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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 21-May-18 06:36:08

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and sunny here in Brackley this morning, but its also quite , with the football team winning the FA Trophy on penalties, I watched the 2 hours plus game yesterday on TV, after watching the bike race.

kittylester Mon 21-May-18 06:42:34

Morning Mick, morning all.

It's another bright and sunny start in North Leicestershire.

It is Dementia Action Week so lots of events going on. Just my luck on such a lovely day that my volunteering stint is in the Cathedral!

Glad your team won, Mick - lots of sore heads, no doubt.

For anyone who was concerned - we've found our euphorbia - phew!!

Gagagran Mon 21-May-18 06:43:18

Morning Mick and everyone!

A bright sunny morning here on the south coast and the washer is on and full of bed linen. I need to keep up with chores this week as DS and family are coming to stay for the Spring Bank weekend. So looking forward to it!

Our choir concert on Saturday raised over £500 in bucket collections at the end for the Rosemary Foundation which is a local charity providing hospice care at home for terminally ill patients. Very pleasing.

Hope everybody has a good day. sunshine

Gagagran Mon 21-May-18 06:45:10

Good Morning Kitty! Glad the plant hunt ended well!

NfkDumpling Mon 21-May-18 06:50:56

Morning All

Bright and sunny and lovely here this morning. Our little sparrows are very quiet this morning and there’s a small pile of feathers on the lawn. Still, a sparrow hawk chick has a better chance of survival. The quick and the dead and all that.

Need to take back a gilet I ordered from Cotton Traders as it’s miles too big! It would be wonderful but the smaller size is out of stock. Still it’s money saved - I didn’t really need another anyway! Then painting the pergola (no hidden meaning, I am painting the pergola) and off to hospital this afternoon for pre-op blood tests. The Day draweth nearer.

silverdarlings Mon 21-May-18 07:24:15

Morning all before me and after sunshine again here in South Lakes--just been out the back to decide where to put the sunflowers, now 6ins in pots in kitchen 17 of them, is it going to be a forest? Will take some to School.+

cornergran Mon 21-May-18 07:32:37

Morning All. Another quiet blue sky in our corner of Somerset. Minding Littlest today so the sky will be the only quiet there is. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

gillybob Mon 21-May-18 07:38:15

Good morning Mick and everyone, from a beautiful NE coast. The sun is shimmering across the North Sea. Thank goodness for the RW as I have worked in the garden all weekend. Didn’t switch the gogglebox on once ! My shed is painted, tables and chairs painted and as good as new. Weeds exterminated, grass cut and all looking lovely. It would have been nice to enjoy all my hard work today but off to do a school run followed by another week in “that dreaded place” work.

Hope everyone is doing something nice today. sunshine

ninathenana Mon 21-May-18 07:41:26

Morning all.

I think you've all stolen the sun this morning. It's over cast with a slightly sea misty here in Kent.
I was planning on laundering the bed linen today too gaga not sure now.

H has Saturday's purchases to plant, whilst I potter with bits and bobs indoors.
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Mon 21-May-18 07:56:28

Good morning all from a sunny Edinburgh.
We had a fabulous day yesterday on the Flying Scotsman, it brought back many memories of trips down the Clyde coast, through the tunnels and the mad rush to close the windows , I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
The train followed the coast for a good part of the journey and we got a chance to see places we haven't visited before and the views from the bridge were stunning.
NFK, good luck with the blood tests and Kitty, glad.that you found your plant at last☺️
Have a good day all.

Panache Mon 21-May-18 08:07:29

Good Morning to you all.

Another new week and here on our Welsh coast the tourists are arriving daily,whitsun being a very busy time.
Looks as though the weather will hold although the sun was in short supply yesterday,and again this morning starts on the grey side.However dry and windless so we are more than happy.

Sounds a rather satisfying journey MaryDoll,I must follow your link.

Wishing you all a good day and productive week.

ffinnochio Mon 21-May-18 08:15:49

Good morning to you all!

A lovely day ahead of sunshine, laundry and a good book.

MawBroon Mon 21-May-18 08:28:20

Good morning from a wall to wall sunny corner of N Bucks.
What a weekend.
DGCs at the weekend, indoor skydiving at Milton Keynes (the boys, 8 and 6) My heart rate is nearly back to normal.
Then they and little sister (3) all stayed over on Saturday, and their mummy and daddy arrived late Sunday morning for brunch in the garden and we all headed off to London for littlest fella’s 2nd birthday party.
Bit of a nightmare journey back left me absolutely shattered by last night.
Today I am going back to London to do Granny duty until Thursday as littlest fella has chickenpox and may not be allowed back to nursery. His Mummy is in Manchester for the week (a play) and his Daddy has to complete one of his sculptures and take it to Chatsworth on Wednesday to erect/install , back Thursday evening.
I may surface from bed by Saturday.
Wishing you all a 🌞 😎 day!

Anniebach Mon 21-May-18 08:42:30

Good morning all x

ginny Mon 21-May-18 08:49:57

Good morning and it’s another sunny one in N. Bucks.
Gardening day today.
Have a good day all.

Pittcity Mon 21-May-18 08:53:59

Good morning from sunny Colchester. More walking netball this morning. I'm still aching after yesterday's tournament.

Sar53 Mon 21-May-18 09:08:59

Good morning everyone from a sunny Essex by the sea. Beautiful morning here, OH has just left to go to work I am off to the shops soon then a pile of ironing awaits, mainly the dreaded shirts. Have a pleasant day all.