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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 09-Mar-18 06:31:39

Good Morning Everyone,
Its daylight here in Brackley its looking dry and less windy so far today .
Usual Friday shop etc.

MawBroon Fri 09-Mar-18 06:37:02

Good morning Mick and all to come.
It is looking as if it could be a lovely day here in Stratford upon Avon where I have been on Granny duty, but back to N Bucks today. I shall be sad to say goodbye to DGS (22 months) who has really got to know and accept me (but won’t be too sorry not to be woken up at “silly o clock” smile )

Nana3 Fri 09-Mar-18 06:51:38

Good morning Mick and everyone. We had an unexpected snow storm in Lancashire yesterday morning, it caused travel problems. We had a chatty North West meet up with a very good lunch. Hope those who couldn't make it can come to the next one.
Have a good day everyone.

Alygran Fri 09-Mar-18 06:52:56

Morning from North Yorks. Up early to drive to Derbyshire for weekend with the family.
Petrified forest on Redcar beach is amazing and worth a visit if you are in the area. Check the tides!

kittylester Fri 09-Mar-18 06:53:00

Morning Mick, morning Maw, morning all.

It's misty but not too cold in North Leicestershire.

My car is being picked up at 7 am for a service and MOT! shock

This afternoon we are in for a treat as I am invited to Persie's school assembly which is a special Mother's Day one. She is allowing Pa to come with me and Mummy. She is doing a 'bit' on her own so I imagine there will be tears - mine and mummy's!!

Gagagran Fri 09-Mar-18 07:00:28

Morning everyone! Dry and calm here on the south coast so far.

Up early to pack my bag ready for Gatwick and flight to Isle of Man for my big brother's 80th birthday party. Wonderful surprise in store for him as his no.2 son and grandson have flown in from Adelaide S.A. as a birthday surprise. There will be hugs and tears aplenty!

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs. Back on Tuesday DV. sunshine

NfkDumpling Fri 09-Mar-18 07:08:21

Morning All

Bright and clear in Norfolk and it looks like we may have a chance to dry up a bit, most of the flood plains on the little rivers are flooded - hopefully it may put pay to the plans to build on some of them!

A day of normality after looking after DGS and his dog for the last couple of days. Despite one massive meltdown which sent the dog under the table, it’s been a joy to have them here. So, it’s off to art class this morning and a bit of relaxation.

Have a wonderful party and re-union Gaga.

oldgoat Fri 09-Mar-18 07:18:52

Morning all from snow-free York.
What a wonderful surprise for your brother gagagran .Enjoy the party.

Our GSs rarely got to do pieces at school but in GS1's last year at primary both boys had words to say at the Easter service and it brings tears to my eyes just remembering it.I bet you will be bursting with pride when Persie does her bit kitty
I'm off to Darlington today to get a new battery for my watch. What an adventure. I've never been there before. May try to get a train to Redcar to see the petrified forest Alygran before it disappears beneath the sands.
Have a good day everyone.

NanKate Fri 09-Mar-18 07:19:57

Morning Mick Kitty* and All.

Lovely calm looking morning in South Bucks.

Enjoy the show Kitty and do tell us how your Persie does.

Let us know how the surprise party goes Gaga

DH and I are going out for coffee and an apricot Danish this
morning Yum, we share the pastry so that means half the calories 😉

harrigran Fri 09-Mar-18 07:30:12

Good morning from a sunny north east, there is a harsh frost but will probably melt soon.
We are off to GD2's school for her assembly this afternoon, Mum and Dad can't get out of work so we are there to support her.

ginny Fri 09-Mar-18 07:57:20

Good morning all. Frosty and overcast at the moment in N. Bucks.
Glad you have had a lovely visit Maw.
SW this morning. Have to decide what sort of birthday cake to make for DD1s 40th Birthday next week. How can she possibly be that age ? Also
must decide wether to go to Costco with DH and his Mum later.
Enjoy whatever sort of day you are having.

Marydoll Fri 09-Mar-18 08:00:29

Good morning all, breezy and damp here.
Still feeling under the weather, but need some shopping, so off out.
Picking up DGD at nursery for first time today.
Enjoy your reunion Gaga.

Tilly1234 Fri 09-Mar-18 08:03:54

Newcomer here - feeling a bit lonely, so just posting something here. Might be the wrong place, I don’t know! Very foggy here today (Welsh borders).

Marydoll Fri 09-Mar-18 08:09:10

You have the right It's a good place to start.
Welcome Tilly.
I started by playing the games, everyone is welcoming and friendly and don't mind if you get it wronggrin.
"Lurk" away, until you get the feel of things and then try a post.

cornergran Fri 09-Mar-18 08:09:13

Morning All from a grey and overcast corner of Somerset. Food shop and admin today. Take tissues, kitty and anyone else watching small children, enjoy the party gaga and anyone else celebrating. I should be doing a shopping list so better get on with it. Hope Friday is kind to everyone.

ninathenana Fri 09-Mar-18 08:20:26

Morning everyone.

Cloudy in Kent but forecast is sunshinesunshine
Yesterday's lunch out was cancelled again so I was sitting in my glad rags with no where to go !
Gaga just reading abut the surprise guests brought a lup to my throat. Have a great time.
Wellcome Tilly

ninathenana Fri 09-Mar-18 08:21:46

about lump
excuse my "fat finger" syndrome

Pittcity Fri 09-Mar-18 08:27:10

Good morning from Colchester. The sky is grey but it's bright IYSWIM.
Visiting family today.

Tippy22 Fri 09-Mar-18 08:29:46

Good morning everyone. Another grey start to the day here in East Sussex after a beautiful day yesterday. Shopping and maybe start the spring cleaning for me today. Enjoy your day everyone.

Tilly1234 Fri 09-Mar-18 08:35:18

Thanks for the welcome! I shall take your advice and ‘lurk’ for a bit then chip in at some point 😀

Anniebach Fri 09-Mar-18 08:46:26

Good morning al from Mid Wales , no idea what weather we have, am still in bed.

Greyduster Fri 09-Mar-18 08:50:03

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It’s a dry start in South Yorkshire. Sun made an appearance and then changed its mind! We are supposed to be going for a walk and a pub lunch but DH was not well in the night so I think we may give it a miss. If we do, I shall do some gardening this afternoon. Welcome Tilly! Have a good day, folks.

Sar53 Fri 09-Mar-18 09:04:19

Good morning from a dull Essex by the sea. I've just spent a couple of days with DD2 and my oldest and youngest DGD'S. Charlotte is now two months and smiling, so lovely.
Off into town soon to have a wander round the shops. Have a good day.

silverlining48 Fri 09-Mar-18 09:15:04

Morning all
It’s a great good morning because I slept the whole night through, waking only at 7am, without sleeping pills. A first in a long long time. I am super happy.
Have a good day everyone.

Mapleleaf Fri 09-Mar-18 09:35:28

Good morning, everyone.
Welcome, Tilly. I'm sure you'll enjoy being on here.
It's a lovely bright morning here today. It looks less breezy than yesterday so I'm hoping it will feel milder.
A few chores to do today, and a walk out in this lively sunshine.
Glad you had a good nights sleep silverlining. Hope it's the first if many more.