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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 10-Feb-18 06:39:36

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its cold and frosty here in Brackley this morning , usual Saturday out .

NanKate Sat 10-Feb-18 07:18:12

Morning Mick hope your new TV is a success.

Cold and clear here in S Bucks.

Off to be with our DS and two GSs for two sleepovers as they call it now. Taking spag Bol and garlic bread as requested by the boys.

Have a good weekend folks.

MawBroon Sat 10-Feb-18 07:27:05

Good morning from a bitterly cold corner of N Bucks.
The sky is aflame in every direction casting a salmon pink glow over everything. Stunning - but bodes ill shock
I am off to Birmingham to see Matthew Bourne’s “Cinderella” at the Hippodrome with DD and DGS, which I have been looking forward to.
Wishing you all a pleasant day and weekend.

Gagagran Sat 10-Feb-18 07:34:51

Morning all! I have been battening down the hatches as we are promised gales from midday here on the south coast, Hey ho!

Nothing exciting on today's agenda (apart from the gales) but have some desk work to do and the usual chores.

Hope you enjoy Cinderella Maw and the boys enjoy their Italian feast NanKate.

Have a good day everyone. sunshine

Pittcity Sat 10-Feb-18 07:52:16

Good morning from a sunny, frosty Colchester.
No firm plans except hospital visiting to gravely ill MIL.

Greyduster Sat 10-Feb-18 07:53:54

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Maw you have described our sunrise here in a very cold South Yorkshire to a T; hope you enjoy Cinderella. NanKate hope you and the boys enjoy your lovely lunch! DH and DS are off to football later this morning and I have to put the finishing touches to GS’s cake ready for his party later this afternoon! Happy Saturday, folks!

Greyduster Sat 10-Feb-18 07:54:21

Pitt 💐💐

Marydoll Sat 10-Feb-18 07:57:52

Good morning all from a very wet and wild day here in Glasgow.
I hope all of you here , who are spending time with their grandchildren have a lovely day.
I hope it's a good day for all. DD has a ferry trip to the isles today, I'll be keeping an eye on the weather.

kittylester Sat 10-Feb-18 08:05:42

Good morning all!

It's very cold but dry in North Leicestershire. We had the fabulous sky for a while but it's gone now - don't know if that is good or bad?

I'm still in bed but really should get going. DD2 and 2 x dgds are arriving for a few days. Full on but fun.

I hope you've got to grips with your TV Mick.

Enjoy the sleepover Kate and hope you feel better gd.

Pitt flowers

ginny Sat 10-Feb-18 08:15:36

Good morning.
Cold and frosty in N. Bucks, just as Maw said. ( Hope you enjoy the ballet ).
Got to finish of a birthday cake for DH and MIL. All the family are out for dinner this evening to celebrate.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Nelliemoser Sat 10-Feb-18 08:27:51

Good morning All A very wet day outside in Cheshire.
Actual temp 3C
Real Feel minus 3 C
Humidity 86%
I think the answer is to crawl back under the duvet.
Have a good day.

cornergran Sat 10-Feb-18 08:39:30

Morning All from a very damp and grumpy corner of Somerset. Came very close to being involved in a serious rta yesterday, the what might have been impeded sleep. Daft I know. Good luck with the cake greyd, hope those visiting or expecting visitors enjoy their days. Take care pitt flowers. Stay warm and well everyone.

Tippy22 Sat 10-Feb-18 08:55:05

Good morning everyone from a beautifully sunny but chilly East Sussex. I think I need to lie down in a darkened room having spent the last couple of days looking after a 2 month old and a 2 year old. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

harrigran Sat 10-Feb-18 09:10:23

Good morning from a very windy north east. It is 4 degrees but with wind chill feels like -4.
Still in bed, had a very poor night, extreme stomach pain caused me a disturbed night. Brain runs riot in the wee hours when only you are awake.
Sister has invited us for coffee and cake this afternoon so I will have a quiet day until then.

Anniebach Sat 10-Feb-18 09:12:35

Good morning all, forecast was rain today, still in bed so no idea if it has started yet.

mollie Sat 10-Feb-18 09:19:35

Morning Mick and all

Outside it’s cold and cloudy but inside it’s toasty. We’ve lit a fire, have mugs of steaming coffee and plates of yummy bacon butties and are watching catch up of the overnight Winter Olympics. I even managed an extra hour under the duvet so it’s thumbs up from me!

Have a lovely day!

Nana3 Sat 10-Feb-18 09:51:13

Good morning, it's raining in Lancashire. Poor night for me, going to watch the Olympics and have a restful day before going out for dinner.
Hope you feel better now harri
Have a good day everyone.

NfkDumpling Sat 10-Feb-18 10:22:41

Morning All

Woke at 5.30 as visiting GDog wanted to go out and then fell asleep in the bath. Luckily it’s a narrow bath and I’m rather large so no danger of drowning!

It’s clouding over fast here with heavy rain forecast for this afternoon (the last lot hasn’t drained away yet) so I need to get out and take dog around the block while its dryish. Must stir myself.

Pitt and Harri flowers flowers and (((hugs)))

Bellasnana Sat 10-Feb-18 10:48:08

Good morning all. The weather in Malta today is dreadful. Howling gales and non-stop heavy rain which has been forced under my front door by the wind, causing me to be met with a flood when I got up.

It’s a public holiday here, St. Paul’s Shipwreck. I can well believe he was shipwrecked if the weather was anything like it is today grin

It is also Carnival weekend so I’m feeling very sorry for all the enthusiasts who have been working so hard on colourful floats and costumes. Hoping it might brighten up later.

Hope you all enjoy your various activities today.sunshine

appygran Sat 10-Feb-18 11:16:50

Good morning all from a wet and windy Chester. Ashamed to admit I am still in bed with my second mug of coffee. I need to get moving now before daughter and grandaughter arrive and find me still under the duvet. Have a good day whatever you are doing.