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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 19-Nov-17 06:30:23

Good Morning Everyone,
Its still dark but its dry and cold here in Brackley this morning.

Bellasnana Sun 19-Nov-17 06:43:21

Good morning Mick, and everyone. It looks like a nice day here in Malta, blue skies and the sun is shining.

Hope you all have a good day sunshine

NanKate Sun 19-Nov-17 07:10:55

Good morning Mick Bella and all of us Earlybirds.

It's going to be sunny and cold here in the Thames Valley so we are if to our local NT gardens for a walk and coffee.

Have a good day folks.

NfkDumpling Sun 19-Nov-17 07:20:57

Morning All

Cold bright and clear again in Norfolk with a tinge of pink. I had thought the rain which was apparently soaking the rest of England was going to get to us yesterday but it stayed fine. I wonder if we should look at continental forecasts!

Off to DD2 to give advice on fixing roofs tiles today. A couple have slipped their moorings.

Gagagran Sun 19-Nov-17 07:25:44

Morning everyone!

A lovely clear sky tinged with gold and pink as the sun gets going here on the south coast. Think we may have a better day than yesterday, which was very November-ish.

Nothing exciting planned today but suspect the local branch of the family will turn up at some point. Hope so!

Have a good Sunday everybody sunshine

ginny Sun 19-Nov-17 07:45:28

Good morning all.
Slight frost but a pretty pink sky at the moment in North Bucks.
Fairly quiet today. Walk the dogs and then some craft work or sewing.

Greyduster Sun 19-Nov-17 07:52:40

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Sunny but very cold in South Yorkshire. Extra layers required to watch junior football this morning, then a lazy day I think. Have a good day, folks.

kittylester Sun 19-Nov-17 08:20:28

Morning all from a bright and sunny North Leicestershire. It is very cold though.

First Christmas shopping foray today.shock

Home then for chicken roasted with onions, peppers and new potatoes. Can you guess it's a favourite?

Marydoll Sun 19-Nov-17 08:27:34

Good morning all, very frosty here, with a beautiful pink sky. I'm going to have to scrape the car.sad
Church then DGD's 2nd birthday lunch.
Have a good day all.

loopyloo Sun 19-Nov-17 08:36:44

Good morning all. Yesterday, I was shopping right near St Pauls in the drizzle.
Today looking after the grandchildren in the glorious sunshine. Must put bubble wrap round the outside tap today so it doesn't freeze. The roast chicken sounds lovely.

silverlining48 Sun 19-Nov-17 08:40:46

Good morning all. Its a bright and sunny day here in kent, havnt been outside but it might be chilly.
Its my grandsons 5 th birthday today so are looking forward to tea and cake this afternoon. .
Wishing us all a peaceful day today.

Pittcity Sun 19-Nov-17 08:53:39

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Love a bright, cold day. Out for a walk today and back for roast chicken.

harrigran Sun 19-Nov-17 09:04:47

Good morning, sunny but 0 degrees so quite chilly.
Will visit GC this afternoon, has been a while but hopefully they are over their coughs and colds now.

Nana3 Sun 19-Nov-17 09:53:13

Good morning Mick and everyone, it's a beautiful morning in Lancashire.
Family coming for lunch, I'm baking a cake from a hand written recipe I found in mum's old cook book. She called it 'Brown Cake', it made me smile. It would have been her 94th birthday this week.
Enjoy your walk NanKate it sounds lovely.
Have a good day everyone.

Mapleleaf Sun 19-Nov-17 10:29:45

Good morning,
A beautiful, bright but cold morning here in South Yorkshire.
Another pottering about sort of day today, but popping down to SiL this afternoon for an hour or so.
Your walk sounds lovely, NanKate. These are just the right sorts of days for a walk then coffee - hope you enjoy it.
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday.