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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 01-Dec-17 06:28:36

Good Morning Everyone,
I am still tired but its dry outside but cold here in Brackley , enjoyed Motown yet again this time different angle from the Royal Circle, but funny each show always differs from the previous .

ninathenana Fri 01-Dec-17 06:35:53

Morning Mick and everyone.

The overnight snow we were forecast didn't happen in Kent. It's too dark to say much else.
Food shopping with H this morning and coffee out.
Glad you had a good time Mick interesting that you say each performance is different.

harrigran Fri 01-Dec-17 06:42:49

Good morning Michael and all those to follow. It snowed all day yesterday and throughout the night, it will probably thaw today as it is above freezing.
DIL had problems travelling home from work as they live in a village and the snow ploughs and salting of the roads weren't adequate. They will probably not make it into work today and GD will not get to school.

kittylester Fri 01-Dec-17 06:43:26

Morning Mick, morning all!

Glad you enjoyed the show again Mick, it must be good!

It's perishing again in North Leicestershire.

I have to go to the butcher's this morning then I'm having lunch with DD1. We see each other often, in passing, but try to have time out by ourselves every so often for a proper catch up.

I hope DH has removed the dead mouse from the kitchen floor before I get up!shock

Enjoy your days everyone.

NfkDumpling Fri 01-Dec-17 06:45:35

Morning Mick, Nina and All

In Norfolk it's still dark and starry outside but it just looks wet. No snow. The gritter lorry went past a little while ago though so it must be chilly.

Off to Blickling today to be a 1930's maid. I know my place - and I get to see all the lights too.

NfkDumpling Fri 01-Dec-17 06:46:12

Morning Kitty, Harrigran..

grannyactivist Fri 01-Dec-17 06:47:25

Good morning all.
Very cold here in Devon, but then it is the first day of winter (meteorological calendar).
This evening our little town has a Christmas Late Night Shopping extravaganza. There will be a band, Christmas carollers, children's entertainment and the local shops will be offering free mince pies and mulled wine. The churches combine to put on a live nativity with a visit to Bethlehem to meet Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus (always a real baby) and this year we even have a donkey or two. I do the narration of the Christmas story and we get so many visitors that it's non-stop so I will have no voice left tomorrow. It's a really lovely way to get into the Christmas spirit. smile

Nelliemoser Fri 01-Dec-17 07:15:59

Good Morning all. A light sprinkling of snow here in Cheshire this morning . I must get some Christmas Shopping done . DD has given me lots of ideas for her family . The difficult one to buy for is my DS.

Nelliemoser Fri 01-Dec-17 07:20:10

I have just looked at the weather forecast it might get as warm as 5C today. "Don't shed a clout till May be out. "

Sar53 Fri 01-Dec-17 07:23:23

Good morning everyone. Very cold here in Essex by the sea but no snow. Vertigo is very bad so no lying in bed for me.
Having my hair cut this morning as we are going to a very 'posh' dinner this evening over the bridge into Kent. Staying the night in the hotel where the dinner is being held. Nice to dress up sometimes !!
Have a good day all.

Pittcity Fri 01-Dec-17 07:34:31

Good morning from a wet Colchester. It was snowing when we went to bed but it's turned to rain and is positively balmy at 4 degrees.
Housework and hospital visiting today.

Marydoll Fri 01-Dec-17 07:48:37

Good morning all, heavy frost here, this morning.
Everyone is up early today.
Sitting here painting my nails. I'm going to a Ladies night tonight and won't have time to do it later, as we have shopping and hospital visiting in Glasgow today. I'm usually running out the door with wet nails.
Sar enjoy your "posh" dinner tonight.
Have a good day everyone.

cornergran Fri 01-Dec-17 07:58:43

Morning All. Still flipping cold but we’re snow-less so no transport problems. Day out yesterday and a late night so a quiet one today. That sounds a wonderful event ga. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

Bellasnana Fri 01-Dec-17 08:14:18

Good morning all. It has rained this morning which was inevitable since I had my car cleaned yesterday angry

It is supposed to be cold in Malta today, nothing like as cold as the UK, but our homes are not centrally heated here so it can feel colder inside than out!

Can't believe it is Friday again, and a new month as well. This year has flown.

Hope you all have a good day sunshine

ginny Fri 01-Dec-17 08:19:32

Good morning.
Slight frost and breeze but clear sky over N. Bucks .
Slimming world this morning. Some gifts to order online.
Out with DD3 and DGS to choose their Christmas tree this afternoon.
Going to see ‘Sunset Boulevard ‘ at the theatre this evening.
Keep warm !

kittylester Fri 01-Dec-17 08:20:23

I miss PRINTMISS when it's the first of the month. I hope she and her husband and son are ok!

Greenfinch Fri 01-Dec-17 08:31:34

I have been thinking about her too and was wondering if she had changed her name but I don't recognise her in any of the posters. Hope she is O K too.

Greyduster Fri 01-Dec-17 08:37:36

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Glad you enjoyed ‘Motown’ Mick!
Late, me, this morning. The sun is out in South Yorkshire, and there is frost, but the forecast snow has not materialised. Library and baking for me today. And I may write some Christmas cards! Have a good day, folks!

annsixty Fri 01-Dec-17 08:52:58

Good morning all.
I too miss PRINTMISS, she is one who is near to me in age.
Last month I PMd her and although it"went" I didn't hear from her.
I wish her the very best.
No frost here in Stockport. Quite a clear sky.
Today I must chase up my prize from GN ( flowers ) which were supposed to be delivered by Yodel yesterday and weren't !!

Mapleleaf Fri 01-Dec-17 09:08:06

Good morning on this cold, but bright December morning.
We had lots of snow flurries through the day and into the night yesterday, but there is no sign of snow today, although it does look very cold.
I am going to put out my advent candle display this morning, then get on with a few chores.
Those of you going out this evening, enjoy yourselves.
Glad you had a nice time, Mick at the Motown concert.

IngeJones Fri 01-Dec-17 11:21:25

I haven't felt warm in my own home for over a week now. All the convector heaters etc that have worked great in past winters don't seem to be making a dent in the deep cold this year. Sitting here with two layers of fleece, a fleece blanket over my legs and my feet stuffed into one of those electric foot muffs and I still shiver.