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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 29-Jul-17 06:43:57

Good Morning Everyone,
Its blue sky with clod this morning in Brackley, a bit of mixed day if the forecast is right.

JaneD3 Sat 29-Jul-17 07:00:57

Good morning to you to 12Michael. Cold here in Leicester too, but there isn't a cloud in the sky - yet!

ffinnochio Sat 29-Jul-17 07:13:20

Good Morning. All is calm, under a pale blue sky.

Gagagran Sat 29-Jul-17 07:33:32

Morning Mick and everyone.

The sun is back out this morning but we are forecast rain again later here on the south coast. There has had a real autumnal feel to the past few evenings.

Nothing much on the agenda today apart from clearing out the fridge and some cooking. Pasta bake today and maybe a cake for DH who does love a bit of cake.

Also looking forward to hearing about their holidays from both DC as they return this weekend. DD from Cornwall and DS from Greece.

Hope the day is a happy one for all GNs sunshine

cornergran Sat 29-Jul-17 07:41:09

Morning All. Sun has just disappeared from our corner of Somerset. Mr C is helping eldest with some essential outside jobs, think they both need waterproofs. Not sure what I will do today, not a lot I suspect. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

JaneD3 Sat 29-Jul-17 07:51:27

I shall be off to see Mum. She is 95 and in a care home but is failing fast. she can't see or hear and has been bed bound since Christmas. Often I go and she doesn't wake but on Tuesday she was pleading "Oh please help me" and "Where is my husband?". Dad died 13 years ago. Guilty that I am not there all the time but it is a three hour round trip. Is it wrong to hope that Dad will come for her soon?

kittylester Sat 29-Jul-17 07:59:17

Morning all!

North Leicestershire is fine but with lots of scudding clouds.

We have started the football tyranny again - DH and DS1 off to a free match to check out whether they approve of the new purchases.

It was blinking autumnal here last night Gaga and the heating came on! shock

Where in Leicester are you JaneD?

Enjoy your Saturdays everyone! sunshine

Menopaws Sat 29-Jul-17 08:01:42

Not at all Jane, the kindest thing if she is getting confused now, don't feel guilty

Marydoll Sat 29-Jul-17 08:02:40

Good morning Mick and all GNs. It's quite windy here with a very dark sky.
Did all my baking yesterday for the usual weekend family visits. A small supermarket shop and the day is mine, I hope.
Jane D, I know how you feel. I am not ashamed to say that I prayed for my mum to go. She used to say, "Please just let me go, I am so tired." She was in a hospital nearby and I used to visit every night after work. It nearly killed me, as I still had all my children still at home, needing looked after. Please don't feel guilty. flowers

harrigran Sat 29-Jul-17 08:05:27

Good morning, quite bright here in the north east but forecast says rain in 48 minutes which is a shame.
GP has ordered x-ray and scan of shoulder as I now need help to dress and anything else that involves lifting arm.

whitewave Sat 29-Jul-17 08:07:59

Morning everyone

No! Jane we all want a timely and peaceful end to our loved ones.

My Mum is 99 today and although very frail is still enjoying life. Big family party with lunch at 1.30 as Mum is better during the day as she gets tired evenings. So I think there are 17 of us at my sisters and 4 dogs all getting excited. (easier for Mum as on the level) Must finish/ decorate the huge trifle this morning with whipped cream and fresh mixed fruits. Then make the compote for none dairy eaters. One because of severe migraines the other two for environmental reasons. Then there is the gluten free people two including me. So I've made a Gluten free sponge for the trifle.

Blimey!! Life used to be much more simpler. Mum eats everything!!

Cloudy but blue sky not too bad.

Sat watching the birds - there are still babies about it must be at least the second brood.

Do have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Sat 29-Jul-17 08:32:19

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is shining in South Yorkshire. A day of cleaning and baking for me today in preparation for DS and his tribe to visit tomorrow. Know what you mean, Whitewave - we will have a dairy free and a vegetarian. Happy birthday to your mum - what a good age! Football season, Kitty - excitement is mounting in this house too. He doesn't get excited about much these days 😏! Have a good day, folks.

Anniebach Sat 29-Jul-17 08:41:29

Good morning all