17 08:24:36

Lovely and bright here at the moment. Glorious day yesterday. Enjoy your day everyone.

NfkDumpling Mon 22-May-17 08:25:15

Hope you recover soon Greyduster. I'd lay out in the sun and groan pitifully if I were you. The vitamin D wil do you good! flowers

Anniebach Mon 22-May-17 08:25:31

Good morning all

whitewave Mon 22-May-17 09:58:41


A bit late this morning, as have been drifting around in the garden,

A glorious start to what is forecast a glorious week.🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

Must make a start on some batch bakes for next weekends fete. Will freeze those, and do the more delicate and iced variety next weekend. Kitchen all scrubbed ready!!! Although the day is so lovely............

Might bung Duncan into the dog show. He will enjoy that- prancing around with all the other dogs. He had a bath yesterday, so he will be a bit peeved to have another next weekend, so he might be put in au natural as it were🐶. He is old in doggy terms at 8 but it is all good fun.

Half way through GCSEs for grandson, so hopefully the stress is beginning to be less.

Enjoy your day at what forecast to be a lovely week.

grey personally I'd say sod the housework and lay out gracefully under and umbrella with lots of fluid and a racy book to keep me amused.

PRINTMISS Mon 22-May-17 10:06:38

Good morning to you all, I am feeling very much under the weather, no idea what is wrong. We have an uncertain morning here, again, and a chilly wind, I will probably just lounge a bit see if I feel a bit more lively (?) later on. Enjoy your days

Greyduster Mon 22-May-17 10:38:54

I think that constitutes a majority vote then! grin

EmotionallyRetired Mon 22-May-17 15:48:15

I need some MIL advice! Where can I post?

whitewave Mon 22-May-17 15:53:50

Go to forums - then choose a topic that seems appropriate - choose start a new thread put in a title then off you go!!