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Ghost encounters?

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Toby1932 Sun 13-Feb-22 00:34:55

How many people believe in ghost/spirits etc. ?
Have you had any encounters?
Or stories of spiritual readings etc?

crazyH Sun 13-Feb-22 01:05:55

I do believe there’s a life hereafter.
I have not seen anyone as such, but I have certainly sensed my mother, in a difficult period of my life. I knew it was her, she fanned me to sleep, like when I was a little girl 😍- such a comforting thing for me ..

mumski Sun 13-Feb-22 10:59:19

Since my DH died nearly 3 years ago, the light over the sink started to flash on and off. My daughter and I drew comfort from it as we would say 'that's Dad telling us we're not cooking dinner properly'. He was always a better cook and would often come into the kitchen for a stir and a faff with the food smile. Then DD's partner insisted we get an electrician in to check it out, and guess what? He couldn't find anything wrong with it. Like I said we got a lot of comfort DH was still around and keeping an eye on us.

MerylStreep Sun 13-Feb-22 11:05:47

I’ve seen I person ( I knew who it was) and a friends dead cat.

giulia Sun 13-Feb-22 11:55:42

Around 1950, my future stepmother was my father's young secretary. His office was on the top floor of an old building in the heart of the City of London, reached only by a narrow staircase.

One evening, she stayed on alone to catch up with back work. My father was still a total stranger to her. He had left the office, locking the street door from the outside, and the building was empty except for her.

Many years later, she told me how she had been busy typing when she glanced up and saw a young man smiling at her, his hand still on the open office door knob as though he had just entered. "One moment." she said and looked back down at what she was typing. Looking up again there was nobody there and the door was closed.

Terrified, she rushed out of the building: the external entrance to the building was firmly closed as my father had left it. She rushed home and her mother was shocked by her white face and trembling body. She was quite ill with fear.

A couple of years passed, during this time my parents separated and he married her. One day, he pulled out an old photograph album of his own family and she immediately recognized the face of the man she had seen in the office two years before. It was my father's younger brother, who had been killed by a direct bombshell in Croydon when just eighteen.

She told my father her story of two years previously and he said with great serenity "Yes, I sometimes see him in exactly the position you described and the image brings me great comfort."

Poppyred Sun 13-Feb-22 12:09:35

I have felt my mother and fathers presence a few times over the years (usually when I feel most alone) it gives me great comfort.

sparkly1000 Sun 13-Feb-22 16:30:44

Chatting with my OH one evening, I casually remarked that my late mother was a bit of a snob.

Immediately a plant which had happily resided on the top of our dresser for many years literally leapt three feet clearing the dresser and crashed onto the carpet

Neither of us have any explanation for this.

tickingbird Sun 13-Feb-22 16:46:17

I have had a couple of experiences. One when I was about 9 when, which seemed to me at the time as a golden man, but was really the figure of someone but was glowing with light. I was wide awake and wasn’t frightened at first but then put my head under the covers! I never thought of it as a ghost but have read of people seeing ghosts/spirits and they have had light emanating from them. I have no explanation but I have never forgotten it.

I also once saw a young girl in a long dress in a friend’s relative’s house when we were babysitting in our late teens. My friend saw her too. It was a newish house and not at all spooky but whenever we went upstairs we’d get that tingly, hairs on the back of the neck feeling. We’re still friends and have often spoken of it.

Coastpath Sun 13-Feb-22 16:56:32

I was driving home in the dark earlier this week and was passing slowly through the very narrow high street of the village next to ours. It's a medieval village and the road is between the ancient castle and the old church. Lots of ghost stories abound. As I drove along I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw a headless woman in a floor length white dress floating above street level.

Heart in mouth moment! Then I realised that directly behind me, at the end of the road, is a bridal shop and what I was seeing was the dress on a tailor's dummy in their window!

Toby1932 Sun 13-Feb-22 20:14:09

Absolute class!
Had me giggling

Yammy Sun 13-Feb-22 22:52:22

In the village where I lived we had a baby sitting circle. One night I was in a house that had an unusual flat roof. I went upstairs to check on the children.After closing their door I felt I had to go back another way ,I turned a corner only to meet a blank wall.
When my friend came back I must have looked a bit sheepish and she asked me if I was alright. I said yes but I told her about my compulsion to turn the wrong way she just laughed and said it had happened to quite a few people herself included. The house had originally had three storeys and there had been a fire at one point with children trapped in the attic for a long time before being rescued and the top floor had been so badly damaged it had been removed the stairs to it would have been where the blank wall was.
I never babysat for her again.hmm

Toby1932 Sun 13-Feb-22 22:54:37

Loving all your posts so thank
My hubby and I were actually talking about this subject the other day hence my querie lol.
I have had numerous dealings but I have not really told anyone as some sound unbelievable.
I had a pen pal from USA, he is actually a Native American and works at the Smithsonian in the Native American culture.
He came over to visit me for 3 weeks and I took him all over Scotland. One day we went to Culloden and we walked out to the McDonald cairn (my clan) and he did a ceremonial thanksgiving prayer.
On our way back I kept hearing footsteps behind me but there was no one there.
When we got back to my car I had an awful feeling of what I could only describe as sadness. So my friend said let’s just go back home so I could rest.
On the way home, I had this smell in the car like a damp cloth gone rotten. No one else could smell it though.
My friend said “yes he is sitting in the back seat, he followed us from the cairn at Culloden, that was the footsteps you were hearing”
As we neared a cut off for a place I’d NEVER been before I had this feeling that I needed to take this road.
My friend just said follow your heart.
As we followed the road I knew we had to turn right at a junction and I said there was a house further up with large gates.
Sure enough as we rounded the corner, there was the house with large gates.
I stopped the car car there and just as suddenly as it had come, the feeling of sadness left me and a feeling of peace replaced it.
My friend told me, in his culture sometimes a relative will”attach” themselves to you and guide you to where they need to be,
I had brought this ghost back home.

I know it sounds so far fetched but I swear it’s all true