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Calling all knee replacement Grans

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Jane10 Sat 15-Jul-17 10:41:16

Just wondering how everyone has got on since their TKR(s). I know that there are quite a few of you and I well remember the helpful suggestions and support I was offered here.
Well my new knee is fine. It still feels a bit odd but it's an oddness I'm used to and it's not sore (hooray!)
Sadly my other knee is pretty bad and I can foresee another TKR which is a bit of a thought but, currently, I'm constantly having to plan ahead to work out where I can sit or the maximum time I can stand or walk. Its very limiting.
How are you ladies getting on?

Charleygirl Sat 15-Jul-17 11:21:34

I had my right knee replaced in 2012 and it has not been right since day 1. Although I still get pain when walking it is not nearly so bad- do I regret surgery? No I do not and I ma hoping to get my left knee replaced early next year but there are mega problems re that knee because I had my left ankle pinned and plated in 2009 and that ankle is causing problems.

I have decided that this old age lark is no joke. I did not sign up for all of the problems that I have.

Jane10 Sat 15-Jul-17 12:07:35

Oh blimey Charleygirl, sorry to hear that. You were one of my role models sad I hope things improve for you.

henetha Sat 15-Jul-17 12:30:20

It's over eight months now since my second knee replacement and generally it's o.k. I have no pain to speak of, just a bit of soreness if I walk too far.
And walking up or down steep hills is not easy.
Also, I have discovered that it's a whole diferent ball game having two replacement knees to having just one. There are so many things that I can't do now.
However, generally, I am lucky and I would say it's been a success.

Jane10 Sat 15-Jul-17 12:35:40

Gosh. What can you not do now henetha? I was hoping I'd be able to do much more after a second replacement.

mb182 Mon 31-Jul-17 15:21:36

I had a left tkr last August and by Christmas was able to walk all day around Kew Gardens totally limp and pain free. I was doing aqua aerobics and some weights in the gym, had managed to lose 2 stone and felt on top of the world. So much so, I sat down over Christmas and booked quite a few holidays and short city breaks right up to the end of September. That's all I wanted from the op. Just to walk around sightseeing without pain. All was going great. In February, managed the Steep Hill in Lincoln no bother and was in the middle of Newquay, coping fine with the hills when my right knee began to feel painful especially after getting up from sitting. It was excruciating and put paid to the long walks we had planned. Since that day the pain has been unremitting. Had x rays but was told the there was only age related changes. I saw the physio and he kept changing his mind as each time his advice didn't work. Doing too much, so rest it, Doing too little, use a stick, don't use a stick. As well as the disappointment of not being able to walk far any more, no pain relief was effective and as it was particularly bad at night, I was down to 2 hours a night sleep most nights. In desperation I went to discuss a steroid injection and the doc told me the position of the pain tallied with the arthritis shown on the x rays. So a little more than age related changes. I got the injection three weeks ago. Although I'm less stiff when getting out a chair, it's done nothing for the pain so a huge disappointment. In desperation, I went back to docs to ask about amitriptyline for sleeping and pain relief as I'd read at low doses it can help tackle chronic pain and the resultant sleep problems.
Have now been taking them 3 days and can see a huge improvement in my ability to sleep. I don't drop off straight away but don't toss and turn with the pain. Doc says I'll need to take cocodamol and Naproxen regularly with them for the full effect but I think I'll experiment with that part. I'll just be grateful to be able to sleep again. My Fitbit says I slept 6 hours and 35 minutes last night! The last of my prebooked breaks is coming up in September so maybe I'll be able to enjoy some pain free sightseeing. Doc says I'm a long way off needing a replacement which is good in one way as it's not an operation you want to go through unless you have to, but I can't imagine living with this pain and restricted mobility for years yet. Anyway let's not be too pessimistic. It's early days with the amitriptyline. I just won't be organising any more city breaks for a while.

ginny Mon 31-Jul-17 18:47:50

Had both mine in 2014. No regrets . Walking long distances and no pain. I have also lost 4 1/2 stone in weigh which I am sure has helped.

Diggingdoris Mon 21-Aug-17 16:47:33

I had left knee done April 2016 and have no regrets. Yes it still feels a bit odd, unreal, but no pain. Only thing I'm concerned with is the fact that my right hip is now painful, though no sign of that before. I guess I am walking differently so there is pressure in a different place. I've heard from a family member that he had same issue and had to replace hip as well. Oh the joys of old age! Many years of Latin and Ballroom dancing has worn the joints I think. Never mind it was fun.

Esspee Fri 01-Sep-17 07:58:17

My OH had both knees replaced 5 years ago. He was up showering by himself a few hours after the op. (Nurses couldn't find him!) Out walking unaided after a month and completely back to normal by 6 months. The only difference is that he can't kneel. He says he is glad he had them both done at the same time (he is normally the impatient type and just wanted it all over). The absence of pain is worth it.

henetha Fri 01-Sep-17 11:33:09

Kneeling is difficult. So the weeds grow! Running seems impossible. But I've just joined a new keep fit class and it's wonderful. I can leap about and dance! YaY!
Hope you are equally lively by now.

Jane10 Fri 01-Sep-17 11:46:27

I wouldn't even try to kneel! My new knee is absolutely fine. Feels a bit odd but I'm used to it. Wish I could wave a magic wand and my other knee was done and healing though. Not looking forward to its inevitable replacement.
Esspee we were all warned about people like your DH!!

loopyloo Fri 01-Sep-17 12:06:42

Has anyone had the treatment where cells are taken from the abdomen and injected into the knee? My knees are not good . Anyone have any advice regarding supplements or shoes?

Jane10 Fri 01-Sep-17 14:04:43

Cell treatment? No sorry. I take Solgar 7 tablets. They're apparently the next step on from glucosamine and chondroitin. Maybe its placebo but they seem to help.

annsixty Fri 01-Sep-17 14:57:47

Just caught up. It is 12 months now since my TKR and up to now it had been fine, however my other knee is getting very painful and I thought I was having problems with my hip. I now think I have sciatica and it is affecting the new knee. It is sore and quite painful again.
I have a review later this month and will discuss it then. I was so happy earlier this year but at present feel I am back to square one. Oh well.....

Jane10 Fri 01-Sep-17 15:15:31

Its a sair fecht richt enough annsixty as we say up here! I hope this improves soon. It might smilebrew

Esspee Sat 02-Sep-17 13:41:06

Jane, long time since I heard that phrase. We should use our dialect more often or it will die out. I don't think my offspring would have a clue as to the meaning. You brought a smile to my face and many happy recollections.

Charleygirl Sat 02-Sep-17 14:13:18

I quite agree, having lived in London for nearly 50 years I still have not forgotten my humble beginnings. I think that MawBroon started a post months ago dredging up old sayings. So many of us are Scottish and coming from different parts I though it great remembering the old sayings.

Jane10 Sat 02-Sep-17 15:39:59

Ca canny wifeys. Ye'll gie me a muckle heid!

Deedaa Sat 02-Sep-17 20:17:34

I think it must be coming up to 12 years since I had both knees replaced and so far they've been fine.

Auntieflo Sat 02-Sep-17 21:16:05

I had a TKR approx 18 months ago. I can kneel down, it feels strange, but I can do it. The only thing I would ask, has anybody else experienced odd feelings in the calf area below the knee? I was OK for a year, then this started, almost as though a nerve has been aggravated. We are away this weekend, today being our 56th anniversary, and we have done quite a bit of gentle walking. Replaced knee is fine, but the other one aches and both ankles ache. Probably arthritis in joints, as in my back. I'm glad I had it done, and in the future, the other will probably need replacing.

Elrel Fri 08-Sep-17 15:12:11

Hi TKR 19 months ago.I can kneel on a bed or sofa easily, any type of floor is possible but uncomfortable., getting up is an effort usually requiring a piece of furniture to hang on to! My 'good' knee sometimes reminds me I was told it would need renewing. I've not lost weight which I know would help. I'm active and walking quite a lot with a stick which I think is mainly for confidence. I can't carry anything easily without the stick.
I'm still slow on stairs in tube and railway stations etc. I tend to go sideways. Escalators are fine. Going down hill is a bit precarious if steep and/or rough ground, going up is slow but fine.
I'm sad not to be able to have a bath but showers are all right even though mine is over the bath, DD's walkin is bliss!
Arthritis is increasing in my right hand.
Overall I'm fine and, from my experience, would recommend TKR. My activities were becoming severely curtailed before I had mine done. Hydrotherapy help me afterwards as did the physio exercises which I still do though not every day.

Elrel Fri 08-Sep-17 17:14:14

Erratum - my TKR was 10 months ago, not 19.

I'd better go and write out 50 times 'I must not post before checking'!

annsixty Wed 27-Sep-17 11:14:21

I went for my 12month review yesterday , somewhat belated.
I am having pain in my knee and it is very swollen and stiff.
I had x-rays which shows the knee is fine, just how it should be, but the pain may be coming from my hip.
I have restricted movement in my hip and groin pain.
I was told this may be Bursitis, I may need physio, a steroid injection, anti inflamatories or worse case surgery.
I must now start the process again of GP, x-rays and referral.
In the meantime I will take painkillers.

Jane10 Thu 28-Sep-17 08:21:34

Sorry to hear that annsixty. You could do without the pain (and the hassle of all the necessary appointments)

GrannyA11i Thu 28-Sep-17 09:05:52

I have heard of others who start with hip pain after TKR unfortunately. Think it's connected to walking differently after TKR. Luckily I have not had that happpen. I had my TKR in Aug 2015 and was left with a restricted bend but no pain except if I tripped. It took about 14 months for it to bend enough to be able to walk downstairs normally. I did all the exercises before and after but my bend was way behind others at knee Class who were 10-20 years older than me! - I can't kneel on the floor or squat down so it's difficult to get stuff out of kitchen base cupboards but the lack of pain when walking makes up for that! It was far more painful post op than I ever imagined but like with childbirth the memory is fading!!