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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 09-Jun-17 06:45:10

Good Morning Everyone,
its blue sky but cloudy here in Brackley this morning, its dry.

Gymstagran Fri 09-Jun-17 06:55:51

Morning Mick, morning everyone. It's grey and wet again in the West Mids. I'm helping on an information stand at Birmingham university today. Looking forward to chatting to students.

kittylester Fri 09-Jun-17 06:59:27

Morning all.

It is fairly bright in North Leicestershire but we have had a couple of rain showers already.

Collecting our new kitten today. sunshine

silverlining48 Fri 09-Jun-17 07:16:59

Good morning. We have a sunny day and a cloud free blue sky in kent on this elected day. Quite a surprise for many me thinks. Awaiting a nurse later this morning to check on my husband following his prostate removal on monday.

Greyduster Fri 09-Jun-17 07:52:22

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Sun and blue sky in South Yorkshire this morning, but very breezy with it. DH is still abed and I predict he will be a tad grumpy when he gets up. GS is coming for an overnight later so we have to collect him from school. That will be something to look forward to. Hope the new kitten settles in quickly, Kitty. Photos please!😊

Pittcity Fri 09-Jun-17 08:01:28

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
Escaping from constant news today with a shopping trip to Chelmsford.

harrigran Fri 09-Jun-17 08:16:40

Good morning, overcast but dry. Grocery shopping today.
Love to see a photo of the new kitten, half of my family are allergic to cats so they are a no-no at our house.

joannapiano Fri 09-Jun-17 08:21:38

It was sunny when I woke up here in Herts, but now a bit gloomy like DH when he saw the results.
We have got 3 school runs today, at 1pm,3pm and 3.30pm. then getting tea for 4 DGC. Their kitten is called Arlo,like the cat on Bing Bunny, although it's a girl.
Kittens are the best!

Anniebach Fri 09-Jun-17 08:42:05

Good morning all

ninathenana Fri 09-Jun-17 08:59:12

Morning everyone.
We had a thunderstorm in the night in Kent but it's now blue sky and sunshine.
D arrived for a visit yesterday with bags of washing as her machine not working. We've not seen her for a couple of months. It was like a student bringing her washing home to mum. grin
Weekly trip to Asda this morning.

TerriBull Fri 09-Jun-17 09:04:52

Good morning from the south east, cloudy and windy with a chance of rain.

Kittylester, I'm jealous, I'd have a cat in a heartbeat, but all my family are allergic to cat fur sad What colour is your new little moggy?

Teetime Fri 09-Jun-17 09:27:31

Morning all - off to the garden centre now that the Leicestershire hurricane seems to be abating. Have a good day all. smile

NfkDumpling Fri 09-Jun-17 09:33:12

Morning All

A bright and breezy morning here at the top bit of Norfolk. Up once or twice with DGS last night as he was having bad dreams. Tonight is their last night here before going home, mummy is back but in pain from a wound infection gained in hospital so he can't have cuddles with her. It a lot for a little lad to handle. Apart from visits to the doctor and nursery it'll be a quiet day - I hope!

Pippa000 Fri 09-Jun-17 09:50:16

Morning from Cyprus, rising 35 degrees here. Air Con on pool warming nicely.

hulahoop Fri 09-Jun-17 10:03:10

Very sunny and blue skies in Yorkshire good drying day . It's shopping for me today just food though 😤

Mapleleaf Fri 09-Jun-17 11:49:12

Morning (just), everyone.
Still fairly bright but blustery in South Yorks. Got a few jobs to do, but nothing too arduous!
Congratulations on getting a new kitten, Kitty. I agree with greyduster, some photos would be nice if you can post some. (You might be more technical than me, I'd struggle to do it!) 😁