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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 04-Jun-17 06:29:27

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another bright and sunny start here in Brackley this morning, they forecast changes for later.

grannylyn65 Sun 04-Jun-17 07:01:17

Awake since 5 changed the bed, put washing on. Mow lawn ? Maybe not just yet! Beautiful day in Perth. All have a good day x

cornergran Sun 04-Jun-17 07:13:00

Morning All. Cloudy in our corner of Somerset. Rain forecast. No danger of a drought here! Hope Sundaynis kind to everyone.

kittylester Sun 04-Jun-17 07:38:57

Morning all!

It's a lovely, bright, warm, sunny start in North Leicestershire at least weather-wise. The news is so sad and worrying and at odds with the brightness of the day.

Gardening today and roast lamb for dinner.

ninathenana Sun 04-Jun-17 07:46:30

Morning all.
Clear blue sky in Kent but as kitty says nothing to be cheerful about.

Greyduster Sun 04-Jun-17 08:06:41

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A lovely sunny start in South Yorkshire. Sad news to wake up to from London. Nothing much planned for the day.

Rinouchka Sun 04-Jun-17 08:14:55

Good morning everyone. Ditto to kitty and nina. Another sad, senseless attack. But also a day in which we must continue to appreciate and savour our lives.
Stay safe everyone!

whitewave Sun 04-Jun-17 08:29:06

Good morning all

No oxygen of publicity from me for the scum.

A day of celebration for our family as daughters birthday, so lots of food and pimms on the lawn!!!

Enjoy your day all it seems to be shaping up for another lovely sunny day here.


Gagagran Sun 04-Jun-17 08:35:37

Morning everyone. Still waiting to hear from DD and DSiL who were in Central London last night at a concert and haven't been contactable yet. Am not in a panic ...yet. Do wish they would just let us know they are OK though.

whitewave Sun 04-Jun-17 08:40:21

The police shut down the networks don't they?

MawBroon Sun 04-Jun-17 08:49:03

Sad and worrying morning. I trust gagagran will have had reassuring news by now and anyone else with family or friends in London last night.
Wishing you all a pleasant day, it is hard to think of the awful events of last night while the sun shines and the birds are singing. But that is the optimism of life is it not? Another day and we must and shall go on.

Gagagran Sun 04-Jun-17 08:51:06

Just had a text - they were staying over with friends in Bethnal Green last night so nowhere near the mayhem. My head told me they must be OK, my heart didn't agree. Relief. Very aware that will not be the same for the families of those killed or hurt.

grannylyn65 Sun 04-Jun-17 08:51:34

Only just heard the news - what can one say ☹️

Pittcity Sun 04-Jun-17 08:58:40

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
Clearing bedroom as new bed being delivered this afternoon. Yes! On a Sunday at no extra charge!

The photo is how I feel this morning.

harrigran Sun 04-Jun-17 08:58:58

Good morning, nice sunny start here in the north east and no sign of the promised rain.
Family safely home from holiday yesterday but not seeing them this weekend.

Tippy22 Sun 04-Jun-17 09:03:17

Lovely sunny day here in Sussex. Thoughts and prayers for those caught up in last night's atrocities. Make the most of your day everyone.

Anniebach Sun 04-Jun-17 09:14:38

Good morning all

NfkDumpling Sun 04-Jun-17 10:51:31

Morning All

After a beautiful start early on its clouding over a bit now and there's a chill in the wind. DH is out cutting the hedge leaving me to DGS sit. He's being a poppet this morning so I'm having an easy time. DS arrived back home last evening leaving DiL in hospital in London as he has to go to work tomorrow. We had thought he'd rush over to see his beloved offspring, but he's gone into hiding and says he'll have a lay in and come at lunchtime. Cheeky B****r! I'll be off to sell Open Garden tickets so may be taking a GS with me.

Greyduster Sun 04-Jun-17 12:30:40

I meant to say yesterday, NfK that I was pleased your DiL came through her surgery okay and is doing well, but I came in too late to see your post. Hope she continues to make good progress!