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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 22-Jul-17 06:38:50

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry at the moment with some cloud, wet later maybe here in Brackley this morning.

cornergran Sat 22-Jul-17 06:49:52

Morning Mick. Morning All. Much the same in our corner of Somerset. Dry at the moment but some threatening clouds, we're forecast some heavy rain later. Two grandchildren camping this weekend, their tents may be floating hmm. Volunteering and some cooking for me today. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

ninathenana Sat 22-Jul-17 07:02:37

Morning Mick, corner and everyone.

Over night rain in Kent, it's stopped for the moment though and just very grey and damp. I wanted to go out today but H says he intends doing nothing .

NfkDumpling Sat 22-Jul-17 07:05:58

Morning All

The rain has just stopped and the clouds are clearing. Should be a nice day.

Nothing planned for today, just a bit of light pottering, maybe go into the garden and annoy the soil and dead head some roses.

kittylester Sat 22-Jul-17 07:15:13

Morning all!

We had torrential rain overnight and it looks like there is more to come. After my usual visit to the village we are going to see Dunkirk.

Hope you had good sleep, corner!

Gagagran Sat 22-Jul-17 07:28:40

Morning everyone!

We had the torrential rain too kitty and it is much cooler and fresher which I like.

Had a surprise visit from 12-year old DGS on his bike yesterday afternoon. Think his Mum had sent him to get him away from his screen games. He had a glass of milk, an apple and a kit-kat, a game of dominoes with Grandad, half an hour of very nice creative piano playing then shot off on his bike. A good visit I'd say!

Happy days to all GNs sunshine

Marydoll Sat 22-Jul-17 08:18:43

Good morning all.
Dull, but at least it's dry for the moment. I won't last!
A bit of baking in case the hoards descend and some alterations done, which I should have done yesterday. Why are the sleeves in everything so long, or is it that I'm too short? smile

Greyduster Sat 22-Jul-17 08:20:12

Good morning, Michael, and all GNs. We had rain, too, by the look of it, but for once I slept rather well 👍🏻 so wasn't up in the wee small hours to look out of the window. It is still wet this morning though. i shall be busy today preparing for a major assault on my kitchen by the combined family tomorrow. Dropped on me at the last minute as usual. Hey ho. Gaga I was charmed to hear about your grandson's visit. My GS plays dominos with his grandad too! Have a good day, folks.

farview Sat 22-Jul-17 08:30:05

Morning All..grey.damp but a peek of pale blue there! One too many🍷 last night so not very perky..mopping day!!! then out for a walk/coffee with my friend and my dog. Be happy everyone!...

harrigran Sat 22-Jul-17 09:00:40

Good morning, dull this morning after overnight rain.
It is the air show today so it will be quite noisy with low flying planes.

Anniebach Sat 22-Jul-17 09:07:08

Good morning all from rainy Wales

Nelliemoser Sat 22-Jul-17 09:18:08

Good morning from Cheshire. It was sunny earlier.
I hope the wind is not so bad today.

My tomato plants which are in pots on the path on the south facing side of my house keep toppling over. We have tried all sorts of things to keep them upright. Trouble is they have grown so well this year they are victims of their own success. I just laid them flat on the ground yesterday.

hulahoop Sat 22-Jul-17 09:19:03

Good morning from a wet Yorkshire it's rained most of night hoping it will dry up later so I can hang washing out ☔️

whitewave Sat 22-Jul-17 09:26:31

Morning lovelies

Bright and humid on South Downs.

A day of doing a bit of art work I think, as I purchased some more paper yesterday, so can now do something.

Thought the proms were good last night. We haven't bought any tickets this year, first time for ages.

Gardening as usual. Hop now under control for 10 secs, it is such a sneaky thing!!
Pick yet more sweet peas, then some cutting back of gone over geraniums and stake the asterssad oh dear autumn is coming. Second flush of delphiniums have been wonderful this year.

Enjoy your day all

Jalima1108 Sat 22-Jul-17 09:55:26

Good morning!
My geraniums look very sad and sorry for themselves today after yesterday's lashing of wind and rain.
The sun is trying to peek through occasionally this morning but we have to go over to Wales later - hope it's not too rainy anniebach- please.

TerriBull Sat 22-Jul-17 09:56:58

Good morning from the south east, it's alternating between sunny and cloudy with rain expected, a bit of everything really, the garden is wet which makes a change. I'll get my washing out but it'll be in and out for most of the day I imagine.

Granddaughter 7 is coming to stay for the week-end, I'm taking her swimming this afternoon and then maybe I'll get her to bake later, we'll experiment with gluten free flour as she cannot eat anything with gluten in it.

Jalima1108 Sat 22-Jul-17 10:26:05

If she likes savoury then a gf courgette slice is good as the flour is in with the quiche-type mix rather than trying to make gf pastry - yours could be ok but mine was like concrete!
It doesn't specify gf flour but it does work well in this.

kittylester Sat 22-Jul-17 10:45:54

Or Delia's all on one sponge works week with gf flour!

TerriBull Sat 22-Jul-17 10:49:00

Thanks for the information Jalima will bear that in mind. I think we will do a cake today and if she stays tomorrow we might have a go at gluten free Yorkshire puds to go with roast beef.

Jalima1108 Sat 22-Jul-17 10:49:19

Must try that when I have lost another one or two of these hmm

Jalima1108 Sat 22-Jul-17 10:49:41

ps it's a stone, not a potato!

TerriBull Sat 22-Jul-17 10:50:34

Thanks also kittylester, I'll google that. This reminds me why I joined GN sharing helpful information smile

kittylester Sat 22-Jul-17 12:19:22

I also add about half a teaspoon of xantham gum if I have any but it's ok without.

Charleygirl Sat 22-Jul-17 12:24:04

I have been a tad optimistic and hung washing out but I have a nasty feeling that I may be rescuing it within the hour. I cannot win them all.

I had such a good night's sleep that I do not feel like doing much today, but I am retired, tomorrow is another day.

shandi6570 Sat 22-Jul-17 17:26:31

Good afternoon everyone. We have rain and sunshine here in Coventry. Praying for a good day tomorrow as we will be helping out on a club stand at a Vintage Motorcycle event at Stanford Hall near Lutterworth, nothing worse in pouring rain, but great when the weather is kind.

Just wanted to second the suggestion Jalima made about making a courgette slice, whether using gf flour or other. She mentioned the recipe last year on a different thread and I have made it many a time since, really easy and tasty.