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Good Morning WEdnesday

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12Michael Wed 24-May-17 06:50:47

Good Morning Everyone,
it a bright sunny morning here in Brackley today , looks like we are going to get warm weather again.

NfkDumpling Wed 24-May-17 07:06:51

Morning Mick, morning All

High cloud here in Norfolk at the moment, but it's supposed to clear. So while DH puts another coat of paint on the walls I intend to de-forget-me-not the garden. I don't understand how, when I leave only half a dozen plants each Autumn the whole garden becomes a sea of blue each spring. It looks lovely, but where do they come from?!

kittylester Wed 24-May-17 07:18:38

Good morning Mick, morning Nfk, morning all.

It's a fabulous start in North Leicestershire too. Not much planned for me this morning and school run this afternoon.

Enjoy your Wednesdays everyone. sunshine

Tippy22 Wed 24-May-17 07:33:19

Lovely blue sky here at the moment supposed to get really warm later. Enjoy your day everyone.

kittylester Wed 24-May-17 07:34:11

Where are you Tippy?

Pittcity Wed 24-May-17 07:38:34

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Clear blue sky but due to cloud over later. Up to 25 degrees.
We are having our coffee meetup outside this morning so must slap on some factor 30!

harrigran Wed 24-May-17 07:53:03

Good morning, mild again in the north east.
School run this afternoon, should be a pleasant 45 minute trip if the forecast is correct and we get the promised 22 degrees.

Greyduster Wed 24-May-17 08:05:59

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Blue sky with some high cloud at the moment but I think it is set to be warm again in South Yorkshire. Hairdressers midday for me and then the second school run later. Somewhere in between DH wants to look at new bathrooms as there are a couple of showrooms nearby. Our neighbour, who is a plumber, is coming round after tea to tell us whether what we want will fit! Have a good day, folks.

cornergran Wed 24-May-17 08:06:09

Morning All. Bright blue sky although the weather app assures me it is total cloud right now hmm. Cleaning this morning, beach this afternoon if the blue remains. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

Tippy22 Wed 24-May-17 08:11:11

Glorious East Sussex.

whitewave Wed 24-May-17 08:31:30

Good morning from the South Downs

We are neighbours tippy!!

Yes as you said a lovely day is promised. Handyman was supposed to come to put in the thingymajig for my new rotary clothes line, but has put off until tomorrow.

Walking today, a bit of garden tidy, weed tie back etc. and enjoying the day.

Swedish fish cakes and salad for supper

Have a splendid day everyone

Anniebach Wed 24-May-17 08:33:10

Good morning all

aggie Wed 24-May-17 08:36:44

morning all dull and warm here , we have someone coming to our Village club to tell us about the latest scams , oh well tea and bickies first

Mapleleaf Wed 24-May-17 08:54:02

Morning everyone,
Sunshine and cloud here at the moment, but warm and forecast to become warmer.
Pottering around this morning, seeing a friend after lunch.
Enjoy your day. 😊

PRINTMISS Wed 24-May-17 09:01:23

Good morning to you all from a sunny coast, and I am planning to do a little more gardening later on. I now have a permanent friend in the way of a baby Robin who just sits and waits for me to do the hard work for him. Changing e-mail address today since Orange is closing, just hope it all goes smoothly, I am not great in changing things, like to keep the grey cells working though and it is just remembering what I did that is difficult. Thoughts still with the folk of Manchester, but for those of you who can, enjoy your days.

ninathenana Wed 24-May-17 09:04:00

Morning all
I was up at 6 but only just found time to pop in here.
Beautiful still sunny morning in Kent. I think some sitting in the garden is callled for.

annsixty Wed 24-May-17 09:22:57

Good morning all.
Only popped in to day you are all lucky as it is dull here in Stockport. Optimistic though as yesterday started like this and it hot very hot.
I have a busy day as my Family are coming this weekend and
I have beds to sort and lots of laundry to do.