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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 25-May-18 06:28:57

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dull, grey and wet here in Brackley this morning, usual Friday shop, etc.

Gagagran Fri 25-May-18 06:38:35

Morning Mick and everyone.

We had a wet afternoon yesterday. I was pleased that the 18 double geranium plug plants I had on order arrived and I got them potted up before the rain. It's dry and brighter here on the south coast this morning.

Have a good day folks! sunshine

travelsafar Fri 25-May-18 06:45:15

Its a cold grey wet morning here today. Am off to do a shift of carework this morning, only 5hours so the time will pass quickly. Hoping by the time i have finished the sun will have put his hat on!!!! Have a great day everyone.

ninathenana Fri 25-May-18 06:46:48

Morning Mick gaga and everyone.

Dull and grey with not a breath of wind here in Kent.
I have to go and have an injection in my eye this morning EEK !
Hope you all have a better day than me smile

harrigran Fri 25-May-18 06:55:41

Good morning from an overcast north.
Still on standby for family. Tomorrow they will be on holiday.

annsixty Fri 25-May-18 06:58:35

Good morning from Stockport.
I haven't looked outside yet so no weather report.
I am just posting to reassure nina that if it is your first injection, it is nothing like as horrendous as it sounds.
I had them for over a year and now need them again, so don't get yourself in a state, just relax and trust the Dr and good luck.

kittylester Fri 25-May-18 07:10:35

Morning all from a very soggy North Leicestershire. It poured all night long here and doesn't look like stopping any time soon..

Off down the M1 to see DD2 and her girls - so a lovely day in prospect despite the rain.

ninathenana Fri 25-May-18 07:16:14

Thank you ann flowers that's kind of you.

I'm ok really, just a little apprehensive.

NanKate Fri 25-May-18 07:25:47

Morning Mick Kitty and All.

Grey but quite warm in South Bucks.

Off for 5 days to help DS and be with GSs. 2 days we will be in total charge which is a bit scary but we will manage it.

Here is an update on our lovely Blue Tits the parents have been bombing into the nest box for about 10 days, they must be about to fledge I just hope they don’t get stuck in a thunderstorm. 🐥⚡️

hildajenniJ Fri 25-May-18 07:34:41

Good morning everyone.
It's a lovely sunny morning in the Tyne Valley. We've had no rain at all, and the garden is crying out for a drink.
I've been awake since 06:03 as DGS 2 had a sleepover last night. He has autism so has trouble sleeping. I will be a very tired Granny before bedtime!
Have a good day everyone.

silverlining48 Fri 25-May-18 07:49:24

Good morning all. Grey start again here in the south east.
Need to do some cleaning today, not my favourite but if the sun isn’t shining I don’t mind being indoors quite so much.
Have a happy day everyone and enjoy whatever is on the agenda.

ginny Fri 25-May-18 07:50:39

Good morning. It has been tipping it down all night and still is. Putting last bits in the caravan and then off to Dorset with all the family for the week.

silverlining48 Fri 25-May-18 07:50:47

Oh Nina, just read yours, hope it’s not as bad as it sounds. Good luck.

TerriBull Fri 25-May-18 08:06:11

Good morning overcast here in my corner of the south east but good weather is on the way apparently!

Off to do some food shopping this morning and may pop into sad and sorry M&S with some 20% off vouchers to see if I can find anything worth purchasing to do my bit to prop up their flagging sales. Although I moan about them I'd miss them on the high street.

Grandchildren are having an early break up at midday for half term and are coming to us pm, hopefully the sunshine will have arrived by then so we can be outside rather than inside.

Oh Nina hope that goes well, a bit squeamish about eyes personally.

gillybob Fri 25-May-18 08:10:29

Good morning from a grey and foggy North East coast where the fog horn has been sounding all night long !

I remember taking my late grandma for injections in her eye nina (before she had her cataract’s removed) not a pleasant thought at all but she said they were bearable (I think they put some kind of freeze drops in first). Good luck and I’m wishing it over for you.

Have a great Friday everyone.

Pittcity Fri 25-May-18 08:11:15

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Plenty of overnight rain and it feels warm and damp out. The garden is happy though!
Pottering day today.

MawBroon Fri 25-May-18 08:11:36

It is a fact universally acknowledged that the peonies come into bloom and the rain comes down!
Good (wet) morning everybody.☔️☔️☔️☔️
I am so glad my grass was cut yesterday and I don’t think I’ll be tidying the shed as I had hoped unless the weather changes back to what it was before!
Collecting Hattie from kennels this morning as I came back from granny duty in London last night and given the weather, probably not a lot else.
Good luck Ninathenana, brave lady and safe travels to all on the road!

kittylester Fri 25-May-18 08:22:37

Good luck from me too nina!

Panache Fri 25-May-18 08:23:59

`Morning all.

Not a particularly pleasant one,just dry, grey and warm, but we are ever hopeful!

Our cerise rhodedandron is a sight for sore eyes,usually it gets battered by the rain making it short lived,this year its drying off with the sunshine would you believe?
Our larger lilac one has just started blooming, so here`s hoping we have some lovely colour for a while.
Sadly another palm with multiple heads has to lose another leg..........the winter weather has done its worst.

A busy weekend around and about us,so perhaps we shall take full advantage of some home sweet home peace.

Wishing you all a fulfilling day and weekend,enjoying whatever you have planned.

Anniebach Fri 25-May-18 08:24:13

Good morning all x

Mapleleaf Fri 25-May-18 08:25:09

Good morning everyone,
It’s raining as forecast here in South Yorkshire, but the gardens needed the water, and we are assured of a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, so mustn’t grumble.
Nana, thinking of you and understand your apprehension. As annsixty says, the thought is probably worse than the reality, though I’m fairly squeamish where eyes are concerned so I’m sending you a huge bouquet 💐 and best wishes. My friend has them regularly, and says they are not as bad as they sound. 🙂

Luckygirl Fri 25-May-18 08:41:06

Just planted a new bed with shrubs and the wonderful rain is doing its job! They have all had a good soak and should be well and truly bedded in.

It is very very wet here still after a thunder storm during the night.

I have a CT scan later on, which requires me to drink a litre of water during the preceding hour. I hope they don't seriously expect that my bladder will hold out during what I understand will be a long scan! Mrs Tena has benefited from my custom!

Greyduster Fri 25-May-18 09:27:29

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It is raining in South Yorkshire so we will be confined to quarters today, I think, but we will, at some stage, go for a swim to get some exercise. My GS is back from his school trip to France and we had a lovely chat on the phone. I shall catch up with him properly tomorrow. I have sooo missed him. Have a happy day, folks.

NfkDumpling Fri 25-May-18 09:32:07

Morning All

It started off raining here but has dried up now. Still grey though.

A pair of starlings parked five offspring on our bird table earlier to feast on dried meal worms. Picking each one up and stuffing it into a gaping mouth. Eventually the babies started to get the message!

Two rounds of toast at six o’clock and now nothing until after my new knee is in place some time this afternoon! I left packing until this morning for something to do as I don’t check in until eleven. Getting collywobbles now!

Good luck Nana and Lucky. flowers flowers. I’ve been there with the bladder scan. Your mind can think of nothing else but you can do it!!

winterwhite Fri 25-May-18 09:50:54

Hope all goes well, Nfk. In a couple of weeks you’ll be dancing a horn pipe, feeling at home too if this rain doesn’t stop.
I’ll spend the day wottying about thunderstorms wh I hate shock