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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 03-Mar-18 06:34:42

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight , snow on the ground but misty foggy as well so the temperature's have gone up slightly.
Be nice to get out? roads and buses permitting here in Brackley.

whitewave Sat 03-Mar-18 06:44:01

Good morning Mick and everyone.

We are expecting a tropical 6c today so hopefully all the snow will be gone.

Back a bit better - at least I could lift the kettle to make a cup of tea - getting up and down still dicey though.
Not doing much today - still resting - might paint my nails and plan a holiday smile

Enjoy the big melt if it is happening near you and now hopefully spring will really begin to start up

cornergran Sat 03-Mar-18 06:44:10

Morning Mick. Morning All. Wide awake unreasonably early. Looks as if we had more snow overnight, certainly very icy in our corner of Somerset. Seem to have had a fox visitor from the prints. No buses here yesterday. Hope to get out for a while today, on with the snow boots and see how far we get. Stay warm and safe everyone.

cornergran Sat 03-Mar-18 06:45:37

Morning whitewave, positively warm where you are smile. Careful with your back.

NfkDumpling Sat 03-Mar-18 06:57:03

Morning All

We got back yesterday from a birding break we won in Estonia. Minus 29 there!! Tallinn was lovely in the snow and not too crowded with tourists. Certainly a good time of year to visit. The down side was the three day unplanned stop over in Amsterdam airport!!

Catching up today with washing all the big jumpers and padded trousers and thermal underwear we took with us.

Gagagran Sat 03-Mar-18 06:58:03

Good Morning everyone!

There is still frozen snow on the car windscreens, pavements and gardens here on the south coast but it is supposed to gradually thaw today. It's not tempting me to venture outdoors yet so thankfully I have library books and TV recordings to keep me occupied. Prefer to keep warm and safe!

Hope all the poorly GNs are feeling a bit better and those struggling with difficulties have an easier day. This weather certainly doesn't help. sunshine

Marydoll Sat 03-Mar-18 07:20:34

Good morning everyone.

We are off to my nephew's wedding today, at the mercy of the snow. Half the guests are stranded down south.
My darling 2 year old granddaughter was to be flower girl, but she has developed asthma and has been very unwell over the last few days, so won't be attending.
I spent yesterday trying to persuade her to take her disgusting steroids and inhalers. She is a poor wee thing. We are so worried.
I hope those stuck in over the last few days manage to get out for provisions.
That's my task first thing. My husband no longer mocks me for filling the freezer in case of a seige. It was a great way to make space in the freezer. smile
Have a good day all.

Oopsadaisy12 Sat 03-Mar-18 07:30:21

Morning everybody, zero degrees this morning , so the snow is on it’s way out. DH cancelled his trip to London to look at a car on Thursday, we cancelled our trip to the Sojth yesterday to visit my MIL, and our booking to a show this evening has been cancelled!
We are going away mid week, so I need to sort out summer clothes in case they need a wash or freshen up. Brrrr. Not really in the mood.
I’m determined to go out today though, anywhere will do.
Hope everone else stays safe

Oopsadaisy12 Sat 03-Mar-18 07:31:04

Sorry for typos, I need to go and get glasses but DH is still asleep...

Pittcity Sat 03-Mar-18 07:46:09

Good morning from a thawing Colchester. Managed to drive to visit MIL in nursing home as main roads were clear.
Would like a walk today as pavements have been treacherous all week.

kittylester Sat 03-Mar-18 07:51:05

Morning all from North Leicestershire where we appear to have the beginnings of a thaw.

I'll walk to the village for flowers this morning and watch rubbish on TV this afternoon - it's a hard life.

Stay safe everyone.

Greyduster Sat 03-Mar-18 08:19:23

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. And just as you thought it was going away...... we had more snow overnight, not much, I’ll grant you, but it was freezing the lying slush when we went to bed so snow on top of that is bad news. I thought we might get the car out today, but we shall have to see later. Have a good day, folks.

Anniebach Sat 03-Mar-18 08:25:58

Good morning all , the white stuff arrived in Mid Wales yesterday , road over the mountains to S.Wales blocked again .

Baggs Sat 03-Mar-18 08:29:31

Morning all! Damp and chilly here. Laundry, baking and reading on the list today. If there's a peep of sun I might go out for a welly wander.

Rotten luck for your nephew's wedding, marydoll! I hope the wee one gets better soon.

Tippy22 Sat 03-Mar-18 08:29:46

Good morning everyone. Lovely blue sky here in East Sussex. Hope it lasts. Must venture out to stock up the fridge and freezer. Enjoy your day everyone.

oldgoat Sat 03-Mar-18 08:33:08

Morning all.
Just been out to feed the birds and the snow is very crunchy underfoot but at least the wind has dropped a bit.
Nothing planned today so I might sort out my paperwork or do a bit of painting. Hard choice?
Take care on the slippery pavements.

ninathenana Sat 03-Mar-18 08:33:16

Morning everyone.

Thawing slowly in Kent. We managed to do a food shop yesterday as it's only a five minute drive on main roads. Lots of side roads still slippy. Nothing planned, rubbish TV sounds a good idea kitty

farview Sat 03-Mar-18 08:33:51

Morning All, freezing in Lancs,just bust the pond liner breaking the ice for the birds,big job for spring aagh!! Marydollhope your little one is ok!! Take care All of you!

kittylester Sat 03-Mar-18 08:38:28

Marydoll our youngest dgs (6) went to hospital yesterday with an asthma attack and is now itching to go out in the snow and wants to play football on Sunday.

A huge shame about the wedding!

harrigran Sat 03-Mar-18 08:58:58

Good morning, the north east remains very cold and snow is still thick. The gales appear to have moderated, at least the windows are not rattling.
SIL made his flight out of Newcastle yesterday so transport is running.
DH and I have given in and started wearing our big coats grin

NannyJan53 Sat 03-Mar-18 09:55:19

Good Morning all

A good 6 inches or more of snow here, and as we live on a hill, the road is very icy on our estate. Supposed to be going to the Theatre tonight, so will have to see how roads are later. Still very cold and windy out there!

Just booked Airport Parking at Birmingham for our flight to Lanzarote on Thursday, so all being well we will be feeling some sun this time next week! sunshine

Shame about the wedding Marydoll and hope your granddaughter will be ok

Have a good day everyone

ginny Sat 03-Mar-18 10:06:42

A late good morning from N. Bucks. Snow stopped late yesterday evening and seems to be thawing a bit now. Wind has dropped but still very cold
I’m still at Dds house as things didn’t go as planned and she is still in hospital. We had a rather sleepless night.
Hope everyone feeling poorly soon improves including the little ones.

MawBroon Sat 03-Mar-18 10:10:44

It was still snowing at midnight “up the road” here in my corner of N Bucks and everything is covered in a deep white blanket.
The thaw can’t come soon enough for me!
Wishing you all a pleasant day.

ginny Sat 03-Mar-18 10:19:55

A late good morning from N. Bucks. Snow stopped yesterday evening and seems to be thawing a bit now. Wind has dropped but still cold .
I am still at Dds house as she is still in hospital. Things didn’t go as planned so we have had a worrying and rather sleepless night.
Hope all those who are poorly soon feel better including the little ones.

ginny Sat 03-Mar-18 10:20:31

Sorry about the double post.