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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 04-Feb-18 06:46:53

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry but cold out by the looks of things , the coming week looks cold as well.

Marydoll Sun 04-Feb-18 06:59:53

Good morning Mick and all to follow.
Very cold here and a light covering of snow on the grass.
Hopefully an easy day, reading the papers and pottering about. A very busy week ahead.
I can't sleep, so off to do a little baking.
Have a good Sunday, everyone.

ninathenana Sun 04-Feb-18 07:03:15

Morning Mick and everyone.

It's just begining to get light here in Kent. So all I can say is it's dry.
All sorts going on here family wise and it will be an interesting day but it's not a crisis thank heavens.
Enjoy whatever your doing

ninathenana Sun 04-Feb-18 07:03:38

Morning Mary

Gagagran Sun 04-Feb-18 07:10:57

Morning Mick, Mary, *Nina and all!

It feels cold again but is dry and just beginning to get light here on the south coast.

A quiet day planned unless fate decides otherwise of course. Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

NanKate Sun 04-Feb-18 07:30:05

Morning Mick and All.

Cloudy and cold today.

Just recovered from meeting up with the GSs yesterday and playing football with them in the freezing cold rain. They were in good form and didn’t seem to notice the conditions. The just 5 year old invited us to a sleepover next weekend 😄 how lovely.

I want to do very little today. Enjoy your day folks whatever you are up to.

NfkDumpling Sun 04-Feb-18 07:30:24

Morning All

I don't think the weather has decided what to do yet. Just had a heavy shower and now the sun is showing in the east but another big black cloud is looming from the west. Perhaps it'll dry up shortly. We seem to get Mick's weather half a day later!

Nothing planned, but I do have a library book to finish.

Greyduster Sun 04-Feb-18 07:46:38

Good morning Michael, and all GNs. Not quite light in South Yorkshire, but looks grey and cold. It is the first junior football game of the new season and we are pledged to go and see it, so lots of layers today, I think. A family lunch with roast pork later, and a steamed treacle sponge. Have a good day, one and all.

appygran Sun 04-Feb-18 07:46:43

Good morning all. Dry but cold here in Chester. Gardening this morning followed by lunch with son and family. Have a good day.

kittylester Sun 04-Feb-18 08:01:34

Morning all.

North Leicestershire is cold but dry so far. Not a lot to do today except prepare (and eat!) roast chicken.

Hope you have a good day nina! And everyone else of course.

Bellasnana Sun 04-Feb-18 08:02:27

Good morning all. It drizzled most of yesterday but not a good downpour. Today looks dry but dull.

I’m still in bed and am in no hurry to face the day. Meeting DD3 later on which will be lovely.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone sunshine

mollie Sun 04-Feb-18 08:23:38

Morning Mick and all. It’s blooming cold here. I thought it was nice and bright but I looked out a different window and it was raining!

I’m planning to have a cooking and baking day with a break to watch the Six Nations this afternoon.

Have a good one everybody.

Anniebach Sun 04-Feb-18 08:52:51

Good morning all

silverlining48 Sun 04-Feb-18 09:11:37

Good morning everyone. A lovely sunny day, blue skies and a few puffy whites but expect nonethekess that its cold outside.
We have just about finished decorating our living room and have to say that it looks very nice. A final trip to ikea tomorrow for a billy with a glass door bookcase, and all will be complete.
Have a good day all and take care.

cornergran Sun 04-Feb-18 09:13:31

Morning All. Chilly and bright in our corner of Somerset. Out for a walk before roast beef and steamed pudding. One gluten free, one not. Decorating begins tomorrow so making the most of a paint feee day. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.