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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 07-Nov-17 06:31:49

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking grey and dark out assume its foggy outside reason why here in Brackley .

kittylester Tue 07-Nov-17 06:45:56

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's still dark in North Leicestershire but quite chilly. I'm helping on an Alzheimer's Course this morning and the route is notoriously foggy so I hope we don't have any of your fog today, Mick!

Enjoy your days all!

NanKate Tue 07-Nov-17 06:58:16

Morning Mick Kitty and all.

Dry and grey in the Thames Valley.

Well the bed is made up, a small amount of housework done, the fridge is bulging and we are ready for the annual visit from my sister who lives abroad.

She will irritate me, make me laugh, wear me out especially with all the cooking which I will do and hate, but oddly when she is too incapacitated to visit I will miss her. Aren't our relationships with our family members complex?

Sorry didn't mean to go all philosophical.

Enjoy your day.

loopyloo Tue 07-Nov-17 07:13:02

Yes indeed NanKate,
You never said a truer word. Cold and dark in East London but I am going to the allotment today, I am,I am.
With hot soup in a flask and my woolly hat.

ninathenana Tue 07-Nov-17 07:19:55

Morning everyone.

Dark clouds with just a few blue patches in Kent.
S case worker coming at ten, thungs to do before then so need to get a shuffle on.

Gagagran Tue 07-Nov-17 07:20:29

Morning Mick KItty and all GNs!

It is very overcast and damp here on the south coast but not as cold as yesterday. I really don't like November - it is often dull and dank and dark. Depressing.

I am going to do the ironing and make a cake for DH this morning and then must do some more practice for the choir concerts which are now just over 2 weeks away. Yikes!

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

Greyduster Tue 07-Nov-17 07:22:16

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Grey in South Yorkshire but dry and doesn’t look too cold today. Mick, encouraged by your curry post, I decided to try a slow cooker curry, and it was rather good! But I used a mix, so I expect that’s cheating a bit! I usually make them from scratch. I have a pile of ironing to do today; very exciting. Have a good day, folks.

cornergran Tue 07-Nov-17 07:23:14

Morning All. Grey, windy and damp in our corner of Somerset. Not been out to check the temperature. Our turn to make coffee for about 16 people today. It will be noisy! I feel exactly the same about visits from a friend of 50 years nankate. Get very frustrated and exhausted with cooking but would so miss her. Yes, relationships are complex. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

Marydoll Tue 07-Nov-17 07:45:57

Good morning all. Wet and extremely windy here all night, but looks as if it will dry up.
I have a day all to myself, as DH is away till evening. I can't make up my mind what to do, but I will eat what I want for dinner and watch what I want on TV, a rare treat.
Have a good day everyone.

Nana3 Tue 07-Nov-17 07:52:26

Good morning the weather is looking grey in Lancashire.
Hope you all have a good day.

harrigran Tue 07-Nov-17 07:54:33

Good morning, 12 degrees warmer than yesterday and quite windy.
DH has an appointment for fasting blood test first thing and my hairdresser is coming at 10. Nothing lined up for this afternoon but the weather man says rain is on the way.

NfkDumpling Tue 07-Nov-17 08:06:14

Morning All

Overcast here in Norfolk, and warmer than yesterday.

A lot of health related appointments today. Flu jabs, blood tests and such. Then we're out this evening to a friends house for a meal. Must soak in the fruit for making a Christmas cake. I've been saying it for days and not getting around to it.

NannyJan53 Tue 07-Nov-17 08:11:06

Good Morning all

Very damp and grey here this morning.

Of to a GN meet in Shropshire today for lunch, so looking forward to that. Then DD has invited me for dinner tonight, so no cooking at all today smile. Partner is away tonight.

Wishing you all a lovely day.

ginny Tue 07-Nov-17 08:11:19

Good Morning.
North Bucks is dry and chilly at the moment.
Household jobs this morning.
DD3 nd DGS here this afternoon to mix the Christmas puddings.
Workshop at Flower club this evening with DD2.

Tippy22 Tue 07-Nov-17 08:39:28

Rainy and grey here in East Sussex but not as cold as yesterday. Mince pies to make and put in the freezer before DH notices them, we're trying to lose a bit of weight before Christmas. Enjoy your day everyone.

Nelliemoser Tue 07-Nov-17 10:00:04

Good morning all.
Wet and windy in Cheshire.
Now getting out into the garden is not so urgent I should be doing the housework that I have not been attending to.
Will I manage it?