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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 30-Jul-17 06:48:24

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry but cloudy but have had some overnight rain here in Brackley this morning.

NfkDumpling Sun 30-Jul-17 07:11:39

Morning Mick, morning All

Still wet and soggy here in Norfolk.

Arrived home last evening from an overnight stay at DD1's with two GDogs. Their family are off camping in Cornwall for the next two weeks. I do hope the weather improves for them. Two weeks with two cocker spaniels who both like to have the last word!

I'd bought what I thought were baked chicken necks which the other GDogs love - and they turned out to be chicken feet. I'm a bit squeamish about dead chicken feet and both dogs agreed and turned their noses up at them!

Gagagran Sun 30-Jul-17 07:17:29

Morning Mick and everyone.

We have had overnight rain here on the south coast but the sun is out now so it will soon dry up - hopefully.

The recent very wet weather has brought out the slugs (where do they hide when it's hot and dry?) and there is a particularly nasty-looking, large pink one on the patio right now. It looks like a bloated finger. Horrible thing.

Wishing a happy day to all GNs sunshine

MawBroon Sun 30-Jul-17 07:17:59

Nfkd DD often travels to China on business/buying and used to be horrified when a client would offer them a Chinese "delicacy" - Chicken Feet shock
She avoids such "delicacies" now.

kittylester Sun 30-Jul-17 07:23:18

Morning all!

We had rain in North Leicestershire overnight and the forecast is a bit iffy.

DH is taking dgs1 to a T20 match today so I hope they get to see some play. I intend to make a vat of bolognese type sauce for supper when he gets home and for freezing.

Enjoy your days everyone sunshine

cornergran Sun 30-Jul-17 07:38:00

Morning All from a grey and damp corner of Somerset. Need to help one son get off for a camping trip with his children (waterproofs seem to be top of the packing list) then spending time with Littlest and his parents. Busy but good day ahead. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

Nana3 Sun 30-Jul-17 07:43:16

Good morning all. Sunny this morning in Lancashire. The family are coming for lunch.
Have a good day everyone.

ninathenana Sun 30-Jul-17 07:48:02

Morning all.
I've been up since 5 am, it was sunny then, it's now returned to the normal grey.
H is off to the allotment soon. I think he's going to get wet.

Greyduster Sun 30-Jul-17 07:49:24

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A sunny start in South Yorkshire but I don't think it is set to last. My son and his family are coming to lunch today so I must be up soon and at it. He asked me what time they should arrive. "Twelve", I said, "lunch will be around two." "Okay I'll leave at ten". Which means they will be here at eleven the way he drives and the kitchen will then be full of people wanting to talk while I'm trying to prep. Hate that!
NfK DD and her menfolk are in Cornwall now for two weeks too, so I hope for at least some good weather for yours and mine!

aggie Sun 30-Jul-17 07:56:40

Morning all bit soggy here , still abed read violate last night😴

aggie Sun 30-Jul-17 07:59:29

?? Predictive text is a pain ! I read too late

ffinnochio Sun 30-Jul-17 08:18:11

Good morning to you all. Broken cloud and a slight breeze. A very comfortable climate.

When I was young, I used to eat chicken feet. shock.

harrigran Sun 30-Jul-17 08:49:32

Good morning, it is dry and not so windy here in the north east.
If all goes to plan DS and family should be off on holiday for three weeks, should be fairly quiet at Chateau harri.

whitewave Sun 30-Jul-17 08:52:15

Morning everyone

Watching a programme about Hong Kong last week and chicken feet were served as a sort of side to the main dish of stir fried chicken. I suppose they would be ok to sort of suck on but there wouldn't be any meat on them would there?

Party went well and nice to have all the family together. I love sitting listening to the younger members talking amongst themselves. You get to know quite a bit, until they started talking about computers and then I get a bit lost in the jargon.

Sun but heavy cloud. Easy day today.

Roast Lamb for lunch - decided to eat midday today.

Have a good day all

Anniebach Sun 30-Jul-17 08:52:49

Good morning all

Pittcity Sun 30-Jul-17 09:47:37

Good morning from the sunny, for the minute, Netherlands.
We have visited windmills this morning and our ship has just cast off for Cologne tomorrow.
A relaxing day ahead.

rosesarered Sun 30-Jul-17 09:49:05

Morning to all.Sunny with showers around Oxfordshire today ( brollies at the ready). Just having a cup of tea and waiting for the DGC to arrive.👫🚶🏼