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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 11-May-18 06:32:46

Good Morning Everyone,
Another dry , bright start here in Brackley this morning, feels cooler , off to a beer festival later .

NanKate Fri 11-May-18 06:40:52

Good morning Mick and All.

The beer festival sounds fun enjoy yourself Mick.

More sunshine today and just the right temperature for me in South Bucks.

Off for a delicious Italian coffee with DH and a wander around the shops.

Gagagran Fri 11-May-18 06:46:32

Good Morning Mick, Kate and everyone.

It's sunny and bright but much cooler here on the south coast. The wide verge outside our house looks even wider following the felling of the five large maples yesterday. I had a front row seat watching the lumberjack swinging around on his ropes, with his chain saw in hand. He even waved to me as I watched him from the bedroom window!

I'm going to WI this morning and to do a bit of shopping afterwards. Not a lot on the agenda for the weekend.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

Marydoll Fri 11-May-18 06:48:21

Good morning Mick, Nanand all who follow.
Dull here today, what a surprise. 😁
Enjoy your beer festival, we were at one a few weeks ago and had a lovely day.
Nan, enjoy your wander round the shops. We have DGD, so it's all hands on deck.

Marydoll Fri 11-May-18 06:48:51

Good morning too Gaga😊

kittylester Fri 11-May-18 06:52:19

Morning all.

It's a bright breezy start in North Leicestershire.

Sainsbury's for me today, then the butcher's and the garden centre!

Bellasnana Fri 11-May-18 07:15:41

Good morning from a very sunny Malta. I’m still in hospital but feeling so much better and hoping to be released soon.
Have to wait for the doctor. Longing to get home to my dog and my own bed.

Enjoy your beer festival, Mick, and your coffee NanKate. Wish I could join you.
Hope a good day is had by all ❤️

NanKate Fri 11-May-18 07:30:38

So pleased to hear Bella that you will be safely home soon. Look after yourself. 💐

brook2704 Fri 11-May-18 07:31:37

Morning everyone
Nice bright start to the day here in Inverness and looking forward to picking up DGS and DGD from nursery then staying for a sleepover tonight 😱
Hope everyone has a great day

Greyduster Fri 11-May-18 07:44:13

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A beer festival sounds a great way to spend a day, Mick! Cool and cloudy in South Yorkshire. We are going to town to shop for summer shirts for Himself this morning. It will no doubt be like dragging a grumpy seven year old around. I will need a nice coffee and cake afterwards. Glad you’re feeling better, Bellasnana. Have a good day, folks.

MawBroon Fri 11-May-18 07:49:44

Good morning from N Bucks where it is bright again but cooler. Ideal really.
Taking a friend and her husband who has Alzheimer’s to Waitrose, then I am due at the hairdresser, and finally I really MUST get down to tidying and paperwork.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

harrigran Fri 11-May-18 07:53:28

Good morning, overcast but dry.
Lunch out with friend and our DHs.

travelsafar Fri 11-May-18 07:57:29

Looks like a fine morning here in Letchworth. Sunshine but with a hazy sky.

I am off to my knitting group with my sister this morning then meeting her daughter for some shopping.

Am also out this evening with my sister to a Quiz night at the local bowls club and bowling both days at the weekend so hoping this fine weather decides to stay. Have a great day everyone.

ginny Fri 11-May-18 08:07:55

Good morning everyone.
As Maw says bright and pleasant here in N. Bucks.
I am going to a mixed media painting class this morning and then on to look after DGS for a couple of hours.
Theatre this evening with DD2 to see ‘ The importance of being Earnest’.
Hope you are home soon Bellasnana.

Anniebach Fri 11-May-18 08:19:16

Good morning all from Powys , no idea what weather we have , I am still in bed x

NannyJan53 Fri 11-May-18 08:19:54

Good Morning everyone,

Bit dull here in the Black Country. This afternoon we are off for a weekend to Church Stretton and Cardingmill Valley, in what looks like a very nice B & B. Hopefully it will stay dry at least

So a weekend of some lovely walks is planned.

Have a lovely day and weekend all.

Panache Fri 11-May-18 08:30:32

Good Morning to you all.

However certainly not that good here in our little Welsh coastal corner,dry,grey with quite a wind blowing in,time winter stopped "hovering!!"
A hobble via the car to the Surgery re my leg and apart from that another peaceful day I guess.

Hope you all enjoy similar.

Pittcity Fri 11-May-18 08:41:04

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Bright, dry and 17 degrees.....I can live with that!
Forecast to be a rainy weekend though😟
DD2 and DGS2 are coming this afternoon so we will be in the garden or the park.

gillybob Fri 11-May-18 08:43:42

Good morning everyone. A bit dull this morning in the NE coast, but dry.

At work again. Yuk. TFI Friday . Yipeee wink

farview Fri 11-May-18 08:45:53

Morning all,can't get warm since arriving back from daughters in Dubai brrr! Collecting new car today so excited!! Have a good day all 🌷

ffinnochio Fri 11-May-18 08:48:54

Good Morning to you all!

Bit of a chilly breeze, tho’ sunny. Perfect for laundry!