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Good Morning Bank Holiday Monday

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12Michael Mon 28-May-18 06:31:04

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey but dry but looks thundery this morning in Brackley.
House work and try and get out later today.

Gagagran Mon 28-May-18 06:39:26

Morning Mick and everyone

The sun is out again and it feels very warm here on the south coast. We haven't had the storms so many others have had over the weekend.

Planning a quiet day today after a full-on weekend with the family which was brilliant but quite noisy and energetic!

Hope there is a good day in store for all GNs sunshine

harrigran Mon 28-May-18 07:11:36

Good morning, cloudy in the north and not expected to be as warm as yesterday.
Spent all of yesterday in the garden, under the parasol, reading.

Pittcity Mon 28-May-18 07:15:56

Good morning from sunny Colchester. A beautiful day yesterday but thunderstorms are forecast for later today.
Need to pop to the shops and then relax for the rest of the day.

Nelliemoser Mon 28-May-18 07:31:37

Good morning all. Still mild here in Cheshire.
The pigeons all seemed to be be chatting with each other this morning before the others had got up.
Or all the early birds had already sung to us.
Very pleasant today.

silverlining48 Mon 28-May-18 07:40:45

Good morning all you early birds. Its a beautiful day here in Kent. We have spent the week going through years (and years) of garage hoarding, its astonishing quite how much 'useful' stuff we have accumulated. Today we are going to a village fete and unlike last year when we were so cold we had to come hime, today looks glorious. Enjoy your day people.

Panache Mon 28-May-18 07:48:54

Wishing you all a very Good Morning and a rather pleasant Bank holiday Monday.

The weather appears to be kinder but with the changes of late quite frankly we never quite know what to expect.

My D day and operation is tomorrow so please excuse me but hopefully, I shall return with new vigour.......and soon would be preferable!

gillybob Mon 28-May-18 08:01:27

The fog horn has been sounding all night her on the NE coast. A bit of a foggy start but it may burn off later. Visiting my dad again this morning then I am looking after the children until late Thursday . Hope it stays fine as they absolutely hate being stuck inside.

Good luck for tomorrow Panache .

Have a good BH Monday everyone.

cornergran Mon 28-May-18 08:02:28

Morning All from an overcast corner of Somerset. Bit of gardening this morning, maybe at walk later if the promised sunshine arrives and the energy is there. Wishing you well for your surgery panache, hope you are back with us soon.

Anniebach Mon 28-May-18 08:03:51

Good morning all x

Nana3 Mon 28-May-18 08:12:38

Good morning from Lancashire, it's a lovely morning. There's a lot of flooding being shown on the news, hope GN friends are alright.
Best wishes Panache flowers
Have a good day everyone.

ninathenana Mon 28-May-18 08:13:27

Morning all.

Hazy so far but I'm hopeful. It's been a warm night, we had the fan on in the bedroom.
H has quiet a bit of planting to do today. Bless him he likes me to tell him where to plant what so I'll be wearing my supervisors hat.
Enjoy your day everyone and home you all stay dry.

All the best for tomorrow Panache

ninathenana Mon 28-May-18 08:14:21


kittylester Mon 28-May-18 08:15:58

Morning all from a slightly overcast North Leicestershire.

We didn't water yesterday because of the promised rain - which failed to appear - so that's a job for today.

Hope to see you back soon, panache!

MawBroon Mon 28-May-18 08:26:15

Good morning everybody, did we all survive the thunderstorms?
I think we got your rain kitty! Hailstones too, plus sound effects . Fortunately it all seemed to be over around 10 so I could take Hattie for her bedtime toddle and we both slept like the proverbial logs.
Misty and cool here in N Bucks this morning, I hope it warms up as I am off out this evening to friends and we had hoped to eat in their lovely garden (unlike my flattened one)
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

NfkDumpling Mon 28-May-18 08:37:16

Morning All

A still, bright, sunny summers morn in Norwich. Just waiting for DiL to arrive and help me wash my hair while I have a perching stools and a basin at the right height, then another practice on the dreaded stairs, an x-ray and home for lunch! It only feels like a couple of days since I came back from my op. Wait - it is only a couple of days!

Greyduster Mon 28-May-18 08:47:21

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Grey and damp start - it must have rained overnight. Our plans today are somewhat hazy. Our step-GS is supposed to be calling in on his way back to London but I don’t know what time, for how long, and until I know, I can’t plan to do anything else, which is rather annoying. Good luck for tommorrow, panache. Have a good day folks.

TerriBull Mon 28-May-18 09:03:55

Good morning all, quite a hot start here in the south east, it feels like there maybe storms later. We are having a quiet day today, slightly knackered from spending yesterday with grandchildren, really enjoyable, but I wish I had a bit more energy at times.

Have a good Bank Holiday everyone.

NfkDumpling Mon 28-May-18 09:27:26

Sorry, didn’t add good wishes for you for tomorrow Panache. Physio arrived. Stairs achieved!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 28-May-18 09:47:42

Sunny and warm in Essex, popping round to give DGD her 1st birthday gift in a minute. Then home to laze in the garden, have had DGS (3yrs) for 2 days so I am treating myself to a lazy day before half term 'Granny' duties start tomorrow.

Hope all goes well Panache💐💐💐

joemaxster2018 Mon 28-May-18 10:26:36

Beautiful and sunny down here on the south coast. I’m popping over to the Isle of Wight for a bit of lunch and maybe a cocktail.

Besstwishes Mon 28-May-18 10:31:38

Dull and cloudy here, hope your op goes smoothly Panache and you're soon back to normal.
Early night for me tonight as I have to get up early in the morning to get to the Crown Court for 9 am.
Goodness knows how long it will take to get me there at that time of the morning, since I’ve been retired I don’t venture into town until 10.30 at the earliest!
Oh well, I’ll get used to it over the next 2 weeks.
Have a great day everybody.

ginny Mon 28-May-18 10:35:28

Good morning !
Another beautiful day here near Weymouth. So lucky.
Flooding at our home town but we should be fine as we are high up.
Off to the beach.
Hope you all get some sunshine today.

Jalima1108 Mon 28-May-18 11:29:07

It was very grey here in the west and the sky is now brighter but still overcast. At least it looks a bit better than yesterday when we had thunder and terrific downpours.
Please send some sunshine further north ginny smile

Have a lovely day everyone - I think we will stay off the roads and hope to get out in the garden later on.

Hope your operation goes well Panache