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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 01-Aug-17 06:42:54

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey but dry again this morning in Brackley , a changeable day?

Gagagran Tue 01-Aug-17 06:56:17

Good Morning Mick and everyone.

It looks like a nice day here on the south coast and should dry my washing easily.

I am packing today ready, to fly out early tomorrow for my brother in law's funeral on Thursday. Back late on Friday as it is DH's birthday on Saturday and we had made plans for that before this trip became necessary.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

kittylester Tue 01-Aug-17 07:05:46

Morning Mick, morning gaga, morning all!

I think we are in for a changeable day too Mick. I've got a housework morning. Spare beds, used by the dgc, need changing before the next visitation. I don't change them every time someone comes or I'd be spinning like a top. Unfortunately, some times, I forget how long they have been on. blush

If you are anything like me gaga, you will be getting anxious about the funeral by now - I hope it goes well.

NfkDumpling Tue 01-Aug-17 07:24:49

Morning All

It was a lovely bright sunny morning in Norfolk but high clouds are forming already. Am sitting in the sun with the garden room doors wide and two dogs at my feet. They slept in this morning until just before five! I think there's still the odd flea struggling to survive. (Itching thinking about it.)

Nana3 Tue 01-Aug-17 07:28:59

Good morning Mick and everyone. Looking good weather wise in Lancashire. Had a glorious walk in the sunshine yesterday with DD and DGD, a day to remember. WI meeting for me today.
Best wishes for the funeral gaga.
Have a good day everyone

whitewave Tue 01-Aug-17 07:40:03

Good morning

A lovely balmy morning. The light is beginning to change from summer to late summer/early autumn, and the garden is responding.

Just going to start a load of ironing which I hate, so try to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.

Gardening today. Will feed the Delphiniums and the pots. Dead head and sweep up the mess the birds make. The sweet pea are still flowering strongly but are beginning to show signs of mildew. All the dry weather I suppose. The late clematis are full of flower. I have Lady Di, Minuet, president and jackmanii. Hadley hybrid still going strong as well, although all the big plate sized ones are finished. I think I really do prefer the late ones, because although the earliest are spectacular the lates pack a huge amount of flower and seem to last longer.

Mediterranean chicken with rice tabboulegh (sp) for supper. Nice and quick.

Pittcity Tue 01-Aug-17 07:47:29

Good morning from a rainy Koblenz.
We are visiting Marksburg Castle this morning and cruising the Rhine this afternoon. Brollies at the ready!

Imperfect27 Tue 01-Aug-17 07:53:04

Good morning from (so far) sunny NW Kent.
Hiding from housework.
Hope it is a good day for you all.

Greyduster Tue 01-Aug-17 08:06:02

Good morning, Michael, and all GNs. A lovely sunny start in South Yorkshire. Pittcity I envy you. We had a short cruise down the Rhine from Koblenz to St Goare and the Lorelei Rock before travelling on to Austria on a coach trip. It was lovely. I'd like to do a proper Rhine cruise.
Hope all goes well for tomorrow Gaga. Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Tue 01-Aug-17 08:12:19

Good morning all. It's been raining overnight and the weather forecast is for more rain.sad.
Best wishes for the funeral. Gaga.
Pittcity, I hope the rains stays off for your visit. I could swap places with you, I am used to the rain, lots of it! I love visiting Germany envy

ffinnochio Tue 01-Aug-17 08:31:15

Good morning. A fine and calm start to the day.

Tippy22 Tue 01-Aug-17 08:47:17

Lovely blue sky here in East Sussex and for the first time in several days the wind has calmed down. Birthday present buying today which I always find more difficult as DC and DGC get older. Enjoy your day everyone.

downsized Tue 01-Aug-17 08:47:44

Good morning. It is hot and sunny in Malta with the humidity making it feel like 40C. Too hot for some, but I love it.

Can't seem to get going this morning. It's one of those days. I hope to go to the garden centre and buy some cheerful plants for my small terrace, if I ever get myself up. It's nearly 10am here, I'm so embarrassed to be still in bed, procrastinating.blush

Happy days to all.sunshine

harrigran Tue 01-Aug-17 08:57:06

Good morning from a grey north east. The weather forecast is for rain this afternoon and possibly thunder too. Hope to nip out for lunch and not get wet.
X-ray yesterday was carried out speedily and I was back home within thirty minutes, well done NHS.

Maggiemaybe Tue 01-Aug-17 09:04:57

Good morning, all.

The Yorkshire weather looks promising here for Yorkshire Day! The Halifax Piece Hall is reopening after many months of refurbishment, but we've decided not to make the trip today as they are expecting thousands of visitors. We're going to treat ourselves instead to Dunkirk at our nearest IMAX followed by a curry. Pub quiz tonight. I just might fit in a bit of housework in and amongst. grin