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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 03-Jun-18 06:24:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a bright sunny start here in brackley this morning , usual Sunday, do my lunch then watch some sysling on tV this afternoon.

NotAGran55 Sun 03-Jun-18 06:31:13

Good morning Mick .
Sunny here too in Berkshire. Setting off shortly for Liverpool to bring back my my son from uni for the summer. Very happy smile

Gagagran Sun 03-Jun-18 06:32:17

Morning Mick and everyone. I've been waiting for you to open up the shop Mick as I was wide awake by 5am after a poor sleep.

The sun is up here on the south coast so I reckon another nice day is in store. Might try a walk on the coastal path today and I need some more plants for the garden now that I have cleared the remains of the alliums and tulips away.

Enjoy your day everybody. sunshine

cornergran Sun 03-Jun-18 06:33:58

Morning Mick. Morning all. Yes, bright and sunny in our corner of Somerset too. I’ve been awake since 3. Bored now.. Plan a bit of pottering before a nap in the garden. Head like cotton wool so with luck there’s no need to use it today. Hope Sunday is kind to everyone.

cornergran Sun 03-Jun-18 06:34:39

Morning gaga, morning nota

Gagagran Sun 03-Jun-18 06:51:32

Morning corner - hope the head clears. I shall need 40 winks (or maybe more) too but not in the garden as I am prone to being bitten by any passing insect which enjoys succulent flesh. grin

Greyduster Sun 03-Jun-18 06:58:59

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. A lovely sunny start in South Yorkshire. I've been awake since five. Got bitten on our walk the other day and they are now at the itchy stage! Don't know what it was but they are huge! Not much planned for today (except scratching!). Have a happy day, folks!

NanKate Sun 03-Jun-18 07:11:58

Morning Mick and All.

What is it about 5.00 am I too woke then, however did get back off to sleep till a more reasonable time.

Sorry about the itching Greyduster I too get bitten a lot and I have a two pronged reaction to calming the itching. I have a tiny yellow device bought at Boots which you place over the bite and click it and it sends a little wave of electricity through the bite and seems to calm the itching. Also Boots own antiseptic liquid dabbed on the itch really helps for me.

No I don’t have shares in Boots as I know I recommended some throat wash from them too a little while back.

Have a good day folks.

NanKate Sun 03-Jun-18 07:12:57

Approach not reaction 🤨

kittylester Sun 03-Jun-18 07:16:24

Good morning all!

North Leicestershire is bright and sunny already. We are watching a football tournament in South Leicestershire this morning so I hope the nice weather is widespread! And, I do hope there are no bitey things there!

I too have a woozy head but mine is probably more related to the meal out with my brother and his wife last night. blush

MawBroon Sun 03-Jun-18 07:27:20

Good morning everybody. It is sunny and warming up nicely (?) here in N Bucks. Hope it is not too hot on the M 1 and 25 as I am off to London again to have lunch with DD and her godmother whom Paw and I first knew over 40 years ago. It will be good to see her.(and them)
Wishing you all a pleasant day. 😎

Marydoll Sun 03-Jun-18 07:42:07

Good morning Mick all you early birds. A disturbed night for me too, just lying in bed waiting for my joints to ease. I'm just like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz this morning.
It's dull and muggy here and it's been raining overnight.
DH is off to play golf ⛳with DS1, so I will have the house to myself. 😁
I hear him coming back with the papers, which is my job on a Sunday. He has obviously realised, I'm struggling today. That is my Sunday treat, breakfast and the papers.

DIL is coming to pick me up later and we shall have lunch with the menfolk in the clubhouse. I'm so looking forward to it, as DGD is coming too. 💖
I hope all who are suffering improve as the day progresses.
Greyduster, Boots sell a Calamine and glycerine cream with is really soothing for bites.

NFK, I hope you are improving.
Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

lemongrove Sun 03-Jun-18 07:51:14

Good morning to all, promises to be a hot day again today,
Although Saturday was a bit too hot in the sunny garden for me.
After a week of looking after DGC am having a well earned rest today.....ah the luxury of it !

Pittcity Sun 03-Jun-18 07:56:50

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Family day here today celebrating DS's birthday. Roast beef eaten in the garden!

Panache Sun 03-Jun-18 08:02:49

Good Morning to you all on what looks like one very sunny and far more settled sunday morning.

A pleasure to know the threatening thunderstorms have now had their turn and moved on.

How I would love a nice walk along our coast ,but I think though the spirit is willing I need to rest just yet.....
I should imagine our area will certainly be buzzing again whilst the farmers are busy at the silage.............the tractors holding up everyone heading for the beach!!!

Hope the day is kind to you all.

NfkDumpling Sun 03-Jun-18 08:26:28

Morning All

Where are you Marydoll? It seems like only you and I are languishing under dull, muggy greyness while the rest of the country has summer!

I went to see the physio yesterday afternoon and we were nearly late as the skies opened along the way and it torrented down! Even a bit of thunder and “localised flooding”. Got home to nearly dry roads! It seems I’m doing really well with over a 90 degree bend and not too much swelling - so I’ve just used the perch stool and done a bit of ironing. I feel so much better being able to do something.

Bit achy today though having been taken through all the excercises I should be doing. I am doing them, honestly. Just not as much or as extreme.

SiL is going to come over today with cake. Also DS and family. I think I’ll have a snooze!

Anniebach Sun 03-Jun-18 08:45:41

Good morning all x

Nana3 Sun 03-Jun-18 08:45:53

Good morning all, very sunny this morning in Lancashire. I'm taking dd's cat back to her today, he stayed with us while they went on holiday. He's caused a bit of a stir visiting neighbours up to half a mile away and getting fed by at least one.
Have a good day everyone.

harrigran Sun 03-Jun-18 08:54:32

Good morning, dull and cloudy and not particularly warm in the NE.
Family returned from holiday last night so will visit this afternoon. Last chance to see all the family together before I go into hospital on Wednesday. I am going to miss seeing GD perform in her school musical.

Sar53 Sun 03-Jun-18 08:57:52

Good morning everyone from a very sunny Essex by the sea. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Nothing planned today, OH still asleep !!!!, it's very late for him to still be in bed must be tired.
Enjoy your day everyone.

ninathenana Sun 03-Jun-18 09:10:12

Good morning...

from a warm and sunny Kent. Muggy night here, we slept with the duvet turned back. H has left for the allotment and I am sitting in the garden having a leisureley breckie and reading the papers.

ginny Sun 03-Jun-18 09:12:25

Good morning all. As Maw says, it looks like a fairly pleasant day.
Going to a craft fair today. We will be having Sunday lunch at the hotel venue as we arrived home from our holiday yesterday to find 2 freezers full of defrosted food. It seems the storms had tripped the electricity. Also taking MIL to the lunch.

Mapleleaf Sun 03-Jun-18 09:17:39

Good morning, everyone.
A lovely, bright sunny and warm morning today. It's a pity it wasn't like this yesterday as our Spring Fayre had to be transferred from the Rectory gardens into the church. Nevertheless, there seemed to be plenty of people there, so I'm sure it did well, despite the weather.
Enjoy your day. 😁

MawBroon Sun 03-Jun-18 09:21:19

Oh Ginny what a dreadful thing to come back to!
The waste! Hope they weren’t full? 😱😱

Kate13 Sun 03-Jun-18 09:21:47

Good morning everyone. This cafe looks friendly. The sun is trying to struggle through in East Anglia, it’s rather muggy. A visit to a nice garden centre today. Any ideas for plants that like the shade?