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What to do with a windfall

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Anniepa Sat 18-Jul-20 11:31:56

I have just had a small windfall and wondered what you would do? I have, with any luck, 10 active years ahead so - do I have some nice holidays or do I extend what is a modern but very very small kitchen. With the first option there would be memories for later years (and as I believe my husband is at the start of dementia these may be needed) with the second option I would have ease of movement whilst cooking which I certainly haven't got at the moment. Thanks

Purplepixie Sat 18-Jul-20 11:35:23

Well done! I personally would use it on holidays with your DH. Make memories, take lots of photos and hug each other a lot. If you don’t need a bigger kitchen then why bother, leave it for someone else to do in the following years. Enjoy the money and look after your health.

kittylester Sat 18-Jul-20 11:40:42

Lucky you, annie but sad to hear about your dh!

As things stand, I would do the kitchen. You will be glad of it in years to come especially if your fears about your husband are confirmed.

We were thinking about going on a big holiday for our golden wedding anniversary but, luckily as it turns out, decided to totally redo our lounge as we will spend a lot more time there as time goes on.

kittylester Sat 18-Jul-20 11:42:28

X posts

Good job we are not all the same purplepixie. grin

EllanVannin Sat 18-Jul-20 11:45:11

I'd do both if you can grin Good luck.

Charleygirl5 Sat 18-Jul-20 11:47:18

I personally would extend the kitchen. You would gain benefit and the house would be easier to sell if you wanted to move later.

MissAdventure Sat 18-Jul-20 11:47:40

I would try to have a few days out and a new kitchen.

sarahellenwhitney Sat 18-Jul-20 11:48:08

Put it in the bank/ high interest account and think about it.
Don't rush, it isn't going anywhere, not without your permission.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 18-Jul-20 11:50:05

It's nice to make memories but being practical, I'd improve the kitchen if I was in your situation. It would give you a pleasanter place to work in each day, your heart will lift each time you enter it and if you were to move it could be considered an asset by the buyer. I spend a lot of time at home and I enjoy pleasant surroundings.

GrandmaMoira Sat 18-Jul-20 11:51:22

Personally, I would do the kitchen but I know other people are more into holidays. It all depends which is more important to you.

midgey Sat 18-Jul-20 12:11:51

No point putting it in the bank! There is no such thing as high interest at the moment. I agree with pp, extend your kitchen and have some lovely days out.

WOODMOUSE49 Sat 18-Jul-20 12:31:05

Obviously, you sound like both options are what you would like to do. So do both.

Your time with your husband is precious.
Do the kitchen as this will impact on you and him. Get a few quotes in.
It doesn't have to be an expensive lavish holiday. Perhaps a few short breaks together visiting places you both have an interest in i.e. walking, sight seeing, food, cities, culture ...

Davidhs Sat 18-Jul-20 13:25:46

With just the two of you why do you need a bigger kitchen?,
to make it larger probably means knocking walls down and a lot of disruption.
As you are both getting older is the bathroom as easy as it could be, a walk in shower/ wet room is very convenient when you are not as agile as you used to be.
If hubby is declining a holiday when you both can enjoy it would be good.

Floradora9 Sat 18-Jul-20 17:27:52

Where do you get a high interest account Sarah ?

Peardrop50 Sat 18-Jul-20 17:40:21

It all depends on how you are intending to alter the kitchen, if it entails a nice patio door with room for a couple of easy chairs so that you and your husband can sit and enjoy the garden then it would bring you both some joy.
If your husband is on the dementia journey, will he enjoy a holiday in a strange environment?
I would make some nice memories closer to home, especially a home with a kitchen that suits you better.
Whatever you decide I hope you enjoy it.

Maggiemaybe Sat 18-Jul-20 17:44:19

Of course travelling may be difficult for the foreseeable future, but if you can I'd spend on that while your husband is still able to enjoy it. We have always prioritised seeing the world over spending on our house, and have not for one moment regretted it, so I'd go for the precious memories if you can.

cornergran Sat 18-Jul-20 17:44:56

I think I’d get a couple of quotes for the kitchen and see how it fits with the budget. With luck there would be enough left for some short breaks in the UK. Anything to do with a kitchen can be horrifically expensive, the cost might make your mind up. Do let us know what you decide, anniepa and good wishes for you both for the future.

annep1 Sat 18-Jul-20 19:00:58

Your husband may prefer to stay in familiar places. Perhaps you could make some changes and also have some short trips as well to make some good memories.

TrendyNannie6 Sat 18-Jul-20 19:10:14

If I was in your position and well done you, I would extend the kitchen to make things a bit easier,as you say you haven’t got ease of movement, so that’s what I would concentrate on first,get a few quotes in and go from there, as you also say your husband could be at the start of dementia, he would probably like to be in familiar surroundings, it’s very hard at this moment of time to go anywhere, or take a few short trips out if able, I realise it’s not that easy to do though

crazyH Sat 18-Jul-20 19:12:40

I’m a practical person - kitchen every time - in any case, I’m sure you’ve had many holidays together in the past and many, many memories and photographs . All the best wishes to you and your dear husband.

vegansrock Sat 18-Jul-20 21:11:15

Holidays are a bit uncertain at the moment, so I’d go with the kitchen.

BlueBelle Sat 18-Jul-20 21:37:29

Oh go out and about have some nice times together
a kitchen is only needed for a small amount of time per day or week I ve got a big old kitchen but spend as little time in it as possible and if I had a partner I d be up up and away it’s not much fun on your own but at the end of the day anniepa You will get as many fors as againstS and it won’t make any difference You ll be no further forward, this one you have to work out for you

janeainsworth Sat 18-Jul-20 22:00:52

With just the two of you why do you need a bigger kitchen?

Do you do much cooking, Davidhs?

MawB Sat 18-Jul-20 22:28:10

I too think putting it in the bank is absolutely the worst thing you can do! Interests rates are virtual zero at the moment so it is no better than putting it in a dock under the mattress. If your DH ever needs to go into residential care, because his dementia worsens, money in the bank will count against you.
Travel is tempting but maybe you should be looking to “future proofing” your house (e.g. a walk in shower if you don’t have one already, or a downstairs bedroom) including the kitchen as you are likely to be spending more time at home in years to come. Memories of travel are wonderful though so perhaps you could allocate some of it to a few city breaks if that is your thing.

MawB Sat 18-Jul-20 22:29:57

In a Sock blush