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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 06-May-18 06:36:03

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another bright AND sunny start here in brackley this morning, final stage of Tour De Yorkshire cycle race on ITV4 so will be watching it all today.

ginny Sun 06-May-18 06:42:10

Good morning and what a beautiful one here in N. Bucks. Sunshine , blue sky and the birds singing. Hope you all have the same.
Going to local farmers market with friends this morning, probably have lunch as well. Then a lazy afternoon in the garden.

Gagagran Sun 06-May-18 07:11:50

Good Morning Mick, Ginny and everyone.

It is a glorious day here on the south coast too Ginny - feels wonderful to have some sunshine and warmth after such a long cold start to the year.

The Tour de Yorkshire is starting in our old home town today Mick - it will be good to see it all on TV.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshinesunshinesunshine!

MawBroon Sun 06-May-18 07:16:11

Good morning everybody. In the words of that august publication “Scorchio”!
Still in Cheshire but going down to DD and family this afternoon for the night.
M6 in the heat hmm ...
Hope your day is sunny and happy in equal measure 😎

kittylester Sun 06-May-18 07:24:01

It's a glorious start in North Leicestershire. I planted loads of stuff in the garden yesterday and need to wash the seat cushions then I can sit and admire it all!

Situpstraight Sun 06-May-18 07:24:47

Beautiful day here in VOWH, sorted the shed out yesterday so feeling quite saintly, but I’ll leave going to the tip until after the weekend, as it will be heaving.

Nothing to do today except enjoy the sun.

Have a great day everybody

Sar53 Sun 06-May-18 07:26:22

Good morning everyone from a lovely sunny Kent. Have enjoyed a few days with DD2 and two DGD's, will be driving back to Essex later. I live by the sea so I know it will be a long journey trying to get through all the day trippers going to the beach.
Have a happy sunny Sunday sunshinegrin.

NanKate Sun 06-May-18 07:30:40

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

More fab sunshine in South Bucks.

Off to the French Market in the Park. Should I dress up as a Parisiene lady or would I look more like a old bird in drag ? Answers on a postcard please.

As you will be watching the cycling Mick I will be watching the Tennis Final in Portugal. Isn’t sports telly great?

NanKate Sun 06-May-18 07:32:05

Oh by the way Situp the rhubarb was delicious, anymore going ?

MawBroon Sun 06-May-18 07:37:53

For you Nankate

aggie Sun 06-May-18 07:42:27

Morning all ☺ slightly misty here but it looks promising for a nice day here in Co Armagh ,back in bed with a cuppa , that first cup tastes better than any other !

Pittcity Sun 06-May-18 07:50:46

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Breakfast in the garden and another history walk this afternoon.

Marydoll Sun 06-May-18 07:59:18

Good morning all, sun peaking through in Glasgow.
Garden for us today and hopefully a barbecue later as a reward.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Baggs Sun 06-May-18 08:09:56

Hey up, chucks! Misty over here, marydoll. Give the clouds a shove, please!

I'll probably continue my gradual tidying of what I call the den (lean-to at side of house) which MrB calls the studio. Yesterday I learnt what bee shit looks like. You live and learn.

Greyduster Sun 06-May-18 08:24:02

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Another lovely day in prospect here in South Yorkshire. I don’t intend to do a lot today - we had a fairly gruelling, superheated walk yesterday and I was on my knees when we got home. A few years ago I would have thought nothing of it. The scenery was spectacular though. Have a happy Sunday, folks.

harrigran Sun 06-May-18 08:25:36

Good morning from a cloudy north. Yesterday we had sunshine for the entire day and sat and dined in the garden.
I think I will look for some plants to add colour to the patio this summer, I only do pot plants as wedon't have flower beds.

seasider Sun 06-May-18 08:27:48

Lovely day in Blackpoolsmile

Panache Sun 06-May-18 08:33:24

Top o a very sunny morning to you Mick and all.

Indeed the golden all its glory has even arrived here on our coast, and it is utter bedlam with folk jostling for position on our beaches,thankfully there are more than enough to go round!!!

Had a very pleasant "out and about" yesterday complete with lunch out so a very satisfied inner me.

Today is ear marked for another trip to the Garden Centre which should truly be restocked, as we are in dire need to top up the plants indoors that got damaged during our aborted house move.

This talk of rhubarb has me licking my lips ladies..... so if there is any going spare........ please send on to Wales!!

Wishing you all a pleasant day in the sunshine, but please remember your sun creams!

Alygran Sun 06-May-18 08:42:03

Good morning. Another lovely day here. Tour de Yorkshire passed by yesterday in the sunshine. A day for relaxing today. Enjoy.

TerriBull Sun 06-May-18 09:25:21

Good morning everybody hope you are all blessed with lovely weather. Beautiful sunny and hot day already! here in the south east. We have to go and do some food shopping this morning, bit of a drag on such a day, but have been invited to afternoon tea in the garden with some of the family this afternoon.

hildajenniJ Sun 06-May-18 10:00:21

Good morning everyone.
And what a beautiful one it is too. Clear blue skies, sunshine and warmth. DGC stayed overnight and are currently outside enjoying the morning.
I've just been watching the first swifts to arrive swooping in the sky overhead. Our swallows and house martins came back last week. In my eyes now, it's summer.
Have a happy day everyone.