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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 25-Jul-17 06:43:05

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey skies above , but dry at the moment here in Brackley this morning.

ninathenana Tue 25-Jul-17 06:47:17

Morning Mick and everyone.

Another very grey start in Kent although they say it's going to brighten later.
Tescos this morning, no idea what this affternoon will bring.
Have a good day everyone.

Tea and cake Tue 25-Jul-17 07:07:47

Good morning everybody.

A bit of cloud in Birmingham but a nice morning. A few noisy black headed gulls in the park.

Marydoll Tue 25-Jul-17 07:16:22

Good morning everyone. Cloudy and muggy here. We have DGD today, so off to town to collect my new prescriptions, a wee bit of shopping, coffee, cake and to see the buses at the town cross.
Rain (again] later.
Have a good day all.

Gagagran Tue 25-Jul-17 07:21:53

Morning Mick and everyone.

The sun is shining and it looks like we have a nice day in store. I got my washing dried yesterday so now have the joy of a full ironing basket waiting for me. I also need to figure out how to mend a tear in DH's favourite shorts. Lucky me!

Hope it's a happy day for all GNs sunshine

Greyduster Tue 25-Jul-17 07:26:51

Good morning, Michael, and all GNs. Overcast but dry in South Yorkshire this morning, and I think that is the pattern for the day. Ironing for me today and maybe a bit of baking as GS is coming over tomorrow. You mentioned black headed gulls, tea and cake, I sat here last night and three great flocks of them came past just before dusk, flying North. It happens every year about this time and will happen most nights, but we have no idea where they go to or why. Have a happy day, folks.

kittylester Tue 25-Jul-17 07:32:22

Morning all!

It's dull in North Leicestershire with a fair amount of cloud.

We still have Bertie and Persie so were up early. We have a leak in the flat roof over the hall which DH and Bertie are going to mend. I'll stand at the bottom of the ladder waiting for disaster!! Persie, meanwhile, will be trying to stuff the kitten into a doll's cot!! shock

I shall leave them with dh this afternoon while I go to assist on a course! Heaven knows what will happen then.grin

Nana3 Tue 25-Jul-17 07:58:52

Good morning everyone. We've been so lucky with the weather in Lancashire, sunny and not too hot. Same forecast for today. A day trip with WI for me, looking forward to it. Yesterday when I said goodbye to Mum she said are you leaving me here, it upset me.
Maw hope Paw has improved.
Have a good day all.

whitewave Tue 25-Jul-17 08:02:15

Morning everyone

Bright calm start which is good.

Last autumn I planted up a shrub border restricting colour to white and yellow. All the shrubs have absolutely romped away except one Daphne that seems to just sit sulking. I shall give it another year and then consider moving it if it doesn't cheer up. I have underplanted with white daffs, and have been browsing the new catalogues to decide on daffs for spare space. I think snow baby will do to plant between the Japanese woodland grasses in front I have some space at the back as well and will probably go for pheasants eye. I do like old fashioned bulbs and the scent can't be beaten.
You realise at I am talking about next spring angry sorry to remind everyone the bulb planting season will soon be open!!!!!

Not a lot planned today except in the garden. I have purchase more watercolour paper, so might slosh some paint on it later.

Pepper and broccoli pasta for supper

Have a superb day all.

whitewave Tue 25-Jul-17 08:07:44

As you were about nothing much to do!!! The dog has just jumped up and cuddled up. Phew!!!! Bath to day I think

cornergran Tue 25-Jul-17 08:17:06

Morning All. Bright and sunny in our corner of Somerset. Apparently the last for a while so off to the beach. Love the sound of your garden whitewave but maybe not the dog bathing smile. Sorry you were upset nana3, could you check that your Mum had settled? Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

Tippy22 Tue 25-Jul-17 08:22:40

Grey here at the moment here in East Sussex but the forecast is good supposedly the best day of the week so must make the most of it by shopping and then the beach. Enjoy your day everyone.

harrigran Tue 25-Jul-17 08:32:13

Good morning, it is overcast but dry.
GD1 arrived yesterday morning and we had an interesting day,she is here for another two days then must return for a violin lesson.
DH and GD taking sister and BIL to the airport this morning, I will get a few hours to myself.

Anniebach Tue 25-Jul-17 08:33:00

Good morning all

Maggiemaybe Tue 25-Jul-17 09:08:04

Good morning all. Not sure what the weather's like here yet as the blackout blind's still up (it's so effective DH calls it my shroud grin). DD1 has moved into a new house and so have all the boxes of stuff she'd stored in our cellar for 18 months, so I'll be down there today reclaiming my space.

NfkDumpling Tue 25-Jul-17 09:10:12

Morning All

Happily browsing GN earlier until I noticed the time - and realised I only had ten minutes to get dressed and out to collect DGD2! Horribly miserable again in Norfolk. (The sun did shine for an hour or so yesterday until the mizzle returned.). Now watching the BFG and hoping it'll dry up a bit so we can walk into town.

Pittcity Tue 25-Jul-17 09:10:13

Good morning from a grey, wet Colchester. Hopefully it will clear up.
Another quiet day here. I must tackle the ironing and get DH to get the suitcases out of the garage. I must check they are OK as we are going away on Saturday.

NannyJan53 Tue 25-Jul-17 09:59:57

Good morning everyone, sunny and but cloudy here in Stourbridge. I am off to spend the afternoon with Mum, maybe go out for lunch and a visit to a nearby National Trust Property (I was given a years pass as a retirement present). Loving this retirement lark so far smile.

Mapleleaf Tue 25-Jul-17 10:30:27

Good morning everyone.
It's still grey here in South Yorks, but with some brighter patches as if the sun is trying to peep through. Fingers crossed that it does!
Just some general chores to do then hoping to see my friend a little later for a catch up.
Enjoy your day. 😁