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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 31-Jul-17 06:41:52

Good Morning Everyone,
its grey but its dry here in Brackley at the moment.

Floriatosca Mon 31-Jul-17 07:00:57

Good morning! Bright blue sky here in Torquay. The evenings are getting a bit chillier - even had to resort to putting central heating on last night(!) A busy week ahead for me having six year old grandson for four sleepovers while his parents work. Where would mums be without grandmas to help with childcare during the holidays?

Gagagran Mon 31-Jul-17 07:05:16

Morning Mick and everyone!

Looks set fair for the day here on the south coast. Think I'll be able to get going with my secateurs after putting it off with all the rain we've had of late. Everything looks straggly in the garden. Feel a bit the same myself!

Happy days to all GNs sunshine

kittylester Mon 31-Jul-17 07:15:34

Morning all!

Welcome, if you are new, floriatosca!

It's bright in North Leicestershire but there are showers in the forecast. I have to go shopping for DH's birthday today - help!!!

Our garden is looking super straggly too gaga. I'm feeling resentful as we worked so hard for the Open Gardens that I was expecting not to have to do anything else for ages!! grin

Enjoy your Mondays everyone.sunshine

mumofmadboys Mon 31-Jul-17 07:20:30

Hi! I need to attack the garden too but have table tennis this morning which is always great fun. Weather here is overcast and has rained quite a bit overnight. Have a good day everyone!

ninathenana Mon 31-Jul-17 07:24:16

Morning all

Can someone tell me what this sunshine is it's so long since I saw it in Kent.
H will be mowing and tidying today, the garden is his domaine. I will be tea girl in between the housework.

ffinnochio Mon 31-Jul-17 07:31:46

Good morning. Thin, high cloud with the promise of blue behind. Humid.

Nana3 Mon 31-Jul-17 07:48:47

Good morning. Grey clouds in Lancashire.
Yesterday Mum was talking about her sister's boyfriend who was killed during the war, she never married. The most Mum's said in ages.
Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Mon 31-Jul-17 07:51:21

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Blue sky and high cloud to start us off today with what looks like a stiff breeze. After our busy day dancing attendance on the family yesterday I don't think we will be doing too much. Have a happy day, folks.

ninathenana Mon 31-Jul-17 07:54:59

Since my earlier post the sunshine has gone sad

whitewave Mon 31-Jul-17 07:57:59

Morning all

Heavy clouds but no wind on South Downs.

Housework today. Oh joy!grin

Tex mex eggs for supper - a BBC recipe.

cornergran Mon 31-Jul-17 08:05:22

Morning All. Cloudy in our corner of Somerset. Apparently we can expect thunder, aren't we lucky? Admin this morning then see how the energy goes. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

Marydoll Mon 31-Jul-17 08:16:14

Good morning all, torrential rain here in Renfrewshire. Will we ever have a summer?
Off to Glasgow to do some errands, then back to tidy cupboards. On of my sons coming for dinner, so looking forward to that. We hardly ever see him now, without his girlfriend. It will be nice to chat.
Have a good day all.

oldgoat Mon 31-Jul-17 08:29:03

Sitting outside our campervan on a lovely peaceful site in Northumberland. It's been raining during the night but OK now. Took the dog for his early morning walk in my dressing gown but I'll have to get on now and beat the rush to the shower block.

Tippy22 Mon 31-Jul-17 08:33:59

Lovely blue sky at the moment here in East Sussex hope it lasts. Busy weekend so today have decided that I must sit down and sort out all the cases and trunks of photographs and various bits of paper that my late mother who died in February left behind. What do you do with hundreds of photos that go back to the early 1900s, don't really want to throw them out and my children said they didn't want them. Have a good day everybody.

Pittcity Mon 31-Jul-17 08:35:34

Good morning from sunny Cologne.
Our ship has just docked for day and it's already 22 degrees.

Marydoll Mon 31-Jul-17 08:38:16

Pittcity, I am so envious of you.envy. The last time I was, in Cologne was in 1976,as a student, travelling through Europe on a great adventure.

Maggiemaybe Mon 31-Jul-17 08:46:58

Morning all. Overcast here in Yorkshire. Had a lovely walk through the fields with two of the DGS yesterday when the weather perked up, weaving through the cows and horses. We're looking after the boys this afternoon and I'm hoping to walk the four miles over to theirs to get my steps in, so fingers crossed it stays dry.

harrigran Mon 31-Jul-17 08:59:51

Good morning, overcast here in the north east and we had rain during the night.
Today I have to have an x-ray on my shoulder but they do not give appointments, you walk in and wait, better take a book with me.
GC visiting their other GPs for a week then off abroad so it is going to be quiet here.

Smithy Mon 31-Jul-17 09:03:48

Good morning all, same part if the country as you Harrigran so sane weather.
That sounds lovely Oldgoat.

Nelliemoser Mon 31-Jul-17 09:57:19

A rather late Good morning all Cloudy and showerry in Cheshire.
I have just spent an hour or so chopping and freezing some fresh coriander and some parsley.

I had run out of the frozen coriander. It is a messy job witth little bits of either herb sticking to everything in sight. It works really well though for cooking, the herbs keep their flavour unlike dried herbs.

Nelliemoser Mon 31-Jul-17 10:07:00

Yet another flipping Typo. I seem to be making one on every post I make today.

NfkDumpling Mon 31-Jul-17 10:42:00

Morning All
Late this morning despite a half past silly o'clock start. Scratching dogs woke us early - or rather the fleas on them woke us all early! They've now been bathed, the house sprayed and their beds are in the wash!

silverlining48 Mon 31-Jul-17 11:02:46

Sunny bright day here in kent, both of us sitting quietly with a cup of tea awaiting arrival of two small bundles of energy who have a two night sleepover with us.
They bring joy and chaos in equal measure.

silverlining48 Mon 31-Jul-17 11:04:14

Daughter in germany just told us its already 35 degrees there. Hot hot hot.