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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 06-Jun-18 06:31:02

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey start here in brackley this morning, will get on with things later.

Marydoll Wed 06-Jun-18 06:35:04

Good morning, Mick, I have been waiting for you. 😀 Another restless night, so I have decided to get up.
Cloudy in Glasgow, but once the cloud burns off, it should be another warm day.
A catching up day today. DH is away golfing this morning, bliss!😉 Enjoy your day, everyone.

gillybob Wed 06-Jun-18 06:39:44

Good morning Mick, Marydoll and everyone. A cloudy start here on the NE coast. Children still sleeping soundly and I’m waiting until last minute to wake them, then it’s breakfasts , school runs and work for me. Busy busy busy .

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone.

ninathenana Wed 06-Jun-18 06:42:22

Morning Mick, Mary and everyone.

Grey again in Kent. We haven't seen sun for a few days now.
DD is sporting a fetching plastic boot. She has always had a weak ankle with numerous sprains and strains. It went again 2 wks ago and she's been walking around on a fracture and torn tendon !! The doc could see healed previous fractures too.

kittylester Wed 06-Jun-18 06:46:34

Good morning Mick, Marydoll, everyone.

There are greyish clouds in North Leicestershire but I don't expect it means rain and will burn off.

Volunteering this morning and school run this afternoon.

kittylester Wed 06-Jun-18 06:47:33

Morning nina. Your poor daughter.shock

kittylester Wed 06-Jun-18 06:48:08

Morning gilly!

Gagagran Wed 06-Jun-18 06:52:59

Morning all!

The sun is up here on the south coast and I think we are forecast a nice day.

The garden is looking good after my visit to the garden centre yesterday where I picked up some bargains from the "poorly" section. They just needed a soak and a hair cut and will do well in the spot I had reserved.

Choir this evening after the GCSE girl to and from school. These country villages with no public transport are a nightmare for non-drivers.

Have a good day folks sunshine

Gagagran Wed 06-Jun-18 06:53:24

Morning kitty!

Marydoll Wed 06-Jun-18 06:54:58

Kitty, you poor daughter. I did the same thing. I mentioned to my rheumatologist that my foot was very painful. An x-ray showed two previous fractures and a new one. I had been walking for six months on it. We women are such tough old " boots" aren't we? 😁

MawBroon Wed 06-Jun-18 07:06:55

Good morning everybody. It’s a bit cool and grey at the moment in N Bucks but I hope it brightens up as Hattie and I are off to Chatsworth Flower Show. Not just seeing the flowers but SIL has a sculpture there so interested to actually see one of his pieces in the open.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

NfkDumpling Wed 06-Jun-18 07:13:51

Morning All

Grey clouds here this morning with slivers of sun behind which makes a change from the low grey nothingness we’ve woken to recently. And the sun came out yesterday afternoon! It stirred DH into cutting the grass (can’t call it a lawn) which means he’s on the mend. I went on a short walk around the block too which I probably shouldn’t have done as I hurt a bit last night! Still, got to push.

The blackbirds are out collecting bits to repair their nests in preparation for yet another brood. They’re doing well this year. No plans for us today, I might do a little light pruning in the garden.

cornergran Wed 06-Jun-18 07:20:56

Morning All. Bright, sunny start in our corner of Somerset. Cleaning and admin today then might get a walk this evening, see how the energy goes. Be careful out there nfk: try not to push too far. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

Pittcity Wed 06-Jun-18 07:45:22

Good morning from sunny Colchester. DGS2 here today so I am missing usual Wednesday coffee. He is a whirlwind.

ginny Wed 06-Jun-18 07:45:24

Good morning everyone.
Still cool and overcast I’m M. Bucks. Looks like it might clear this afternoon.
Hairdressers this morning then yoga and then nail and eyebrow appointment. Get me !
Garden later to plant what I bought yesterday and supervise DH building an archway.
Enjoy Chatsworth Maw.
Moms, hope you DD mends quickly.

ginny Wed 06-Jun-18 07:46:53

N. and Nina.
Oh why don’t we have an edit button !!!

NanKate Wed 06-Jun-18 07:53:03

Morning Mick and All.

Cloudy in South Bucks today.

DH is returning from helping DS with the two GSs as I have been recovering from a throat infection.

It is DH’s 73 Birthday today so last night DS and the boys organised a riotous Bday tea for him with balloons 🎈 party hats, chocolate cake, sweets 🍬, presents and me watching on the IPad. He deserves all of this. He returns home today for a slightly quieter celebration.

Have a good day folks.

Greyduster Wed 06-Jun-18 07:58:31

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Grey and cool in South Yorkshire; don’t think it’s going to improve today. Dentist for me this morning, and defrosting the freezer. Nina that sounds like it might be a long job. Hope she’s comfortable. Have a good day, folks.

Panache Wed 06-Jun-18 08:00:59

`Morning to you all.

A rather grey start but it is looking hopeful,and was just perfect to get our front hedges trimmed yesterday.

Just as well because my DH put our house back on the Market Monday only to have an early `phone call yesterday saying a couple from Dorset already had their car packed up to journey here, as they wanted to view ASAP..............and this morning they are viewing.

We certainly were not prepared for this early reaction though, of course, we do want to sell this time!

Anway our day is well mapped out.

Hope yours turn out to be pleasureable...........easy does it NfkD.

Anniebach Wed 06-Jun-18 08:10:10

Good morning all x

NanKate Wed 06-Jun-18 08:10:39

Fingers crossed Panache.

annsixty Wed 06-Jun-18 09:01:41

Good morning all.
A rare treat for me as I am still in bed, my H has gone for 2 weeks respite care and so didn't get me out of bed at some ungodly hour.
I didn't sleep particularly well as I was worrying how he was coping but I really really need the break so I must put it out of my mind.
My GD and I are going out for a meal tonight, hooray.

NanKate Wed 06-Jun-18 09:45:18

You deserve a rest AnnSixty enjoy every minute of your break. I am sure your DH will be looked after well so don’t worry.