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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 16-Feb-18 06:33:59

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but it looks cold and dry here in Brackley this morning.
signs of a frost.

cornergran Fri 16-Feb-18 06:37:56

Morning Mick. Morning All. Been awake since 4.30 so not a happy bunny. It’s jolly cold, very dark but seems dry outside which is a blessing in our corner of Somerset. Busy day ahead here, hope Friday is kind to everyone.

ninathenana Fri 16-Feb-18 06:55:58

Morning Mick corner and everyone.
I was surprised how light it was when I got up at 6.40 corner what a difference from S.E. to S.W. it's dry and very still, looks quiet promising.

Up and at 'em today as the man coming to connect us to fiber could be here anytime from 08.00-13.00.

Gagagran Fri 16-Feb-18 07:07:52

Good Morning Mick Corner Nina and all who follow.

It's a clear sky here on the south coast and we ar romised some sunshine - hurrah! Still coolish but it is February after all.

It's the AGM of the U3A group this morning but with wine and nibbles afterwards as an enticement to attend. Nothing else much planned but DH is keen for an outing so we might go for a coastal walk if it stays nice weather.

Enjoy your days everyone. sunshine

Gagagran Fri 16-Feb-18 07:08:51

Edit button needed - "are promised"

cornergran Fri 16-Feb-18 07:13:06

Hope your fibre connection is as promised nina, we’ve been struggling with ours since installation. Third engineer due today. hmm.

NanKate Fri 16-Feb-18 07:15:02

Morning Mick and All.

Clear and cold here in S Bucks.

A coastal walk sounds lovely Gaga we have the Thames to stroll by in my town, but nothing beats an envigorating walk by the sea IMO.

A bit of shopping planned and a session watching the tennis from Rotterdam today.

kittylester Fri 16-Feb-18 07:28:29

Morning all from North Leicestershire where it is cold and clear.

Pootling and faffing for me this morning and then we are going to see The Greatest Showman this afternoon.

We have had fibre for about 3 years and find it very good. The 'box' we are connected to is about 100yds away which we were told was 'a good thing'!

mollie Fri 16-Feb-18 07:29:40

Morning Mick and all

Dry, bright and frosty here in west Norfolk. No particular plans for today but TGIF.

Have a good one everybody.

harrigran Fri 16-Feb-18 07:43:35

Good morning, cool and dry here. Have to wait for a delivery then we will do some shopping.
Enjoy the film kitty, I do like Hugh Jackman.

NannyJan53 Fri 16-Feb-18 07:44:24

Good Morning all

Dry, bright and frosty here in the Black Country.

Today is gym, then take my 'Older Persons Concessionary Travel Pass Application, to Age UK. From March 6th I can make bus journeys for free smile. Also Train travel in West Midlands.

I didn't make my walk yesterday, as on the way I had to stop to avoid a car coming head on at me (he/she decided to overtake a bin lorry) and consequently the car behind hit me!. No one was hurt and hopefully not too much damage to car, just a big crack on the back.

We are going out for our Valentines meal tonight, so frugal February is put on hold!

Have a good day everyone.

Nana3 Fri 16-Feb-18 07:54:26

Good morning, the weather forecast is good for Lancashire. Having a stroll and lunch with a friend.
Sorry about your accident Nanny Jan.
Have a good day everyone.

Greyduster Fri 16-Feb-18 08:04:26

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is shining in South Yorkshire but it is very cold. Must do some food shopping today. I have a GP appointment this afternoon. Have a good day, folks.

Pittcity Fri 16-Feb-18 08:09:26

Good morning from sunny but cold Colchester. Shopping, ironing and hospital visiting today.

ginny Fri 16-Feb-18 08:10:55

Good morning.
Cold, frosty but sunny here in N. Bucks.
SW this morning. Afternoon tea for MILs Birthday.
Kitty, enjoy the film. It’s good and worth going just to look at Hugh Jackman for an hour or so !

oldgoat Fri 16-Feb-18 08:11:25

Morning all. Cold and bright here in York.
Hope the GP appointment goes well greyduster

Off to take the dog to the vets this morning for his worming pills then a walk along the river to our favourite café for bacon sandwiches.

Bellasnana Fri 16-Feb-18 08:19:13

Morning all. Blue sky in Malta but cold.

I’ve got errands to run today, must be careful not to lock myself out like I did yesterday. What a day I had. One feels very vulnerable out in the cold with nothing but the clothes on your back. Thank goodness I wasn’t still in my pj’s grin

Very sorry to hear you had a crash, NannyJan. It’s good you weren’t hurt, but still something you could have done without.

kitty, enjoy the film. I absolutely loved it. I agree, Hugh Jackman is very easy on the eye wink

Hope you all have a good day whatever you are doing sunshine

Anniebach Fri 16-Feb-18 08:56:54

Good morning all , think a dry day here in Mid Wales

Mapleleaf Fri 16-Feb-18 09:23:52

Good morning, all.
Bright, sunny and cold here. It's lively to see blue sky.
Sorry to hear about your car accident NannyJan. Glad you are ok.
Hope all goes well with the GP appointment greyduster.
Extractor fan behaved itself last night, I'm pleased to say!
Enjoy your day, everyone.

Mapleleaf Fri 16-Feb-18 09:24:17

Lovely, not lively!

NannyJan53 Fri 16-Feb-18 12:18:14

Thanks all, its just the inconvenience of it all, just because someone was to impatient to wait a few seconds! Garage cannot collect car until Monday 26th for repairs.