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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 05-Mar-18 06:28:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light band bright here in Brackley this morning , with most of the snow gone.
Feels chilly but no doubt warm up later .

cornergran Mon 05-Mar-18 06:34:20

Morning Mick, morning All. Light cloud in our corner of Somerset, feels chilly here too. Most of the snow has gone. Busy week ahead. Just hope the inertia of the last few days has gone with the snow.

NanKate Mon 05-Mar-18 06:38:20

Morning Mick and All.

99% of the snow has gone hurray !

Off to Keep Fit today.

kittylester Mon 05-Mar-18 06:42:18

Morning Mick, morning corner, morning all!

North Leicestershire is quite drippy this morning but it isn't actually raining!

We have an early start as DH has been unhappy with the way his new car drives and is taking someone from the garage out to explain the problem. I just hope they get it sorted because I'm bored now. grin

Then we are going to Ikea!

kittylester Mon 05-Mar-18 06:43:01

Morning Kate!!

NanKate Mon 05-Mar-18 06:45:36

Morning Kitty

Oopsadaisy12 Mon 05-Mar-18 07:01:40

Morning Peeps
Dull here but it’s 5 degrees and hopefully, the only way is up!
DH will make another attempt to go to London to look at this car, let’s hope it’s been worth all the emails and phone calls.
Time to get the clothes out for hols.

NfkDumpling Mon 05-Mar-18 07:14:46

Morning All

A bright and sunny spring morning in Norfolk! Begone winter! I don't know how warm it is outside but the birdies and flitting around energetically and there's hardly a trace of snow in the garden although there are still great lumps of ice floating in the pond.

I'm painting mock gravestones for our flower tubs in the town square today. I'm not quite sure how that one was thought of! It's the 200 anniversary of the death of Humphry Repton this spring and he's buried in our churchyard. Any excuse for a celebration!

NannyJan53 Mon 05-Mar-18 07:39:39

Good Morning all

Snow has almost gone here now.

Today I am finishing sorting out clothes to take for our holiday and start packing.

My car is being returned today after the repair from the accident I had when someone hit me from behind! They were going to return it Friday, but the weather put paid to that!

Tomorrow I am going on a trip to Leicester and the King Richard 111 Visitor Centre with my U3A, it was fully booked and I put my name down on the waiting list, and received a text last night asking if I was still interested as someone is poorly. So an unexpected trip this week smile

Have a good day everyone

Gagagran Mon 05-Mar-18 07:41:07

Good Morning everyone! The wind has gone round to the south here on the south coast so it should warm up now that the snow has gone. The sun is out too and it feels much more as if spring is ready to emerge. Three cheers!

We have a busy week too corner and on Friday I am going to my big brother's 80th birthday bash - another gathering of the clan - on the Isle of Man so need to sort my silly plastic bag of toiletries for Gatwick. Surely there could be a better security system?

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

Pittcity Mon 05-Mar-18 07:52:25

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Positively tropical here at 5 degrees.
Not sure what today will bring as MIL died yesterday so DH will be busy.
I will go to Walking Netball this morning as it lifts my spirits.

ginny Mon 05-Mar-18 08:03:47

Good morning.
Certainly warmer and the snow has just about all gone.
Hope this week is better than the horrible one we had last week.
Housework, admin, and then off to Dds to administer TLC now that she is out of hospital .
Sorry to hear about your MIL Pittcity.

Tippy22 Mon 05-Mar-18 08:14:24

Good morning everyone. Another grey day here in East Sussex. At least it's not raining or snowing. Babysitting today and tomorrow. Enjoy your day everyone.

Anniebach Mon 05-Mar-18 08:16:42

Good morning all, I hope the milkman calls today,not had milk since Thursday. No grocery delivery untill Thursday , but not as cold.

ninathenana Mon 05-Mar-18 08:21:21

Morning all.
Grey skies and damp in Kent. It rained most of yesterday so snow all washed away. Large areas of power cuts for a few hours near me yesterday evening. We were ok fortunately, allso hundreds without water. sad
Have a good day everyone.

ninathenana Mon 05-Mar-18 08:23:21

Condolences to your family Pittcity

Greyduster Mon 05-Mar-18 08:32:10

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun has been out intermittently this morning and the snow is almost gone. Books to go back to the library today and then school run this afternoon. Nice not to worry about getting the car out. Sorry to hear about your MiL, Pitt.

TerriBull Mon 05-Mar-18 09:23:19

Good morning from the edge of west London, the snow has completely disappeared and it's no longer freezing cold, I believe it's a positively balmy 6 degrees outside. I haven't been out in my car for a week or so due to the hazardous conditions, so will drive to Sainsburys and on to the gym later today. A speedy return to normal for all those who are still suffering from adverse weather and have been cut off.

Mapleleaf Mon 05-Mar-18 11:35:00

Good morning, everyone.
It's good to see that the snow has almost gone - just the odd lump here and there. The sun is shining and there's some blue sky, which lifts the spirits.
Just got back from my coffee morning. It was so good to get out of the house!
Sorry to hear about your MiL, Pittcity 💐