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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 31-Aug-17 06:28:03

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry with sun rising , blue sky but cloudy here in Brackley this morning.

cornergran Thu 31-Aug-17 06:40:06

Morning Mick, Morning All. Rain overnight but looks like a clear sky now. Food shop and recovering from childcare today. Back on duty tomorrow. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

DameJudyClench Thu 31-Aug-17 06:42:14

Good morning Michael

I'm on the coast, and it's supposed to be lovely here today.

Shame I've woken up with an awful cold....confused

kittylester Thu 31-Aug-17 06:43:09

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's bright, drippy and cool in North Leicestershire.

I got home last night at 10pm and I'm now about to go and collect Persie as her mum is having a job interview at 9.30. Persie starts school this afternoon - I wonder if they are ready for the impact! Bertie is always eager to please - his sister is fine so long as you conform to her rules!

Enjoy your days everyone!sunshine

kittylester Thu 31-Aug-17 06:44:23

Morning corner, morning damejudy!

NfkDumpling Thu 31-Aug-17 06:45:24

Morning All

After yesterday's dull chill much needed rain we're back to still sunny weather. A lovely morning here in Norfolk -although distinctly autumnal.

Nothing on the calendar for today - or tomorrow. What shall we do?!

Imperfect27 Thu 31-Aug-17 06:49:49

Good morning. Visiting DS1 in London. Thankful for a clear head this morning as wiped out by a migraine yesterday. Lots of walking ahead of me today ... feeling virtuous already ha ha. Here's to a good day everyone x

ffinnochio Thu 31-Aug-17 07:03:44

Good morning. Refreshingly cooler and sunny.

Tea and cake Thu 31-Aug-17 07:15:48

Good morning everybody

Brrrr, almost cold here! Sun shining but decidedly chilly over this part of Birmingham. Have a good day everyone. Our schools don't go back until next week kittylester , hope it goes well for you all.

Greyduster Thu 31-Aug-17 07:32:36

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A sunny start in South Yorkshire. We are off to Stockport today as DH has an appointment there. It will be a long day. Have a good day, all!

Nana3 Thu 31-Aug-17 07:54:35

Good morning from Lancashire, it's feeling a bit colder today.
I'm preparing myself for a visit to Mum as she's in bed all the time now and not eating, I can't really explain the feeling, it's more than sadness. Looking at her is heartbreaking.
Best wishes to everyone.

Anniepops Thu 31-Aug-17 07:55:54

Good morning from a newbie. Decided to plunge into posting yesterday as I'm laid up with a particularly bad cold and still wanted to feel connected with the world. Bright enough here today and I might even feel like wrapping up later and getting some longed for fresh air. Have a good day all.

Tippy22 Thu 31-Aug-17 07:59:16

Very chilly start here in East Sussex. Hopefully it will warm up later. Enjoy your day everyone.

harrigran Thu 31-Aug-17 08:00:44

Good morning, cool and overcast again. Changeover day for GDs, take eldest home tonight and bring youngest back. School starts on Tuesday at the primary and eldest goes to High school on Wednesday. I have never seen a child so excited about going to school.

Pittcity Thu 31-Aug-17 08:11:29

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Didn't stop raining all day yesterday and it's quite chilly. Feels weird wearing jeans again after such a warm summer!
We have started a second coffee meet up in Colchester on a Thursday so I will pop along there this morning.

Gagagran Thu 31-Aug-17 08:16:40

Good Morning everyone from a lovely sunny morning on the south coast. It was a bit drippy first thing and there were lovely shining jewels on the spiders' webs. beautiful.

It's my birthday today and DH presented me with a lovely bouquet in Tesco as we were shopping. I said "Have you paid for them?" He looked puzzled then said "No - they have to go through the check out" . Not quite the birthday gift then! (He had given me some Jo Malone perfume earlier though!)

Wishing all GNs a happy day sunshine

Tea and cake Thu 31-Aug-17 08:19:41

Happy birthday Gagagran 😃

Anniebach Thu 31-Aug-17 08:34:33

Good morning all

Grannybug Thu 31-Aug-17 09:32:23

Good morning from a bright and sunny (so far) Northamptonshire. Showers expected apparently but hoping they'll stay away until washing is dry. Happy Birthday gagagran . Enjoy Thursday.

whitewave Thu 31-Aug-17 09:50:35

Good morning everyone.

Better day than yesterday! Much brighter and cooler.

Library today. Also, going to start the big autumn cleanup. Taking down the sweet peas which have been wonderful until the last 10days and are now ravaged by mildew so off they go! Then get in and prune the Wolverstone Hall Rose and mulch as the rain has nicely moistened the ground.
Weed as well - that will do for today.

Mushroom, aubergine and potato curry for supper.

Enjoy your birthday gaga
Enjoy your day one and all