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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 19-Feb-18 06:35:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its also wet maybe been frost overnight , job to say what the will bring in Brackley at the moment.

kittylester Mon 19-Feb-18 06:44:37

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's not cold in North Leicestershire but that's about all I can tell at the moment.

A pootling and faffing day fir me. The pile on my desk it teetering so I'd better start there, I think.

Enjoy your Mondays everyone!

Baggs Mon 19-Feb-18 06:51:34

Morning Mick, Kitty, and All! I think I won't need my torch walking down the hill in a few minutes for my bus. The light cometh!

NfkDumpling Mon 19-Feb-18 06:52:24

Morning Mick, Kitty, All

After a few wonder sunny days, it's raining. It's our fault, DH gave the car its annual clean yesterday. Still only ironing lined up for today. Perhaps I should face the heap of paper accumulating upstairs as well Kitty. Perhaps.

NfkDumpling Mon 19-Feb-18 06:53:24

Morning Baggs

cornergran Mon 19-Feb-18 07:39:45

Morning All. Grey, low cloud in our corner of Somerset. It’s not raining - yet. Not much energy so suspect today’s tasks will be sitting down. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

ginny Mon 19-Feb-18 07:47:38

Good morning . N. Bucks is dull and damp.
Household jobs this morning.

mollie Mon 19-Feb-18 07:57:32

Morning Mick and all

Wet here in another corner of Norfolk. I’m off to do some shopping later - the fridge is empty - but that’s the extent of my planning.

Have a good one everybody, sand don’t go mad with the weights Mick.

Greyduster Mon 19-Feb-18 08:01:35

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Wet and dreary today in South Yorkshire. GS has been here overnight. We are off to the cinema this afternoon to see the new Ardman film, Early Man. We don’t get to take him to the cinema very often so I hope it will be fun. Have a good day, folks.

harrigran Mon 19-Feb-18 08:26:35

Good morning, grey and damp but 7 degrees.
Had a very interesting day with GD yesterday, finished the evening by watching Heidi starring Max Von Sydow as grandfather. GD then listened to the story on audio disc in bed, she never seems to tire of it.

MawBroon Mon 19-Feb-18 08:28:39

Good morning all.
As Ginny says, damp, dreary and dark in N Bucks.
Still laid low so not much incentive to get out either!

Pittcity Mon 19-Feb-18 08:28:40

Good morning from rainy Colchester. Had sun all weekend so can't be greedy.
Walking Netball this morning.

NannyJan53 Mon 19-Feb-18 08:28:46

Good Morning all

Mild but rainy this morning. NfkDumpling had to chuckle about your DH giving car it's annual clean. Our next door neighbour cleans both cars every weekend without fail! Puts' us to shame, but it is a bit over the top.

Today I have a U3A meeting. It is the canal group which sounds interesting, there is a speak today it's a talk by a Social Historian on Canal Life. Lots of canals here in Black Country and Birmingham.

Have a good day all.

Marydoll Mon 19-Feb-18 08:36:07

Good morning all,
Damp and miserable here in Glasgow, although I do see something bright behind the clouds.
A catching up day today, alterations to do, which have been lying for weeks. I have to alter everything as I'm so small.
Have a good day everyone.

ninathenana Mon 19-Feb-18 09:01:29

Morning all

Got up at 5 am and fell asleep in the chair, have only just looked at my phone.
It's drizzling in Kent. We're taking DS to see Black Panther this afternoon and will have a pootle round Bluewater whilst there.

Gagagran Mon 19-Feb-18 09:59:01

Good morning ( albeit a late one) from a damp and misty south coast.

I've been busy arranging flights to my big brother's 80th birthday party on the Isle of Man. Originally I wasn't going to go but just decided, this weekend, that we need to make the most of these family celebrations while we are still here to do so! The last get together was my BiL's funeral last August and we all said then that it was such a shame that we only saw each other at funerals these days. So I have girded my loins (!) and am going to go. DH has a prior engagement on the dates in question so I will be solo.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs. sunshine

appygran Mon 19-Feb-18 10:46:31

Good morning all. Drizzling here in Chester. Interested in your talk on canal history nannyjan it's something I mean to look at sometime because apparently my paternal grandparents family originated from boat people. Quiet day for me today. Enjoy your day everyone.

Bellasnana Mon 19-Feb-18 13:24:04

I’m late to the party today. It is 8.18 here and a beautiful, warm sunny day here in south Florida.

Good morning/afternoon from this very happy nana.
Just been with DD2 to take DGD to school. A very big police presence at the school due to the recent shootings not far from here. Awful.

Hope you are all having a good day and that those of you who are feeling under the weather will soon be on the mend. sunshine