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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 08-Mar-18 06:36:03

Good Morning Everyone,
its light but windy here in Brackley but its dry and a clear sky, usual trip out to have a Chinese as weather last week saw trips out being not possible due to the weather.

Oopsadaisy12 Thu 08-Mar-18 06:59:34

Morning Mick
Sunny here at the airport, off for a few days of what should be sunshine, fingers crossed.
Have a great day.

kittylester Thu 08-Mar-18 07:01:01

Morning Mick, morning all!

It is wet and fairly windy in North Leicestershire.

Usual Sainsbury's trip this morning and a trip to the farm shop for tea, cake, gossip and a bit of shopping with a friend this afternoon.

Enjoy your Thursdays everyone.

ninathenana Thu 08-Mar-18 07:04:42

Morning all

Raining hard in Kent but it is mild.
Lunch out with a friend which has been postponed twice already.
Enjoy your hols Oopsadaisy

cornergran Thu 08-Mar-18 07:13:50

Morning All. Cloudy start in our corner of Somerset. Have a good holiday oopsadaisy. Off to meet a friend I last saw 30+ years ago, if the sat nav gets me there as I haven’t a clue where I’m going. Granny detail this evening. Not sure in between. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

Pittcity Thu 08-Mar-18 07:50:42

Good morning from Colchester. Sunshine between ominous black clouds here atm. Must be a rainbow somewhere.
Lots of bits and bobs today.

farview Thu 08-Mar-18 07:53:01

Morning All, yesterday I was gardening! Today woke up to heavy snow here in Lancashire aagh!! Take care,good day wished to All..

Marydoll Thu 08-Mar-18 07:57:29

Good morning all, sunny blue skies here, but freezing.
Another day pottering about, still wheezing away and feeling sorry for myself. grin
Enjoy your holiday Oopsadaisy.

ginny Thu 08-Mar-18 08:06:23

Good morning. N. Bucks is little breezy this morning but the sun keeps peeping through.
Play day with DGS. Sewing group this evening.

GrannySmith420 Thu 08-Mar-18 08:09:18

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Alygran Thu 08-Mar-18 08:09:41

Morning all
Just started snowing again in North Yorkshire. Hoping to have a day out with a friend and go to see the petrified forest on Redcar beach. It was uncovered by the recent storm and low tide is at lunch time.

GrannySmith420 Thu 08-Mar-18 08:11:11

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

oldgoat Thu 08-Mar-18 08:27:44

Morning all.
It's snowing again in York. Oh joy!
Thought we'd seen the last of the winter weather.
Off to get my Spring hair cut and colour today then going to watch GS2 swim in a schools gala.
Have a good day everyone.

Gagagran Thu 08-Mar-18 08:34:58

Good Morning everyone. It's a lovely sunny morning here on the south coast. We had a hail storm about 5am which woke me up battering the bedroom window. Lots of puddles everywhere en route to the supermarket at 7am. The lanes round here don't have drainage so there's always standing water when we have rain.

I had my spring haircut yesterday too oldgoat. It's a bit short but will soon grow. It's been so much easier to cope with short and using mattifying powder. I've had lots of positive comments.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

Tippy22 Thu 08-Mar-18 08:38:29

Good morning everyone. Beautiful blue sky here in East Sussex. Time to start the 10,000 steps again and try to get fitter. Have a good day everyone.

oldgoat Thu 08-Mar-18 08:39:26

gagagran What's mattifying powder?

Anniebach Thu 08-Mar-18 08:54:52

Good morning all from Mid Wales.

Greyduster Thu 08-Mar-18 08:55:43

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is wet but not white here in South Yorkshire. Domestics for me this morning and then school run this afternoon. First I have to get up!
Have a good day, folks.

Mapleleaf Thu 08-Mar-18 09:13:32

Good morning all,
Yes, Greyduster has got the forecast spot on for here in South Yorkshire. There might have been snow in with the rain earlier, but it's just damp and grey now.
Have a nice day, today.

Mapleleaf Thu 08-Mar-18 09:29:23

Update. There's a mix of snow and rain at the moment!

Nelliemoser Thu 08-Mar-18 09:33:48

Good Morning All it is raining and sleeting here at the moment and cold . I just have u3A play reading today.

No idea what play is next from the box the library has sent us.

annodomini Thu 08-Mar-18 10:21:38

Good morning. It started with sleet about an hour ago but now it's a proper blizzard with big flakes. I am hoping it won't settle as the ground is already wet; and I am going (I hope) to Madame Butterfly at the Lowry tonight.

Gagagran Thu 08-Mar-18 10:57:39

Mattifying powder is a bit like dry shampoo oldgoat. It's a fine white powder that you shake (small amounts) in the roots of your hair and it gives it body.

I saw the make-up lady on Strictly (Lisa Armstrong) demonstrating it on someone's hair when she was showing one of the make-ups they do for the show. I'd never heard of it so looked on Amazon and found one by Schwarzkopf called Vivo.

It has transformed my fine hair and I absolutely love it and wish I had known about it years ago. Recommend 100%.

oldgoat Thu 08-Mar-18 16:16:08

Thanks gagagran I asked my hairdresser and he hadn't heard of it either.