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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 26-Aug-17 06:42:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey and cloudy this morning in Brackley but dry , the autumn air seems to be about , as I have seen mushroom growth.

Gagagran Sat 26-Aug-17 07:12:25

Morning Mick and everyone!

Coole start but a high, clear sky and the sun is warming things up already here on the south coast. It's set fair for a nice day.

DH is going out with his bike club today so I have a quiet day to potter. I'm also going to walk to our our local bakery for some of their delicious bread. The smell alone is worth the effort!

Wishing happy days for all GNs {sunshine]

Gagagran Sat 26-Aug-17 07:12:57

cool not coole

Tea and cake Sat 26-Aug-17 07:15:56

Good morning everyone.

Started off quite overcast here in West Midlands with spots of rain but now just light cloud. Seems so much darker in the mornings suddenly. Have a good day all.

NfkDumpling Sat 26-Aug-17 07:27:21

Morning All

Very overcast in Norfolk at the moment despite the forecast being for hazy sun. Hopefully it'll brighten later as we're heading off for a mornings birding at Titchwell.

Imperfect27 Sat 26-Aug-17 07:35:23

Morning all, looking forward to a 'long' weekend (even though I am not at work at present anyway - still feels indulgent!) with NO visitors, NO pressures and prosecco and chocolate to hand! smile

Tea and cake Sat 26-Aug-17 07:41:15

Sounds good Imperfect 27 as do everyone else's ideas. For once I have nothing at all planned, which is great in itself! Something will turn up...

kittylester Sat 26-Aug-17 08:11:54

Morning all!

It's cloudy and a bit muggy in North Leicestershire.

We still have DD, DGDSx2 and now DSIL here so the weekend will pass in a whirl.

cornergran Sat 26-Aug-17 08:19:26

Morning All. Bright cloud in our corner of Somerset. Home jobs today. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Greyduster Sat 26-Aug-17 08:32:42

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Well this is my second go here this morning - my first one seems to have disappeared! How does that happen? Sunny here in South Yorkshire. DS is coming down for lunch and football with his dad, and we are babysitting for DD this evening. Have a good day, folks!

harrigran Sat 26-Aug-17 08:35:09

Good morning, lovely bright morning. Quiet day planned as we are on our own today.
I am looking forward to an adult meal after doing McD's twice this week with different GC who have to have the same routine. I had to watch Moana again, next week I will be word perfect.
Heart stopping moment yesterday when GD1 informed me that Daddy had bought a puppy for GD2's birthday, turns out it is a cuddly toy. With two working parents and three holidays a year I had visions of dog sitting in my twilight years.

Anniebach Sat 26-Aug-17 08:37:32

Good morning all

ninathenana Sat 26-Aug-17 08:43:15

Morning all.
Bit of a lay in this morning. Yesterday was a beautiful day in N Kent and today we are told will be the same.
I have nothing planned, H will be taking some exhibits to the allotment show.

Pittcity Sat 26-Aug-17 08:54:00

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Dry and not too hot, just how I like it.
A cuppa and book in the garden type of day!

Smithy Sat 26-Aug-17 09:02:09

Good morning to all from the NE. Its a nice bright morning with watmish day forecast.

Nana3 Sat 26-Aug-17 09:15:22

Good morning, thank you for all your good wishes yesterday, it does help. I'll be sitting with Mum again today, but coming home for a break at lunchtime. The care home staff are marvellous.
The weather is fine in Lancashire and it isn't cold, maybe I'll manage a walk this evening.
Have a good day everyone.