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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 07-Mar-18 06:34:58

Good Morning Everyone,
its grey but its daylight here in Brackley this morning, also dry.

Oopsadaisy12 Wed 07-Mar-18 06:37:51

Morning Mick
Same weather here, looks chilly too.
More packing to do this morning, then off to the sun for a couple of weeks, fairly weak sun I think, but warmer than here.
Spare a thought for those poor people who are still snowed in and are having a terrible time of it.
Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Wed 07-Mar-18 07:02:59

Morning Mick, morning oopsadaisy, morning all.

It's fairly bright in North Leicestershire but also quite cold.

This morning I am helping at a dementia cafe and then this evening I am going to an Alzheimer's Society volunteer meeting. I'm emotionally drained after yesterday's very difficult Carer's course so I'll definitely need wine by the time I eventually get home.

Enjoy your days everyone.

Gagagran Wed 07-Mar-18 07:07:09

Good Morning Mick and everyone! Overnight rain here on the south coast but it's cleared up for now.

We have three family birthdays today - my big brother is 80, my DDiL is 48 and my DD is 45. Her birth date is 7.3.73 - what is the name for a date like that?

I am almost packed for my trip to the Isle of Man on Friday for the birthday bash. Don't expect it to be as sunny as your destination oops!

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs. sunshine

ninathenana Wed 07-Mar-18 07:25:23

Morning all.

It's a palendrome Gaga
Dull damp and grey in Kent. Some housework needs doing. Not my favourite thing.
Enjoy your trip those that are off somewhere.

chelseababy Wed 07-Mar-18 08:01:40

Dull but brightening up in Bedford. Big day for me today as I am going to use my bus pass for the first time! (Reached spa on Tuesday at 64 years and 5 months)

farview Wed 07-Mar-18 08:09:33

Morning all from tropical Lancashire..been for the papers and didn't need a coat!! Enjoy your day, enjoy your 🍷 later kitty

Marydoll Wed 07-Mar-18 08:12:28

Good morning all,
We still have snow here and our road is still a bit icy.
I'm not going to venture out, till my wheezy chest settles down. It's still very cold.
Yesterday DS had to drop DGD off, as snow was so bad. He got to the next town and there was no snow. Isn't that strange? I think we live in a micro climate here. smile
A day for catching up, I think.
Chelseababy, enjoy your bus trip.
Gaga, enjoy the birthday celebrations.

harrigran Wed 07-Mar-18 08:12:34

Good morning, cool and grey this morning but at least the snow has gone. Where is the window cleaner ? My windows look as if they have been sand blasted.
DH out this afternoon and I have several novels waiting to be read so lazy day it is.

Greyduster Wed 07-Mar-18 08:13:58

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. High mottled cloud on a bluish sky today, and cold, in South Yorkshire. Ironing today and a trip to the bank at some stage. Have a good day, folks.

cornergran Wed 07-Mar-18 08:19:24

Morning All. Bright and sunny in our corner of Somerset. Not sure of temperature as still in bed. Cleaning and some tedious admin today. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

Pittcity Wed 07-Mar-18 08:30:07

Good morning from rainy Colchester.
My windows are the same harrigran
Might be missing weekly Wednesday meetup as DD2 and DGS2 might be dropping in.

Nelliemoser Wed 07-Mar-18 08:30:51

Good Morning All. Blue skies and sunshine here in south Cheshire. For the moment. clouds are appearing.
I have been "invited" to a six week back pain course. It is a long time coming considering the trouble started in 1981.
August Bank holiday to be precise.
I get the feeling I might be creaking even more when I get home. Now do I leave half an hour to be early or just rush in last minute.
I am relying on Sean and his TomTom for directions .

ginny Wed 07-Mar-18 08:36:54

Good morning all. Dry but overcast at the moment in N. Bucks. Looks like it might brighten. Busy day, hairdressers, chair yoga, craft club and a talk this evening.

Tippy22 Wed 07-Mar-18 08:52:17

Good morning everyone. Rainy start here in East Sussex. Recovery day after spending the last couple of days looking after poorly grandchildren. Seems it's the chicken pox season. Enjoy your day everyone.

NannyJan53 Wed 07-Mar-18 08:57:26

Good Morning all

Fairly bright here this morning, going to finish packing ready for our trip to the sunshine tomorrow!

I too reached SPA yesterday chelseababy (6th March) so your birthday must be the same as mine! So now officially a pensioner smile. Looking forward to using my Senior travel pass when I get back.

Have a good day all.

Anniebach Wed 07-Mar-18 09:04:42

Good morning all , another day hunting for ancestors in Ireland for me. Hope all stay safe x

chelseababy Wed 07-Mar-18 09:09:20

nannyjan I'm 1 Oct but a think a large tranche of women (3 months? ) got their pension from Tuesday.

Mapleleaf Wed 07-Mar-18 09:46:07

Morning everyone,
Cloudy but bright here at the moment. Not sure what the forecast is for later.
Visiting SiL later for coffee.
Enjoy your day.

GrannySmith420 Thu 08-Mar-18 08:12:21

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