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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 26-May-17 07:02:21

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another hot day in Brackley this morning , had a call from BT engineer last night , he spoke as though he understood what I told him.

kittylester Fri 26-May-17 07:10:27

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's far too hot for me already and I had a dreadful night as it was so warm.

Luckily, I shall be in the car quite a bit today - what a blessing air conditioning is!!

Sounds like progress with bt, Mick.

cornergran Fri 26-May-17 07:14:45

Morning Mick, Morning kitty, Morning All. Clear blue skies in our corner of Somerset. Been awake since silly o'clock again. Not the heat, just me smile. Hope Friday is kind to everyone. Stay cool if you can.

grannylyn65 Fri 26-May-17 07:27:16

Am sticky already ! sad

ninathenana Fri 26-May-17 07:48:48

Morning all
sunshinesunshine smilesmile 26c in Kent yesterday. Everyone is cheerier on lovely days like this.
Sorry if you have worries or are not feeling great.

harrigran Fri 26-May-17 07:50:58

Good morning, another glorious day promised.
Took a trip to the seaside yesterday and had lunch in a very popular fish and chip restaurant, walked along the promenade and had ice cream. It was lovely to feel the warmth on our skin instead of the howling northerly wind we usually get.
Think we will go inland today and have another leisurely lunch.

Pittcity Fri 26-May-17 07:56:32

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
Restful day planned but there are lots of little jobs to do.

Mapleleaf Fri 26-May-17 07:59:38

Good morning, all
Another beautiful morning in South Yorks and it is forecast to get hot again this pm.
Enjoy your leisurely lunch harrigran - can you save me a seat 😊.
Hope BT sort you out today, Mick, it seems to be taking a while.
Enjoy your Friday, if you can, whatever you plan.

TerriBull Fri 26-May-17 08:01:48

Good morning from the south east, another scorcher by the look of things. I was woken up soon after 6 with a cup of coffee from husband who has an early golf match. Never mind I like to rise early on days such as this and sit in the garden with my 2nd cup of the day and appreciate the stillness.

Son and girlfriend coming here after work and staying the night so we will be having a barbecue. Before that I will be shopping for food, swimming and a bit of light housework and ironing, if I cba!

whitewave Fri 26-May-17 08:07:13

Good morning all

How about this weather then?!! Isn't it divine?

Sat here with door wide open listening to all the demanding baby birds. Meal worms are so popular.

Taking a Mum out to lunch, them driving to a Arlington reservoir where she can sit and look out over the Sussex countryside with the Downs in the background. It is the most delightful view with cows, river and a church -utterly English. We will walk the dog.

Enjoy your day everyone, and make the most of this lovely weather.

Greyduster Fri 26-May-17 08:36:51

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Maple has got the weather spot on here. Hot hot hot! I was sneezing as soon as I opened my eyes this morning, likewise yesterday. We are doing a tour of bathroom showrooms this morning (groan!) and hopefully not doing too much this afternoon. I am still duty driver as DH's eye is still red and painful, but at least he managed to get some antibacterial drops from the doc, so hopefully it will be on the mend soon. Enjoy your day folks.

Tippy22 Fri 26-May-17 08:46:14

Another beautiful day in prospect here in Sussex. I agree Whitewave the South Downs look spectacular. Enjoy your day everyone.

Anniebach Fri 26-May-17 09:02:41

Good morning all

TerriBull Fri 26-May-17 09:03:33

Enjoy your lunch with your mum WW, I used to take my mum to lunch at nearby Alfriston and sometimes the Golden Galleon overlooking the Cuckmere. The Sussex Downs are beautiful. I miss those days.