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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 05-May-18 06:32:10

Good Morning Everyone,
Its nice and sunny at the present moment in Brackley , usual day out, then watch TdY on iTV4 when I get back.
That's a bike race by the way.

ffinnochio Sat 05-May-18 06:42:17

Good morning Mick, and to all!

A sunny, calm start to the day in Norwich. Off to a 40th Birthday party.

MawBroon Sat 05-May-18 06:44:12

Good morning Mick from clear blue skies, birdies twittering in the trees and the promise of a glorious day in Cheshire!
Made it up the M1 and M6 and M6 Toll OK but Google maps/Satnav went into meltdown after I opted for Junction 18 instead of 17, when “she” went into a huff and after “rerouting” me half a dozen times somewhere around Jodrell Bank, eventually gave up on finding me a route! So the last few miles took me half an hour.
Still here we are and I hope everyone has a pleasant day 😎😎😎

kittylester Sat 05-May-18 06:46:37

Morning Mick, ffin, all.

It looks like it's going to be a lovely day here in North Leicestershire.

DH is going away for the weekend and I'm on kitten watch. I'm also hoping to get lots of gardening done.

kittylester Sat 05-May-18 06:48:30

Morning Maw - glad you made it. You shouldn't go upsetting your sat nav like that. Ours is called Naggie Aggie!

Gagagran Sat 05-May-18 06:52:38

Good Morning Mick and everyone!

It's a lovely sunny morning here on the south coast and the forecast is for more of the same. Lifts the spirits to see the sun and hear the birds singing their little heads off!

DH is out with his bike club for most of the day. They are going to Selsey via Chichester today which should be a great route. Then he is off to watch the football this evening - k.o. 5.30 so I have a solitude day in store. I like those and plan all sorts of pootling!

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

Gagagran Sat 05-May-18 06:53:10

Morning Kitty - enjoy your gardening!

Newquay Sat 05-May-18 06:54:47

Morning all-we call ours Grace, you know, "and Grace shall lead us home"
Lovely sunny day here too in Staffs.
Am singing in a choral concert tonight. Sadly had unsettled night. Now have blocked nose, for goodness sake. Can't decide if it's hay fever or a cold! Of all days.
Going back to bed soon to see if I can have an hour or so catch up!

NanKate Sat 05-May-18 07:07:48

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

Wall to wall sunshine here in South Bucks, how lovely I can take off my cardi 😃

Yes I am alone too for a few days with a long To Do list and I still haven’t opened the wardrobe to start clearing out masses of things I don’t wear but still like, I’m mad.

Sorry to hear Newquay of you getting the lurgy just when you don't want it. Hot honey and lemon might help.

I love our sat nav she keeps me on the straight and narrow.

ninathenana Sat 05-May-18 07:10:25

Mornibg everyone.

Lovely here in Kent and it's set for a lovely weekend.
H off to Twickenham 🏉🏉 with his 'gang' shortly they meet for breckie in a cafe before getting the train.
I will be pottering and jigsaw puzzling.

Mapleleaf Sat 05-May-18 07:21:43

Good morning on this bright and sunny day.
It looks as if we are going to have a lovely day today. Some work in the garden this morning, then later sitting out to enjoy our labours!
Have a lovely day. 😁

Greyduster Sat 05-May-18 07:26:44

Good morning, Michael, and all GNs. The sun is out in South Yorkshire and it is going to be a warm one. We are off for a day walking on and around Stanage Edge with GS and his mum and dad. I have worked out the route so if it all goes wrong I expect I will get into trouble 😊!

Pittcity Sat 05-May-18 07:31:08

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
It's Jane's Walks weekend and there are loads to choose from here. I plan to go on a history walk in town today so need to get my factor 30 on.

aggie Sat 05-May-18 07:38:58

Morning all, no sun here but dry and pleasant , DD and SIL due home from hols today , we have missed them and can't wait to catch up .

Kitty .... I don't nag ...... Well not too much ..😉

travelsafar Sat 05-May-18 07:39:41

Its a wonderfulmorning here inLetchworth too.

Have got the washing going, the birds are fed and watered, greenhouse tended to and i am on my first cup of coffee.

Off out to a local spring fair with my sister and niece this morning then bowling this afternoon. Have a lovely day everyone.

Alygran Sat 05-May-18 07:53:32

Good morning from a lovely sunny morning in North Yorkshire. Lawn needs attention this morning then a wander along the lane to see the Tour de Yorkshire go by just after lunch.
Glad you made it Maw. Joderell Bank is a great visit if you haven’t been already.
Enjoy the ☀️ everyone

ginny Sat 05-May-18 08:13:56

Good morning all.
Sunshine and clear skies here in N. Bucks.
I have a birthday cake to finish for Son in law and out for his birthday meal this evening.
Otherwise a quiet day and intend to enjoy the sun.

Marydoll Sat 05-May-18 08:32:07

Good morning all you lucky Gransnetters with your sunny start to the day
It's still cloudy here, but a least the temperature is up.
Had an unsettled and painful night and now building work is going on near us. I need my ear plugs. 😁
Have a lovely day everyone.

Anniebach Sat 05-May-18 08:33:14

Good morning all. Sunshine in Mid Wales

Panache Sat 05-May-18 08:39:39

A good morning to you Mick and all G.n`s .

Indeed a bit of a shock to the system having a grey and misty start to both yesterday and today,we can but hope today will follow in the same pattern as yesterday,sunshine later.Whilst the barometer is certainly rising fast!

We get the biggest of trucks getting stuck on our narrow stone humped back bridges Maw,it is what we call the curse of the sat nav`s!!! Glad you made it though and all that is left to add is simply * enjoy *

With mowing complete this day has been ear marked to visit a few places that are as yet just a mystery to me........but I shall simply dress up,look nice and let my DH take me to wherever!!!

Wishing all of you a warm,pleasant weekend doing whatever pleases each one of you.

Sar53 Sat 05-May-18 08:40:16

Lovely sunny morning here at DD2 in Kent. We are off out later for a walk to local pub for lunch. DD2 and I went to see Birdsong at the theatre last night, a wonderful, poignant play. It has always been one of my favourite books. Have a great day everyone.

petra Sat 05-May-18 08:44:10

Good morning all.
Beautiful here in Southend. I've been out in the garden on snail and Lilly beetle hunt. The spray seems to be working on the beetles as there was only one this morning grin

Luckygirl Sat 05-May-18 08:59:09

Morning all.

Glad you made it to Cheshire Maw - give my love to my DD up there!

Lovely day here - DGS's third birthday. Gardening this morning and party this afternoon.

Baggs Sat 05-May-18 09:08:09

Morning, folks! We have dim and dreich in Argyll. I shall spend some of the day knitting poppies for the charity I work for. They want to cover a draped fishing net with poppies in November when the hundred years since WW1 ended is marked. If anyone would like to knit a poppy or two, please PM me and I'll send you details.

Newquay Sat 05-May-18 09:15:17

Had some hot Ribena, day nurse tabs then went back to bed after earlier posting. Had a couple of hours and hopefully will be ok to sing tonight.
Lovely day everyone. . .