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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 17-Feb-18 06:39:41

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, or just twilight here in Brackley , no sign of frost either as well.
Could be a nice day.

Gagagran Sat 17-Feb-18 06:57:48

Morning Mick and all who follow!

It's coming light here on the south coast and we are promised a very nice day so must get myself into gear and into the garden later.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs. sunshine

Bellasnana Sat 17-Feb-18 07:07:14

Good morning everyone. Just checked outside and it seems to be promising. Yesterday turned out very sunny after a cloudy start.

I’m all of a dither as I need to concentrate on finishing my packing (off to visit my two DD’s and DGD in the US tomorrow).

Dog has to be taken to kennels, which I dread sad
Times like these make me miss my DH even more as he was the rock on whom I depended. It does not get any easier, but life has to go on.

Wishing you all a good day sunshine

Cuchulainn Sat 17-Feb-18 07:16:51

Morning all, been up since 4.00am with my grandson... he is now fast asleep on the couch 😊.. looks like it will be a nice day here in Milton Keynes. Off to Rugbytots at 8.15 then taking the pooch to the vet for her annual check up. Have a great day everyone.

NanKate Sat 17-Feb-18 07:20:05

Dear Mick Gaga and Bella

Clear but cold in the south east today.

Off to Windsor today for a bit of shopping and a toasted sandwich - I know how to live 😄

Getting read to go on holiday is often a struggle bella but remember your lovely GD will be waiting for you and that will make it all worthwhile. Have a safe and happy trip.

NanKate Sat 17-Feb-18 07:21:21

You must be exhausted Cuch 4.00am 😲

NanKate Sat 17-Feb-18 07:22:03

Ready not read !

Nana3 Sat 17-Feb-18 07:36:29

Good morning, the weather is damp but not my spirits as I'm going for afternoon tea with DD, a very rare time alone with her.
Bon Voyage Bella, have a wonderful time.
Have a good day everyone.

ninathenana Sat 17-Feb-18 07:42:00

Morning all.

A low mist over the marshes greeted me when I opened the bedroom curtains here in Kent, a slight frost on the lawn too.
D visiting today, the mission, to bake her cookies so they turn out chewy not like shortbread smile

ginny Sat 17-Feb-18 07:42:30

Good morning.
Dull with a tiny touch of frost in N. Bucks.
A quick trip for some food shopping and looking after DDs dogs for the day.
Have a lovely holiday Bellasnana.

kittylester Sat 17-Feb-18 07:57:28

Morning all from North Leicestershire where it is a bright and calm.

Not a lot on in the Lester household just a wander to the village to buy some flowers.

Have a super time with your girls, Bella!

Is a phone call on the cards nina?

cornergran Sat 17-Feb-18 08:16:00

Morning All. Low cloud but at least it’s dry in our corner of Somerset. Hoping for enough brightness to tempt us out for some air. Bit of tidying and I suspect far too much time with a jigsaw. Mr C is the enthusiast, I offer ‘helpful’ suggestions grin. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

Greyduster Sat 17-Feb-18 08:30:47

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Dull but dry in South Yorkshire. Not much planned today except maybe a trip to town to look for some new curtains, but it doesn’t have much appeal at the moment. Have a happy time, Bella! Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

Tippy22 Sat 17-Feb-18 08:34:37

Good morning everyone. Beautifully sunny but chilly start here in East Sussex. If only i could hear properly I would feel so much better and wanting to do more than just lounge on the sofa. This flu virus just won't let go. Enjoy your weekend everybody.

Nelliemoser Sat 17-Feb-18 08:35:23

Good morning all. I am still feeling lurgyish but no worse. coughing makes lots of muscles ache.

Anniebach Sat 17-Feb-18 08:36:55

Good morning all, rain forecast for Mid Wales today,

harrigran Sat 17-Feb-18 08:55:57

Good morning, dry but not too cold here.
Collecting GD this afternoon and she will stay until Monday evening. Never a dull moment with GC in the house.

Pittcity Sat 17-Feb-18 08:58:17

Good morning from a chilly Colchester. Sun peeping out from behind wispy white clouds and due to warm up.
MIL has been moved back to her care home so we are visiting there and otherwise have a quiet weekend planned.

mollie Sat 17-Feb-18 09:31:34

Morning Mick and all

I’m bringing up the rear this morning, having a very slow start. So far it’s dry, mild and there’s a fair bit of blue amongst the cloud. Hopeful. No plans as such, a suck it and see day...

Am I the only person who reads all these messages from general areas (south Yorks, Kent, north Bucks) who wonders where exactly? I’m such a nosey bird! Lol! No, don’t tell me, leave me guessing!

Have a good one everybody.