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Good Morning Thurday

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12Michael Thu 07-Sep-17 06:18:09

Good Morning Everyone,
Its autumn type weather supposed to have rain as well, off to Somerset later by coach to travel on the West Somerset Railway and Flying Scotsman plus Minehead.

Imperfect27 Thu 07-Sep-17 06:33:14

Enjoy your day Mick, sounds great. Nothing like a steam train for a sense of holiday.

Grey here in N Kent too. Yesterday was the first day for months that I wore a fleece all day and probably needed today too. Welcome autumn!

Booklady54 Thu 07-Sep-17 06:35:13

Good morning Everyone.
I'm new here, quite lonely, and like the idea that there's other people like me out there!
It is looking grey and stormy here in W Dorset so maybe not a day for laundry.....
I'm going to a local auction to see if I can get some stock for my very small second handbook business.
Have a good day everyone.

Nana3 Thu 07-Sep-17 06:39:31

Good morning Mick, hope you enjoy your trip. 'Morning everyone. It's not raining in Lancashire at the moment, it's colder though. Hope you all have a good day.

Nana3 Thu 07-Sep-17 06:45:19

Welcome Booklady54, good luck at the auction.

kittylester Thu 07-Sep-17 06:55:56

Morning all, welcome Booklady.

It's chilly and cloudy in North Leicestershire. Sainsbury's this morning and veg chopping for DS1 this pm.

DH has an appointment at a hearing clinic this afternoon - at last!!

Enjoy your days everyone. sunshine

kittylester Thu 07-Sep-17 06:58:37

Meant to say - enjoy the Flying Scotsman Mick. It comes through our village quite often and I'd love to travel on it. 🚞

Marydoll Thu 07-Sep-17 07:07:05

Good morning all. Welcome Booklady
Enjoy the Fling Scotsman, Mick, we ahd a great trip on it a few months ago.

NannyJan53 Thu 07-Sep-17 07:11:47

Good morning all, and a special welcome to Booklady

Chilly but bright this morning. I am off to the gym at 8.00am!..then back home to make a Lasagne for the freezer.

I had a pair of shoes delivered from Debenhams yesterday ( as delivery was FOC). Size 6, but the left foot was size 5! So now a trip to either exchange or a refund! confused.

Meeting a friend at 5pm though for a chat and meal, after she finishes work! I love this retirement lark!

Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Thu 07-Sep-17 07:13:46

Sorry for the errors. Forgot to preview. I hope you are not having a fling on the FLYING Scotsman,

NfkDumpling Thu 07-Sep-17 07:15:17

Morning All

Wow - the Flying Scotsman! Wonderful train. I tell myself they're just machines, but steam trains are special. Enjoy Mick.

Its as lovely autumn morning here in Norfolk, lovely, still and golden, and the sun is shining.

Early hair appointment and I've decided to be jazzed up a bit with highlights to face the winter. Then off to visit a friend for lunch and call in to see DiL on the way home. A social day ahead.

Greyduster Thu 07-Sep-17 07:24:46

Good morning Michael! The Flying Scotsman!!! envy Last time I saw her she was in bits up at York! Have a super day!
Hazy here in South Yorkshire but the sun is trying hard to break through. Packing today for our holiday tommorrow.
Welcome Booklady! Have a good day all.

ninathenana Thu 07-Sep-17 08:03:18

Morning everyone and welcome Booklady
Sounds like a wonderful day Mick H and I are both envy hope it stays dry.
We're out for breakfast soon H loves a full English it's a treat for someone else to cook it.

Gagagran Thu 07-Sep-17 08:05:55

Morning everyone! Very nice autumnal day here on the south coast. I like the mellow sunshine in September. It never feels as intense as in high summer and soothes rather than burns!

We emptied our patio pots out yesterday as they had gone so very straggly despite intense attention. It feels a bit bare without them.

I am expecting my new glasses today. I get a prescription after an eye test then buy them online. Never had a problem and they are so much cheaper than the high street opticians.

Welcome Booklady and good hunting for your stock!

Happy days everone! sunshine

Imperfect27 Thu 07-Sep-17 08:06:34

Yes, welcome Booklady. Had to look up envy - thought you were saying you and DH are both poorly Ninathenana until you made reference to the 'full English.' grin

Yes, envy the steam train outing too. We went on the Corfe Castle -Swanage railway recently. Lovely!

Anniepops Thu 07-Sep-17 08:15:11

Good morning from a Newbie. Grey here up North, but what the heck, shopping day planned in preparation for a birthday party in Scotland tomorrow. Whatever the weather there's always something to look forward too - I hope!

Gymstagran Thu 07-Sep-17 08:21:09

Real Autumn morning here in West midlands. If it stays dry it will be beautiful. Gym session done. The dreaded c....s lunch to organise. Enjoy your day everyone

Pittcity Thu 07-Sep-17 08:26:36

Good morning from sunny Colchester. A nice autumnal day promised here. Coffee with the ladies this morning as usual.

Sounds like a great day out Mick and welcome Booklady.

JaneD3 Thu 07-Sep-17 08:31:30

Morning everyone! Bright here in Leicester, so far. Still have plenty of ironing to keep me busy!

cornergran Thu 07-Sep-17 08:33:20

Morning All and hello to our new morning people. Grey, damp and horrid in our corner of Somerset, if you are still around mick might be best to bring a raincoat. That railway is super, I know you will have a great day. Lunch out for me today with a GN friend then a quick catch-up with two grandchildren before back for my Sainsbury delivery. Should be a good day. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

harrigran Thu 07-Sep-17 08:36:06

Good morning, overcast and cool.
Appointment to have my shoulder sorted, more than three months of pain and immobility, hopefully will get some answers.
Had a message from GD to say her first day at High school was good and she enjoyed it. Music to my ears as the last year at primary was problematic.

Grannybug Thu 07-Sep-17 09:19:50

Good morning from a sunny Northamptonshire. Hello Booklady and hope the auction proves productive. Enjoy your day Mick .. sounds wonderful. Enjoy Thursday everyone

Mapleleaf Thu 07-Sep-17 09:48:08

Good morning everyone.
Hope you enjoy your train ride Mick, it sounds lovely. Steam trains are special, aren't they?
Welcome * Booklady54* and also to Anniepops.
A cool feel to the morning, but the sun does keep trying to get out. A nice day so far 🙂.