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Vitamin D deficiency.

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Marydoll Wed 02-May-18 19:23:49

Last week, I was diagnosed with a severe vitamin D deficiency.
This explains why I have been feeling awful for ages.
I suggested going on holiday in the sun, but the consultant said," You can lie in the sun in Dubai naked for a year, but it won't make any difference!"
It did conjure up a pretty frightening image in my head, of an elderly, naked, overweight woman, lying in the sun. 😊😚
Has anyone else suffered from this and have you eventually felt better after taking medication?

Joelsnan Wed 02-May-18 19:27:59

Yes and yes smile
Quite a marked improvement in vitality and particularly noticed I went from a cold just about every six weeks to one a year.
I hope the medication works for you.

Marydoll Wed 02-May-18 19:29:26

That sounds promising, thanks Joelsnan ☺️

annsixty Wed 02-May-18 19:31:45

I have been prescribed vit D along with calcium for osteoporosis. I don't know what difference it has made as I am under considerable stress which affects my wellbeing.
My friend who was feeling very unwell was tested for vit D deficiency and was prescribed a large dose, she said it made a big difference to how she felt, she would certainly recommend it.

Marydoll Wed 02-May-18 19:40:23

I can no longer tolerate my osteoporosis medication, despite being on and off it for 20 years, with little side effects.
I now need to have an infusion, but can't have it a present, as my levels are so low. I will probably have a boost as well, as the calcium/ vitamin D tablets.
It seems I have had this problem since September and everyone assumed I had been informed.
Here's hoping for an improvement.😊

Greenfinch Wed 02-May-18 20:35:51

I was prescribed a large dosage several years ago and saw a great improvement in my myalgia and muscle pain.

grannyqueenie Wed 02-May-18 23:31:39

One of my daughters had this last year, it was discovered via a blood test after going to the GP about feeling usually tired and with aching joints. It was eventually corrected with large doses of vitamin D, but did take quite a while before she felt back to normal. There was no obvious explanation as to why a normally fit young woman, with a good diet and healthy lifestyle, developed the deficiency in the first place.
Hope feel much better soon marydoll

Eloethan Wed 02-May-18 23:40:30

A few years ago I had intermittent ankle discomfort when walking.

Blood tests indicated low Vit D. My GP said many people have Vit D deficiency. My husband also had Vit D deficiency. We take tablets now.

I can't say I felt very ill but the discomfort felt sometimes when walking was worrying and made me realise how much I'd taken good mobility for granted. Taking Vit D seems (touch wood) to have corrected it.

maryeliza54 Wed 02-May-18 23:50:21

What size dose are people taking?

Panache Thu 03-May-18 08:45:51

Since I have suffered multiple Skin cancers I was advised that staying indoors would be the best way to avoid further issues.
I was already using a Factor 30 and then a Factor 50 cream,plus always fully protected with clothes,hat etc.
Even sitting in a shaded conservatory would be enough to re start these troublesome cancers.
So I listened to what was said and up to a point spent 18 months keeping mainly indoors.... as by now I was heartily sick of being perpetually "at risk"
Yet at no time has any of my Doctors/Oncologists mentioned a lack of Vitamin D.
However thanks to your enlightening stories I am making a point of getting this checked.
I am forever listless and tired but assumed this to be down to the plethora of other medical problems.
So thank you.

Teetime Thu 03-May-18 08:51:58

My Vit D deficiency was diagnosed after an entire summer spent on a golf course so its seems your consultant was right in my case too about lying in the sun. Initially I think my aches and pains got a bit better but after that I haven't noticed any discernible effects of taking Vit D daily now for a few years although I don't know how I would be without it. I do take every opportunity I can to also get some sun on the long bones.

TerriBull Thu 03-May-18 08:53:17

I got prescribed Vitamin D a while back, I have blood test every so often for the Thyroxine I'm taking and as I was feeling very tired at the time I consulted my doctor, she tested for one or two other things, the results indicated a Vitamin D deficiency. I think taking it made a difference at the time, my energy levels go up and down some of my symptoms are menopause related I'm sure.

I hope you start to feel better soon Marydoll.

Charleygirl Thu 03-May-18 08:58:06

Please be careful- I had a small stumble 9 years ago, broke and dislocated my ankle, had major surgery- cause was lack of vitamin D. It took many months for the count to rise from around 12 to 75 and I have been on AD CAL D3 since. Mine was osteopenia, not quite as bad as osteoporosis but on the way.

I have Macular Degeneration so should not sit in sun but because of the osteopenia I try 20 minutes x3 a week (weather permitting) without using sun lotion to start with.

Nelliemoser Thu 03-May-18 09:25:55

I have been banging on to all and sundry about us not getting enough Vitamin D, particularly in the winter months. We need our Cod liver oil.
Not enough Sunlight reaches the surface of the earth in our latitudes between October and late March to give us what we need and if that is if the weather is sunny enough to get through the clouds.
A lot of the population is deficient in this important vitamin.
Get your daily cod liver oil down you.

silverdarlings Thu 03-May-18 11:09:55

I will buy some Cod liver oil this pm in Morrisons as I'm
reducing steroids while transferring onto Azathioprine--pain everywhere--hoping for the best. Thank you Nellie+

winterwhite Thu 03-May-18 13:10:42

Reiterate request for the dose you people are taking.

annsixty Thu 03-May-18 13:19:32

Sorry, the tablets I have prescribed for me contain 400 iu's of vitamin D, 600 mg of calcium, of which I take one twice a day.

annodomini Thu 03-May-18 13:27:17

I've been taking AdCal for 7 years, since starting on prednisolone which has bone-thinning side-effects. I'm now off pred but keep up with the AdCal.

Nannajacky Thu 03-May-18 14:33:04

My daughter was diagnosed with low vitamin D levels a few weeks ago and given medication. She has gone from feeling tired all the time to waking up early full of energy and feeling better than she has for a long time.

Nelliemoser Thu 03-May-18 16:26:54

It would really help if the manufacturers of these Vitamin supplements would all use the exact same measurements for the same units how they count the actual units of the of the substances we are taking.

It is an absolute nightmare trying to compare actual dosage.
See this.
How can I convert 'mg' or 'mcg' to 'IU' for Vitamins A, D and E?
To convert Vitamin A as retinol:
From IU to mcg: IU/3.33 = mcg
For example: 5000 IU/3.33 = 1500 mcg
From mcg to IU: mcg * 3.33 = IU

To convert Vitamin A as beta-carotene:
From IU to mcg: IU/1.66 = mcg
From mcg to IU: mcg * 1.66 = IU

To convert Vitamin D:
From IU to mcg: IU/40 = mcg
For example: 400 IU/40 = 10 mcg
From mcg to IU: mcg * 40 =IU

To convert Vitamin E if the product label has dl-Alpha-tocopherol as the ingredient:
From IU to mg: IU * 0.9 = mg
For example: 30 IU * 0.9 = 27 mg
From mg to IU: mg * 1.1 = IU

To convert Vitamin E if the product label has d-Alpha-tocopherol as the ingredient:
From IU to mg: IU * 0.67 = mg.
For example: 30 IU * 0.67 = 20.1 mg
From mg to IU: mg * 1.5 = IU

midgey Thu 03-May-18 21:43:38

I was told yesterday that every north of Birmingham cannotget enough vitamin d from the sun and should take a supplement.

Marydoll Thu 03-May-18 22:43:45

Forty years on and off of oral steroids for chest problems and steroid injections for rheumatoid arthritis have taken their toll on my bones. This is compounded by a family history of osteoporosis, red hair, fair skin, living in Scotland and factor 50 sunscreen.
I have had numerous fractures, some undiagnosed at the time, due to this, but I cannot fault NHS Scotland for the care I have received.
I was totally unaware of the serious effects of vitamin D deficiency until recently and I mistakenly thought I was well clued up on my conditions.
If you have any doubts, please take steps to ensure you are getting enough vitamin D.

Iam64 Fri 04-May-18 08:03:34

Marydoll, your post highlights the need for those of us with inflammatory arthritis to have early diagnosis and what my rheumatologist calls "aggressive treatment for an aggressive disease". Yes, the disease modifiers carry risks but so does rampant inflammation, to all major organs as well as to joints. It seems we have to become 'experts' on our own health issues so we can have sensible discussions with our GP's. I know Dr Google can raise anxiety but it can also raise awareness.

Alexa Fri 04-May-18 08:15:21

Quite right Nelliemoser! I have a slurp of cod liver oil when I remember to do so, besides my calcium and viataminD Not often enough!

Cod liver oil is messy stuff to have to hand in an opened bottle. I keep my bottle inside a tall glazed jar on the work top.

Alexa Fri 04-May-18 08:24:35

Winterwhite wrote:

Reiterate request for the dose you people are taking.

I take a slurp ,about a teasp,from the bottle from time to time. I never measure it. You are right though to measure it as it's possible to overdose from fat-soluble vitamins. On or two teasps a day is the dose. Can check with your pharmacist also for contraindications if any.