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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 06-Nov-17 06:35:36

Good Morning Everyone,
its twilight ,but its cold and dry here in Brackley this morning.
Curry wise Ok , think I may have over didi on some things though.

kittylester Mon 06-Nov-17 06:42:33

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's perishing in North Leicestershire! Pootling and faffing for me today and trying to be impressed by DH's new sound system.

Hope you can remember how you made the curry Mick so you can tweak the ingredients.

Take care everyone!

Nana3 Mon 06-Nov-17 06:45:42

Good morning Mick and everyone, dry and looking good weather wise in Lancashire, cold though.
Theatre trip for me today.
Hope the day is good for you all.

Tea and cake Mon 06-Nov-17 06:46:30

Good morning*Mick*, Kitty and all to follow.

Frosty and cold here but fortunately pavements are dry and ok.

There are some very good curry mixes out there if you fancy the easy life, just add the sachet to your fried onions etc and away you go! Im not adventurous..

Have a,good day everybody.

Tea and cake Mon 06-Nov-17 06:47:19

Nana3 good morning to you to. You just beat me to it!

Tea and cake Mon 06-Nov-17 06:47:38

Too not to!

MawBroon Mon 06-Nov-17 07:00:07

Brrrrrr - chilly in this corner of N Bucks!
Good morning all, propping my eye lids open as the electrician is due at 8 to replace the halogen lights in the bathrooms with LEDs so I will have to be up soon and help paw downstairs where he can hunker down in his dressing gown.
Oh why did I think this would be a good idea? And why do tradesmen insist on starting at 8?

NfkDumpling Mon 06-Nov-17 07:09:45

Bright, still and very chilly here in Norfolk. Nothing planned for today, but I may, possibly, if the day warms up a bit, do a bit of gardening.

Marydoll Mon 06-Nov-17 07:13:24

Good morning all,
A bit chilly here this morning, too dark to see out.
Off out on the train with toddler granddaughter this morning. She loves trains, buses, helicopters etc. etc. She will be in heaven and it passes what can be a long day, as she no longer naps during the day.
Have a good day all. Maw, good luck with the lights, Kitty, perhaps invest in some ear plugs, if your DH is anything like mine and Nana enjoy the theatre.

ginny Mon 06-Nov-17 07:40:17

Good morning.
Bright and frosty morning here in North Bucks.
Eye test this morning and maybe make a start on some festive shopping. Also hope to book a holiday.

cornergran Mon 06-Nov-17 07:48:32

Morning All. Lovely bright morning in our corner of Somerset. Physio for Mr C then off to a shopping centre in search of a birthday present and card. Always takes me ages to choose the card. With luck your electrician will be on time maw. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

ninathenana Mon 06-Nov-17 08:12:03

Morning everyone.

My phone says it's -1c but I've not been outside. It's blue sky and sunshine though here in Kent.

harrigran Mon 06-Nov-17 08:27:54

Good morning, a bright and frosty -2 here in the north east. Nothing arranged for today so may do some shopping, just wish the GC had written their santa letters.

Pittcity Mon 06-Nov-17 08:28:32

Good morning from a cold sunny Colchester. Clear blue sky...fabulous!
Walking Netball this morning.

Newquay Mon 06-Nov-17 08:35:17

Morning all from a cold and frosty Staffs but a lovely blue sky. I've nearly finished Christmas shopping Ginny-aren't I smug! It's cos next DGS is due in two weeks in Yorkshire so I've HAD to get everything ready early. We've all agreed not to buy adults just children this year too so much easier. A group of friends are donating together what we would have spent on a gift (£5 a head) to a charity this year also.
Have a good day everyone-odd to keep fit this morning.

Mapleleaf Mon 06-Nov-17 08:39:55

Morning everyone,
It's bright and a touch frosty here in South Yorkshire. The air smells smoky after last nights fireworks. I always think that once bonfire night has passed it's C.......s in no time at all 😁.
Hope today is kind to all of you.

Greyduster Mon 06-Nov-17 08:47:19

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Maple has the weather spot on. My sleep pattern tipped on its head again, so dragging my feet today. Mick my currys are never the same two times running - all currys are a work in progress! If you enjoyed eating it that is all that matters 😊! Have a good day, folks!

whitewave Mon 06-Nov-17 08:56:48

Good morning from a sparkling South Downs,

First frost of the year.
Must sort out the greenhouse today.

Irish stew for supper minus dumplings as I haven’t got any gluten free suet. Boo!

Tippy22 Mon 06-Nov-17 09:21:05

Very chilly start here in East Sussex the temperature has actually gone down a couple of degrees since I woke my phone now says it's minus 2 but a beautiful blue sky to compensate. I love days like this crisp and cold just perfect for a lovely walk kicking up the leaves as I go.

kezia Mon 06-Nov-17 09:50:10

Lovely blue sky this morning in Devon. Sorting summer clothes to go in the loft. 13 cardigans?! I think there was a thread about this recently but I never thought I'd be up there with 13 :-)