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Fungal nail infection

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janthea Wed 21-Mar-12 12:04:32

Does anyone have a solution to this? I've had it for a number of years, taken the pills, painted the solution on and it always comes back. I know you shouldn't take pills for too long as it can cause liver damage so I'm look for another solution. My big toe is now painful around the nail. sad

nightowl Wed 21-Mar-12 12:23:09

janthea I have used tea tree oil but I know it's not guaranteed and it does sound as though yours is persistent. Mine are always better in summer when I can wear sandals but that's not always ideal because they don't look very pretty!

glassortwo Wed 21-Mar-12 12:25:47

My DD has just recently told me that on Mumsnet someone was recommending Vicks for fungal nail infections, just put it onto nail and it works wonders. I have not tried myself confused so personally cant recommend it.

Anagram Wed 21-Mar-12 12:34:51

I had this, my GP wouldn't give me the pills until a sample had been tested so she gave me the stuff you paint on. I used it all, which took months, (it was only one toe nail!) and waited for the affected part to grow out. All in all it took about 18 months but it's OK now. I found tea tree oil didn't work.

janthea Wed 21-Mar-12 12:44:21

I heard something about Vick as well. I also heard that coconut oil works wonders! Maybe I'll try both! I suppose it's back to the doctors!

kittylester Wed 21-Mar-12 14:17:18

Won't Vick sting? shock

Elegran Wed 21-Mar-12 14:35:43

It might sting, but it would certainly stink!

susiecb Wed 21-Mar-12 14:58:54

I used a paint from the pharmacist and regular chiropody - too about a year but it did go. beware those foot spas in beauty parlours they are an absolute breeding ground for fungus.

bagitha Wed 21-Mar-12 15:02:19

I have found Propolis ointment from Spiezia is very good for both healing and preventing athlete's foot. It might work for a nail fungus as well.

nightowl Wed 21-Mar-12 17:10:15

I have just been flicking through a magazine in the dentist which advertised laser treatment for fungal nail infections. However it was also advertising £100 off so I can't imagine it's cheap!

susiecb Wed 21-Mar-12 17:33:42

Athelete's foot is candida not the same as nail fungus which is far more tenuous unfortunately.

Anagram Wed 21-Mar-12 19:38:52

Yes, extremely hard to get rid of and tends to come back.....grrrr!

expatmaggie Sat 31-Mar-12 09:16:36

I'm one of the one in a thousand that got liver damage from a anti-fungus pills. I noticed a feeling of nausea to certain foods like lettuce and felt unwell. After three weeks I consulted my doctor who took a blood test and my liver was already affected. I stopped taking the med and it it took 3 months to clear up with no after effects.
I am permanently looking for a cure but am resigned to have it for the rest of my life and have my liver healthy.
My chemist told me most old people have got it and it always comes back. We are waiting for a wonder cure he said.

joanie306 Sat 31-Mar-12 15:36:20

I had a fungal infection on my big toe some years ago, the only sure, quick way to get rid of it is to have your nail removed, I did, never had any problems since...and it's not so bad as it sounds..

janthea Tue 03-Apr-12 11:46:02

joanie306 - sounds painful. Was it?

grannyactivist Tue 03-Apr-12 12:34:29

I now have a fungal nail infection for the second time. I can't take the pills as I'm on other medication that clashes so I'm using the stuff you paint on; Trosyl. In fact I've just run out and although I get free prescriptions I thought I might save the GP some time by buying another bottle myself. Having discovered the price is a whopping £32.68 at my local pharmacy though I've just phoned the GP!! shock

Oxon70 Tue 03-Apr-12 12:53:31

I used my athlete's foot cream and that worked fine.

jcena6159 Mon 09-Apr-12 12:00:16

Nail infections can be avoided by keeping a good care of those. but still you are suffering from those conditions, you should try to consult your nearest doctor as soon as possible. one of my friends was also stroked by toe nail fungus and he gathered information through the internet and find his way. Since I asked him after looking this thread and he told me the way he used to gone through.

yogagran Tue 24-Jul-12 20:30:49

Has anyone had laser treatment for fungal nail infection? I have the infection in a big toenail and several months ago I was treating it twice a day with some special fungal stuff but eventually got bored with it and stopped sad. It has now come back with a vengeance and is actually beginning to feel quite sore and tender. I was wondering about laser treatment because I know that I'll get fed up with painting the stuff on twice a day again and would really like a "once and for all treatment". In the meantime I will give Vick a try, they suggest keeping a jar by the toilet and every time you sit down - remove your sock and apply another dab to the cuticle!
But if any of you have had the laser treatment I would be interested to know if it's effective

specki4eyes Tue 24-Jul-12 22:56:38

My DH got a fungal toenail last year and used Lamisil cream which got rid of it eventually. It took about six months but thats par for the course with a nail infection. He also kept the toe exposed to the air as much as possible yuk! Lamisil is Terbinafine Hydrochloride.

Anagram Tue 24-Jul-12 23:02:10

I can only repeat what I said in a previous post, i.e. that it took over 12 months of applying the stuff the doctor gave me to paint on twice a day to finally eradicate the problem with my big toenail. It hasn't come back and I'm glad I had the patience and determination to carry on with the treatment - I've since heard that the tablets can cause liver damage. I know nothing about laser treatment, sorry!

Delaradora Fri 27-Jul-12 18:49:30

I used Vick for 6 weeks last year. The only effect I noticed was that the nail went a tasteful green colour , which didn't really help. When I stopped using Vick I was relieved to find that the green washed off in a few days.

imjanacole Wed 08-Aug-12 02:19:17

Vicks really works for some people but it takes a lot of time.

Bellesnan Wed 08-Aug-12 17:57:28

My OH had the pills - they failed to work. Eventually got a 'Boots' Fungal Nail Treatment pen himself (costs about £18) which did the job and he was totally clear - this was some time ago. He thinks he has a recurrence on one toe and has bought another pen today. Let's face it - he wouldn't spend his money if he thought it wouldn't work!

Grannyknot Wed 08-Aug-12 18:13:59

Re janthea 'mine are always better in summer ...' if going barefoot and airing those tootsies help, then surely part of the answer is to walk barefoot (feet?) whenever and where ever you can? I hardly ever wear shoes indoors, mostly flip flops or go sans footwear altogether. Do those GN who live in warmer climes where going barefeet is the norm suffer with the same affliction?