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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 16-Apr-18 06:30:59

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking good this morning in Brackley weatherwise , nice dry start no wind at the moment.

Marydoll Mon 16-Apr-18 06:34:10

Good morning Mick and all who follow.

It seems a lot milder here in Glasgow. It's still a bit grey.
Up at the crack of dawn, as we are off to Berlin this morning for a few days.
I can't wait, as the weather is to be sunny.sunshine.

Annesixty, I hope there is better news of your husband today.
Have a good Monday all.

kittylester Mon 16-Apr-18 06:49:57

Morning Mick, morning Marydoll, morning all.

It's a bright start in North Leicestershire and the forecast is good.

This morning I am ironing and chasing up the garden furniture delivery in case this week is summer!

This evening we are going to see Roy Orbison with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra!

Enjoy your trip Marydoll.

Agus Mon 16-Apr-18 07:00:28

Morning Mick et al

Goodness I feel old😁. A chap arrived yesterday to give us a quote for some reupholstry work we need done, when I opened the door to him, there stood a good friend of our 2DDs from when they were all teenagers. He is now 45 and bald but still a lovely (boy)

Hope you enjoy your trip to Berlin Marydoll. Our forecast isn’t too good for a few days so try to hang off until Thursday when you should be returning to a sunny Glasgow 🌞

NanKate Mon 16-Apr-18 07:07:17

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

Lovely warm sunshine due from today onwards in South Bucks.. Hooray Spring is finally here.

Off to Dorset on Thursday, can’t wait. Hope you too have fun in Berlin Marydoll and you have a bopping good evening Kitty

Gagagran Mon 16-Apr-18 07:13:26

Morning all!

It's a lovely morning here on the south coast and we are promised a similar week. Three cheers! I think everyone is desperate for some sunshine and a bit of warmth. I know my bones are.

Laundry day today and a few other odd jobs which piled up during the garage clearing marathon.

Hope the day isa good one for all GNs sunshine

MawBroon Mon 16-Apr-18 07:15:45

Good morning everybody. Clear blue skies and sunshine here in N Bucks.
Now, do I put the kibosh on the whole thing by looking out the linen trousers?
Best not risk it.”Ne’er cast a clout ....” and so on.
Have a wonderful time in Berlin, Marydoll, my Mother’s home city and a place for which I have a particular affection.
Happy memories of Charlottenburg, the Spree, the Tiergarten etc. Paw lived there too as a boy for four years too when his father was posted there with the FO.
My thoughts are still with Annsixty hoping for encouraging news.
Wishing you all a pleasant Monday, remember the Factor 50!

NfkDumpling Mon 16-Apr-18 07:30:40

Morning All

A lovely sunny morning here in Norfolk after a hectic weekend with the whole family and over-excited GC (and their dogs) who haven’t seen each other for six months! We could have done with some sun on Saturday when we picnicked on the beach at Great Yarmouth, but it wasn’t cold and they played chase with the sea and only one got wet feet. I can thoroughly recommend the Hippodrome Circus in Yarmouth. Fantastic show and everyone had a good time. Isn’t it great when plans go right?

Off to collect the caravan this morning after it’s service and then shopping (we’ve been eaten out of house and home) and gardening. It amazes me how well the bulbs all stand up to the doggy onslaught.

Have good Mondays Everyone. I missed the news about your DH Annesixty. I hope all is well.

ninathenana Mon 16-Apr-18 07:39:39

Morning everyone.

A sunny start in Kent though not that warm yet.
I hope all those with travel plans have a great time. Your concert sounds great kitty
Thinking of annsixty and her DH I hope he continues to improve.

Greyduster Mon 16-Apr-18 07:43:42

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Bright but cool in South Yorkshire at the mo. A certain amount of household neglect has taken place over the weekend so I need to get that sorted out, and then it’s the school run this p.m. have a good day, folks.

Pittcity Mon 16-Apr-18 07:44:02

Good morning from sunny Colchester. The weather is looking up!
I had to Google your concert Kitty, holograms...whatever next? Enjoy.
Walking Netball this morning and enjoying the sun this afternoon.

ginny Mon 16-Apr-18 07:46:01

A bright and sunny Good morning from N . Bucks.
In the garden this morning, a bit of weeding and pot preparation. Might also adorn the clothes line for the first time this year.

Anniebach Mon 16-Apr-18 08:12:12

Good morning all from Mid Wales , think we have sunshine but still in bed. Younger daughter coming today , haven't seen her for five months.

Panache Mon 16-Apr-18 08:29:28

Good Morning to you all and I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful and perhaps productive weekend.
The skies are blue here in West Wales too and though we are optimistic that we are on the verge of a mini heat wave at this stage of my life sadly I shall be skulking in the shade!!
There was a time when I was a proper little sun worshipper,and believe me I have been left with plenty of tell tale marks proving now I aim for the pale look!
Have a grand break Marydoll.Whilst thoughts are with you Annsixty hoping your OH continues to make good progress.
Trusting you are also keeping up your spirits and resolve to go through with your parting Anniebach.

Marthajolly1 Mon 16-Apr-18 08:42:06

Good morning all. Slept on way past the alarm once again. Very dull here but we can see across the Forth to Fife today, the first time for a while. [Marydoll] I loved Berlin when I visited 5 years ago, enjoy your visit. The bathroom makeover is nearly finished, it will be great to have the door back on its hinges. It's a round of golf today, maybe a tidy up in the garden this afternoon. Have a good day everyone. [Annsixty] best wishes

Mapleleaf Mon 16-Apr-18 09:21:50

Good morning all,
Well it was lovely and bright when I got up but now it is starting to cloud over. I hope the rain stays away though. We had quite a downpour yesterday afternoon and into the evening. Not too warm yet, but a whole lot better than it has been.
Coffee morning today, then a pile of ironing awaits.
Enjoy your Monday. 🙂

ffinnochio Mon 16-Apr-18 09:43:18

Good morning all. Bright and fresh.

Marydoll Mon 16-Apr-18 09:43:43

Well, I'm stuck in Glasgow. Electrical fault at GlasgowAirport. Now our flight has been delayed for 2 hours. I've been forced to shop in Duty Free to pass the time!😁
Thanks for all your good wishes.