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Good Morning Saturday

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NfkDumpling Sat 18-Nov-17 08:55:23

Morning All

Bright and breezy in Norfolk, a good day for getting the washing dry.

I've cricked my neck and have been having trouble sleeping. Last night was the first good nights sleep I've had for several nights. DH has just appeared. Apparently I pinch all the duvet last night and insisted on sleeping on his side! Ooops!

harrigran Sat 18-Nov-17 08:48:28

Good morning, bright and sunny but quite windy. Usual relaxed Saturday for us.
The trip to the BP clinic was interesting, I was asked if I was working, rode a bicycle, did housework and did the gardening. I told the nurse I did none of the above not even the cooking and now I think I am in trouble for being a lazy whatsit grin

Mapleleaf Sat 18-Nov-17 08:47:59

Good morning everyone.
It's brightened up again since greyduster posted, but not sure if it's meant to last. Feels chilly out there.
Hope you soon feel better NannyJan53. I believe shingles are very painful. You are wise to rest up today and take it easy. flowers.
History group this morning and hairdressers this afternoon for me.
Made the Xmas cake yesterday and it looks ok. It will get its weekly feed of whisky until Xmas!
Have a nice Saturday.

Pittcity Sat 18-Nov-17 08:42:43

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. A lazy weekend here, beginning with a lie in.

NannyJan53 Sat 18-Nov-17 08:36:33

Good Morning all.

Very wet, grey and drizzly here this morning.

Just back from Doctors as I have this itchy red blotches on my face. She said it was Shingles! So waiting for Pharmacy to open to get prescribed tablets and cream. Felt a bit rough this morning, so will be a lazy day for me.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Nana3 Sat 18-Nov-17 08:35:37

Good morning. The day is looking bright in Lancashire. Some of the family are going to the Christmas market but I am saving my energy for an evening out.
It's frightening how time flies Marydoll.
Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Sat 18-Nov-17 08:29:22

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is fairly grey and very cold in South Yorkshire. GS has been here overnight. It has been an absolute joy. We had fun. DD will pick him up later and then I will take myself off to the art show at the Millenium Galleries and DH will resume painting. Each to his own! Have a good day, folks!

ginny Sat 18-Nov-17 08:21:30

Good Morning.
Dry and chilly with a little bit of sun here in North Bucks.
Local shopping ,a little baking this morning. Walk the dogs. MIL here this afternoon.

Marydoll Sat 18-Nov-17 07:54:20

Good morning all , dry , damp in Glasgow.
DGD's birthday today. It only seems like yesterday she was born. A bit of baking and a visit to local Christmas fayre .
Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

Bellasnana Sat 18-Nov-17 07:41:20

Good morning all. Looks like another damp day here.

No plans yet. Still in bed and not feeling much like getting out of it.

Have a good day everyone sunshine

NanKate Sat 18-Nov-17 07:38:29

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

Going to a friend’s 80th birthday lunch today. It only seems like yesterday I was at her 60th.

You made me laugh Nellie. It is a right of passage being sicked and pooed upon 😉

Calm in the Thames Valley, wish I was.

loopyloo Sat 18-Nov-17 07:34:51

Good morning, Mick and everyone. Cloudy here in East London. Seeing grandson this morning for his music lesson. Should be good fun. Might end up having lunch out in Islington.

Yes, hope to get some gardening done this afternoon.

Nelliemoser Sat 18-Nov-17 07:15:06

Good Morning All . I am getting in early this morning. Too early to judge the weather. I am babysitting my two little grandsons tonight and will stay over. Last time the littlest threw up over me and I came home in some of DDs clothes. That's being a grandmother for you

Gagagran Sat 18-Nov-17 07:06:37

Good Morning Mick and everyone!

It's chilly and still dark here on the south coast. We had a glorious sunny day yesterday so fingers crossed for a repeat today.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs. sunshine

kittylester Sat 18-Nov-17 07:04:32

Morning Mick, morning all.

It is also cold and dry in North Leicestershire.

Normal Saturday morning fir me. Papershop and florist in the village with chats and gossip on the way.

We are trying to finish 'putting the garden to bed' today. DH has done sterling work up to now so there isn't much left fir mm E to do - good planning that! grin

Enjoy your Saturdays everyone.sunshine

12Michael Sat 18-Nov-17 06:38:21

Good Morning Everyone,
Its still dark but its dry and cold here in Brackley this morning.