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Lost my sense of smell...

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BGrannie1 Sun 11-Jun-17 10:27:26

I just love the smell - most of the time! - of the grandbabies, but sadly about four months ago I realised that I'd lost the sense of smell. Just occasionally I get a brief hint of a smell of the sea, bacon cooking or somesuch but not sure if its real or a memory.

Has anybody else had this and, has your sense of smell returned?

Purpledaffodil Sun 11-Jun-17 11:11:13

Never been properly explained but I lost mine after the birth of my third baby. It has never come back fully, but improved post hysterectomy. I've wondered if it was hormonal, but who knows? You do get used to it, BGrannie1.

grannysue05 Sun 11-Jun-17 11:15:33

BGrannie1....I too have lost my sense of (some) smells. It started this winter after using a nasal decongestent spray for a terrible cold. I must have over dosed on it, because a few weeks later I realised that I could not smell perfumes or pleasant things. Disaster! I can just about smell bacon or strong cooking smells but absolutely nothing else. I can only hope that it will slowly return. Have you had a cold or anything recently? I believe nasal polyps also take away your sense of smell. Hope you get it back anyway!

BGrannie1 Sun 11-Jun-17 12:40:52

grannysue05 Yes I did have a cold but when I went to docs about the loss he gave me a nasal spray - useless! Will see if ENT doc has any better suggestions.

I can cope reasonably well without it, although I have burnt the toast several times recently!! OH not amused especially when it's an early breakfast in the B&B & other guests still in bed!!

Just hope I don't lose taste too, don't want my wine to taste like water!

Hey ho the joys of increasing age!

grannysue05 Sun 11-Jun-17 13:04:12

BGrannie1...Whatever you do, don't lose your sense of is so lovely at the end of the day. A chilled glass of sauvignon is so welcome after grandchildren have been sent home at 6.0pm. wine

grannypiper Sun 11-Jun-17 14:36:17

BGrannie1 mention it to your Doctor .

Pudding123 Thu 09-Apr-20 10:58:30

I have after a really heavy cold lost my sense of taste and smell for around 5 days previously but not for about 10 years.I thought I was going to get a cold around 3 weeks ago as I was sneezing but no other symptoms,about 2 weeks ago I lost my sense of smell and taste completely.I am 65 never smoked I am 65 have a BMI of 24.Had anyone any suggestions.

BlueSky Thu 09-Apr-20 19:50:52

I lost mine for no apparent reason apart from stress after some stressful events in my life. It's just about coming back now but faintly and yes I do miss it, especially smelling my favourite perfume! I've never had it investigated perhaps I should have.

JenniferEccles Thu 09-Apr-20 22:37:19

This thread is nearly three years old, but actually the question asked is very topical as a loss of sense of smell is now listed as a possible early symptom of C19.

BlueSky Fri 10-Apr-20 08:27:13

Exactly Jennifer if it it happened to me now I would have assumed it was a symptom of the virus.