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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 11-Dec-17 06:38:02

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , with settled snow on the ground here in Brackley.
Hopefully with a bit of luck my coach trip will go today , to Harrogate for the Turkey & Tinsel.
I am dreading a phone call saying its cancelled???

ninathenana Mon 11-Dec-17 06:50:39

Morning Mick and everyone.

Raining and windy in Kent. A few flurries of snow yesterday but it didn't settle.
Out to buy the last two pressies today.
I hope your trip goes ahead Mick

cornergran Mon 11-Dec-17 06:57:32

Morning Mick, Morning Nina Morning All. Hope your trip goes ahead Mick, but better to be safe. Very windy again in our corner of Somerset. Little snow but it’s jolly cold and icy outside. Will check the roads before venturing out today, no grit on local roads. We had hoped for an NT visit, Christmas trip, they had more snow yesterday so plan to phone them first. Otherwise not sure what the day will bring. Stay warm and well everyone.

NfkDumpling Mon 11-Dec-17 06:59:13

Morning All

Hopefully there's not too much snow in Harrogate so your trip can go ahead Mick. The eastern side of the country seems to have got off light, we've only had rain in north Norfolk. Quite a bit of rain - the fields are very soggy - and temperatures have stayed above freezing the last couple of days and no frost forecast.

A bit of light cooking for me today for the local Wildlife Society's party tonight.

kittylester Mon 11-Dec-17 07:16:42

Good morning all!

It's very cold and icy in north Leicestershire. I have lots of bits and bobs to sort out today but, first, I have to go to the chemist and get something for my sore and itchy eyes.

I hope your trip goes ahead, Mick.

Pittcity Mon 11-Dec-17 07:49:12

Good morning from a thawing Colchester. The snow is still lying but is slowly thawing although it is forecast to freeze later. Ice is today's hazard. Walking Netball Christmas game followed by a pub lunch if we can get there.

harrigran Mon 11-Dec-17 08:10:55

Good morning from a north east blanketed in snow and -7 at present. The metro is not running but I think the buses are.
I am not leaving the house today.

Greyduster Mon 11-Dec-17 08:12:43

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Hope your trip goes ahead, Mick. I don’t think that end of our county fared too badly weatherwise. It is absolutely nitherin’ in South Yorkshire. The heating came on by itself early this morning and the roads are sheets of ice. It is set to be even colder tonight. No idea what we are doing today; I only know I really don’t want to go out! Keep warm, folks.

NannyJan53 Mon 11-Dec-17 08:19:59

Good Morning from Winterwonderland !

Snow and ice this morning so not a good combination.

Partner working from home today, so he doesn't have to venture out in it

Looks like a day inside and keeping warm, and doing the dreaded ironing!

Have a good day everyone.

Gagagran Mon 11-Dec-17 08:24:57

Morning everyone! Dark, windy and very wet - and cold- here on the south coast. Definitely not venturing out today!
Might marzipan the cake - feels like that sort of task might suit me today!

Keep warm and keep safe if you are out and about everyone. Hope you get your Harrogate trip Mick and that you get something to soothe your eyes Kitty.

Hope it's a good day for all. sunshine

Sar53 Mon 11-Dec-17 08:28:08

Good morning all . Very wet and windy in Essex by the sea. Need to do a little food shopping this morning and at step DGD'S Nativity this afternoon.
My DGD'S school in the Midlands is shut today, no peace for DD1 !!!
Have a good day everyone and stay safe.

silverlining48 Mon 11-Dec-17 08:32:40

God morning everyone. Its grey and miserable here this morning. All vestige of snow has disappeared thank goodness.
We were going to aldi but on looking at the diary found we are due to go for our walkers’ Christmas meal. HD clean forhotten. So aldi tomorrow, need to get out the glad rags for today.
Wishing you all a good day.

Tippy22 Mon 11-Dec-17 08:49:51

Good morning from a very wet windy and cold East Sussex but fortunately no snow yet, could it please wait until DD baby arrives in hopefully 2 weeks. Enjoy your day everyone.

Nelliemoser Mon 11-Dec-17 09:03:43

Good morning all Minus 5C in rural Cheshire. Bright skies though.
My snowy sedums
and next doors Oak Tree

Nana3 Mon 11-Dec-17 09:25:34

Good morning, it's frosty in Lancashire. Hope your trip goes ahead Mick, and that you get something for your sore eyes Kitty.
I'm making a cake this morning and going to a carol service this evening.
Have a good day everyone.

whitewave Mon 11-Dec-17 09:30:29

Morning all

Ghastly day on South Downs. Blowing a gale and pouring with rain and about 3c.

Nothing but housework planned and finish DDs Christmas card and start on DSs.

Smoked haddock with fried rice and peas for supper.

MawBroon Mon 11-Dec-17 09:35:12

Good morning !
After yesterday’s enforced hibernation when even Hattie needed to be encouraged to go for a walk, it looks as if the snow could be starting to turn to rain so at least the roads will be clearing.
Yes it looked lovely and Christmassy but oh my goodness how everything seemed to grind to a halt.
Plus I found that my trusty (mumble mumble how many years old) Hunter wellies have actually got no tread left on the soles. Might need a new pair.....
🎅🏻 Santa baby??

Mapleleaf Mon 11-Dec-17 09:47:39

Good morning.
Very cold and icy here today, but at least the snow didn't amount to much and has mostly disappeared. What bit remains is frozen.
Hope you get to Harrogate, Mick. The worst of the snow seems to have been around the Midlands.